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Spicy or pungent taste generates a warming effect. It stimulates the circulation of blood, energy, lymphatic fluid, sweat, saliva and tears. The pungent taste counteracts poor digestion, poor circulation and mucus production. Because pungency helps scatter energy, it should be limited for individuals experiencing fatigue. Because excessive amounts of spicy foods can exhaust energy reserves, they should be used sparingly. Examples of foods with a spicy taste include ginger, black pepper and jalapenos.

Salty Taste

The salty taste generally reduces temperature, stabilizes and regulates fluid balance, and has a softening effect. Salty taste is beneficial to hardened lymph nodes and can reduce masses and cysts. However, excessive salt consumption can harm the kidneys by causing water retention and high blood pressure. Those struggling with dehydration and anemia are advised to avoid salty foods. Seaweed, salt and soy sauce are examples of foods with a salty taste.

Sweet Taste



When in proportion to the rest of the diet, sweet tastes have the ability to strengthen individuals lacking energy. This helps explain why people needing energy turn to treats such as sugary snacks. Ultimately, simple sweets deplete energy by causing blood sugar to rise and then drop sharply. Complex carbohydrates, protein, and sweet-tasting foods strengthen the body and give it energy. Excessive ingestion of sweet foods leads to poor digestion, congestion and lethargy. Foods such as honey, black licorice, raisins, red dates and cinnamon are considered sweet.

Bitter Taste

Bitter tastes cool, dry, and detoxify the body. They are anti-inflammatory. In addition to eliminating dampness, these tastes stimulate the secretion of bile, assist digestion and stimulate normal bowel movements. Bitter substances help protect the body against viruses and parasites and can reduce cholesterol. In excessive amounts, bitter foods can dry the body and are not recommended for people who are weak…

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