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In terms of product line the similarities are only identified in terms of a large business segment namely food production industry. The business line of Dean Foods is milk and dairy and Kellogg is focused on cereals and related processed foods. Seaboard and Tyson has similarities in their business segment in relation to meet processing of pork. However Seaboard is pursuing a diversified portfolio in relation to wheat, sugar, and citrus. Whereas the business diversification of Tyson is in meat chicken, poultry, and other portion-based food segments. The overall industry holds a large number of businesses and all four companies have a different business segment. Hence the similarities for business line are not advisable.

The Industry however faces similar political, economic, social, legal, environmental, and technological environments to certain degree. The micro and macro environmental effects of economy are experienced in the industry thorough out the corporations. The companies are focused to reduce their operating costs and taken similar initiatives by deploying technology as well as implementing the latest trends for consumer products. The recession in economy has caused declining growth rates across various sectors. The companies are focused to extend value for their consumers through strategic initiatives. The focus on international market is also a similarity experienced in the review of food sector analysis e.g. Kellogg, Seaboard, and Tyson Foods. These corporations are establishing their production units at various strategic locations across the globe.


The comparison of strategies in business entities of the food sector is performed to review their corporate strategies. The review will provide a significant insight of the related factors infusing their business. The companies are focusing cost reduction peruse different approaches. It is observed that Dean Foods is focusing on reducing its international presence to control costs and leverage their growth. However all other companies are different in this respect as they are focusing on expanding their business to other markets in search of business growth and increased revenues. It is also important to note that the business segment differences also oppose an impact on the strategies. Dairy and milk sector is the most venerable sector in terms of short shelf life of products and international distribution thorough strategic locations is not an advisable approach.

The corporate strategies perused by the...


Kellogg does not adhere to the strategy of cost leadership as they highlight their focus on quality and premium ingredients. They have established their brand name in high end consumer market. However Seaboard is focused to cater their business requirements through integration of their infrastructure and business resources. They are focused to decrease consumer cost and highlighting value of their products. Get healthy, get green, and get affordable strategy of Dean Foods is focused to cater target market through organic products, environmentally responsive packaging, and creating their own energy. Moreover they are also targeting to capture the value for money segment of the market by perusing their corporate strategy.


The comparison of businesses in similar industry provides an overall understanding of industry, business focus, and strategic trends. However it is worth mentioning that minimal similarities are found in the business segments of all four organizations. It is also notable that international expansion of operations and increased market reach is the focus of three corporations except Dean Foods. It is rolling its business backward to reduce cost. Kellogg has focused its growth for premium market segment however they are also focusing on reducing cost through various initiatives.


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