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" (Barnett, 2007) There are three steps involved in controlling including: (1) establishing performance standards; (2) comparing actual performance against standards; and (3) taking corrective action when necessary. (Barnett, 2007) Standards of performance are often referred to within the organization by terms including 'revenue', 'costs', or 'profits' as well as other terms such as 'units produced', 'number of defective products', or 'levels of customer service'. (Barnett, 2007) Performance management can be accomplished through "financial statements, sales reports, production results, customer satisfaction and formal performance appraisals." (Barnett, 2007) This is a process that generally involves all levels of management. This process is one in which the manager takes the actions...


Each of these aspects of management are important factors in achieving organizational success and in meeting the objective and goals of the organization as well as in achieving the organization's mission. Today's management in the organization has the responsibility to staff the organization with competent individuals who are able to work as a team in achieving the goals of the organization. Furthermore, the manager must be able to motivate workers and then to measure the productivity of workers as compared to the goals of the organization. Managers at top, middle, and lower levels of management have different roles in the organization however, management is the backbone of the organization and effective and responsible competent management is 'key' in achieving the organization's goals and in resulting outcomes that are positive for the organization.


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