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Gay Marriage

Gaiety is the practice of bossom love for similar sex and especially between two males or females, bisexual exclusive. "Continued engagement into such practices more often than not lead to desire to attain psychosocial satisfaction through intense urge to achieve a feeling of love and sense of belonging" (Abraham Maslow - Hierarchy of Needs). Hence eventually becoming life long partners as depicted in gay marriages, but marriage is defined as a union between man and woman. "However, gay marriage as a form of civil union is legal and therefore, recognized in some states or nations. It is worth noting that civil unions under a single name or any other have been proposed and established by law in many developed countries for the provision of same-sex relationships with rights, responsibilities and benefits the same as that of opposite-sex civil marriage" (Lawrence A. Kurdek, 1994).

Background information

As earlier mentioned, gay marriages results from gaiety owing to various school of thoughts among them, lack of sexual realisation and/or realization. "Most people in the U.S. And in some countries around the world oppose gay marriage but, almost the same proportion are also supportive of rights to being gay. This translates to many of the same people who are even more in support of gay rights oppose gaiety on this one issue. This is evidently shown because currently in America, a large populace of gay couples co-habit and raise families, just as though they were heterosexuals. However, despite American federal government knowledge on this, little if not nothing has been done concerning legalization of gay marriages (Jay Barth, 2009). Gays too have a right to a life of dignity just like other people. As concerns to gay marriage, almost half the populace deem such unions as abnormal and unacceptable.

Problem statement

"The right to marry is a basic human right. Gay individuals do contend with a lot and varied challenges just as also posing great vices and virtues on personal and societal morality" (Adam Isaiah Green, 2006). The challenges vis-a-vis problems such as; being detrimental to the Institution of Marriage, Moral Degradation, Having children with Low Self-Esteem, Denial of Basic Human Rights Beneficial to the Gays, as well as violating freedom of religious group. Issues of same-sex marriage are a significant concern facing the United States. Same sex couples are denied the privileges that others enjoy or acquire without difficulty. A policy endorsed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, however ensured that the military and service members enjoyed some priviledges and freedom from discrimination based on sexual orientation. This policy prohibited discussing, asking or telling ones sexual orientation otherwise one would be liable to discharge.


Gay marriage has coupled within the last decades owing to various issues, in this case considering the lack of sexual realization. This often arises as a result of lack of self-esteem pertaining to ones own gender mainly imparted by peer influence, non-appreciation and lack of recognition of one's abilities and capabilities. As a result, a particular sex end up seeking refuge and comfort with credibility and gratitude on the creditable sex who more often than not happens to be of the same sex. Feelings of love develop and eventually the sense of security in a partner leading to vows and long life commitment in marriages. However, pertains to the numerous stereotypes on same sex relationships, as well as the alarming increase in gays little has been done to ascertain the relevance of varied reasons against or for gay marriage hence dilemma in its legalization.

This paper therefore intends to cut across the board to come up with a definitive conclusion, after critical analysis of both the gay marriage satisfactory inputs as well as demerits while attempting to explain both sides of the coin vis-a-vis gay marriages so as to affirm or counteract legalization of gay marriage:

One of its merits, is the reduction of promiscouity among gay couples. This leads to a reduction in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases by ensuring protection of the gays and society as well. "In most instances, gays who get married might not indulge in infidelity as compared to unmarried couples who cohabit. On the contrary, such a practice (of gaeity) is out of the cultural norms and might as well in itself be considered as promiscuity amongst some religions if not all" (Neil Whitehead, 2006). This is becuse it is concidered by some of the religions as a sin due to the fact that homosexuality is vehemenlty denied in those religions.

"Demographic trends have also been affected by the increasing number of gay couples. Due to the reason that they cannot bare children, it has led to most countries with a high number of gay couples to have very few young population" (Adam Isaiah Green, 2006). This change in demographic trends has a some positive and negative effect in the said countries. One positive effect is that, due to the fact that same sex couples cannot reproduce. They tend to adopt children because they cannot give birth. This leads to a decrease in the number of homeless children hence, fewer children end up on the streets homeless. while on the other hand, with their inability of having children of their own, the population tends to consist largely of the older people some of whom are not strong enough to work, therefore, the country's economy will decrease because there will be no young population to offer engage their labour force in the emerging markets.

Gay marriege has led to the reduction court divorce cases. This is seen from the fact that, the gays are more creditable than their counterparts, since a commitment for them is voluntary and not as depicted in some cases whereby a female is forced to marry a man because of social status or for any other reason altogether. Hence reduced divorce cases. However, such marriages have also lead to breakage of families. More often than not the sucessful husbands offer alot of forum for advances by such people who being not able to contain a mutual relationship end up wrecking homes.

Institution of marriage has nowadays been misinterpreted in a way that many single people are encouraged to enter a relationship of their choice without prejudism and coexist freely with the partner of choice. This had led to rampant cases of the young people engaging in marriage relationship without proper advise including gay marriages. "The sanctity of marriage is therefore threatened with presence of gay relationships. It poses danger on morality of future generations thereby shaking the very foundation of our society." (Handlson, 2005) and this is because marriages are believed to be solemnized for the purpose of procreation.

Moral sensibility is also a concern. "Just like other straight persons who know and have realized their sexual identity, so are the gays" (Jane Edwards, 2007). Note that this also comes from genetic proprietions and may be beyond control hence this people respect their hormones and function as it dictates. "Is it a crime to have such a sexual orientation because of your genetics?" (Jane Edwards, 2007). Well I believe its morally right to act as partains to ones conscience. On the contrary, moral decadance come with the lack of ability to domesticate each other as in normal relationships, vices such as excessive drinking and gambling find doorways in men, incest, bestial marriages and polygamy as a result of legalization of gaiety and gay marriages.

Gay marriages also interferes with a child's self-esteem. Children or the younger generation develop a sense of sexual realization upon contending the gays and are able to come out from hiding and accept their sexuality hence through their encounter with them, it has a positively impact on their self-esteem. On the other hand, children often raised by gay couples tend to have…

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