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Gender Analysis

The message a marketing materials creates to target its audience is vital in terms of its visual and graphical representation to achieve desired results. The following sections are focused to analyze the visual message of Bud Light Lime to understand the target audience of the advertisement. The use of gender images and portraits also carry a significant value in a visual presentation it is also analyzed to highlight its relevance in creating social constructions. The analysis is also focused on the targeted audience, layout, and people. The text and images of the product are also of particular relevance along with the color scheme of the advertisement. The impact on contemporary American society and relevance is also elaborated in the conclusion.


Target audience:

The particular relevance of the target audience is revealed through analysis of the visual aspects, the portraits, and type of message delivered in the advertisement. The particular visual is targeted at the young aged individuals travelling to the beach destinations during their holidays. The middle to high income group is targeted through highlighting the refreshing taste of lime in hot summer seasons. The target audiences of the visual are encouraged to try the drink while enjoying their time at beach and swimming for leisure.


The layout of the advertisement is of particular importance as the product takes most of the appealing place. It is also noted that the product is highlighted with the actual high resolution picture as well as placing a piece of lime next to the product highlighting its key taste feature. The other images and portraits are shown in the background with a less emphasis on the foreground. The overall placement of the enjoying female holiday makers as well as the color of sea and scenic beauty of the advertisement is also catered through green trees and sand on the beach.


The role of human figures used in an advertisement highlights its appeal and significance for the particular audience. The images of young girls enjoying on the beach having leisure time with and highlighted happiness is particular in representing the quality time during their holidays and association with the product is created through alignment of various elements e.g. The…

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