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The researchers found the case of job stability and lateral mobility in case of the Asian-Americans are quite pertinent in the sphere of glass ceiling. Irrespective of the fact that loss of brain is rarely attributed to glass ceiling issues the prevailing cases sometime cannot be overlooked. A survey conducted during 1987 revealed that about 308 Asian-American employees in varied sectors in San Francisco attributed the monetary incentive and career progression as prime cause for job changes. However, about 75% of the Chinese-Americans revealed their reason for job changes to be the obstacles of corporate values, management inflexibility etc. (Woo, 2000) Several strategies have been delineated for the minorities to break the Glass Ceiling in the corporate America. It is advised first to generate an adaptable strategic plan for achieving the accomplishment. A plan is to be chalked out and followed meticulously to attain the career goals. The success stories depicting the achievements of the minorities should guide them in inducing better adaptability of the plans so delineated. Moreover, it is advisable to choose the job that is entertaining and enjoyable. Enjoy with your work should be the guiding principle for the minorities so as to enhance their skill and motivation. So as to break the glass ceiling it is warranted that minorities should raise themselves so as to become visible. They should exploit the opportunities to exhibit their skills through publication of articles, through speaking opportunities, through Internet and Intranet managers etc. (Morsella, 2006)

The inclination to take increased responsibilities will go ahead in placing one in strategic position and make them visible. It is advisable that minorities should put forth the problem solving skills so as to combat the workplace racism. After assessing the situation a proper plan should be devised so as to combat discrimination in the place of work. Drawing attention of the seniors after being fast-tracked is shown to be favorable for the minorities. However, they are also advised to be conscious of the probable resentments and resistances cropping from envious employees. It is advisable to mix the individuality, values and culture so as to cope with the work place environment. Taking quick action and being decisive a minority can make a plan move. (Morsella, 2006)

It is desirable that the minority professionals are required to have realistic expectations in the workplace. The minorities should understand fully and give...


It is required to perform ahead of ones normal expectations. It is desirable to continuously strive for improvement in ones skill and overall performance. It is seen that most of the discriminations in the American corporate world is subtle. Therefore, it is required that the minorities should use documentations to claim their deserving positions and perks. Sometimes it is seen that minorities are being treated as externals in the workplace. It is therefore, desired to establish themselves by detecting the common bonds that lies with other employees. (Morsella, 2006)
The discriminations of the minorities in the workplaces in corporate America are quite apparent amidst insuperable hurdles. These are most discouraging to the minority employee. However, those who are keep on trying, having the attitude to learn, the will to confront problems bravely, learn the conventions and work culture soon, generate a compliant strategy, develop professional skills can go up in the corporate ladder. (Morsella, 2006)

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