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Experiment with the arts to find your voice and suddenly you will not feel so shy after all. Your creative medium will become the voice you have been seeking for your entire life. Through it you will relate to the outside world and to the special people that inhabit it. You will stop worrying about fitting in, because it will be others who will hope to fit into your world.

Laura, those close to you feel honored to be in your presence. You saw that Jim felt smitten with you, and I believed he helped you to believe in yourself. Despite of what you may think Tom also loves you dearly and misses you deeply. Your family will always be there for you if and when you need them.

You can trust them but more importantly, you can trust yourself. Value your independence, your solitude, and your time alone. Through your introspection your soul is nurtured. Follow your bliss and your life will open up like a flower in spring.

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