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Target Market

Google will focus on market segments that demonstrate the ability to expand with the business as it continues to invent products for the future technology. The well-informed student segment is subjected to vast technological advances and is easy technology adapters. This makes this segment an ideal market for the company to focus on. Besides its internet product, Google is revolutionizing its digital media platform. The perceptive student segment is always plunged in the digital media, and the company will maximize on this segment's needs for better technology. By concentrating on this market and acquiring recognition, the company will ensure this segment remains loyal to its brands due to its continuous quality products and technological innovations.

Market segmentation

Geographic segmentation:

The internet is a universal device so the company will appeal to highly diverse users.

Most of its customers will be global

The products provided by the company will be available in different languages

Demographic segmentation:

The company is available everywhere with a range of user base and product line

The company will appeal to users under 34 years, both male and female

Most of its users will be of upper-middle-class income level

Users will be technologically adept and of higher education

Most users of its products will be business minded professionals

Behavioral and psychographic segmentation: the following are groups that determine the lifestyle of users of Google products.

Affluent class -- the wealthiest households that live in exclusive neighborhoods tend to enjoy the best of everything in the world

Upscale class -- educated families and couples that live in sprawling metropolitan areas, earning an income that provides them with comfortable lifestyles

Upper middle class and middle aged that live in small towns with moderate education and employed

These segments comprise of people who are educated and intelligent, need information and easy access to information within the shortest time possible

Organizational customers

1. Advertisers: advertisers using the company's products look for personalization. Google will sell its advertising platform based on the action so that advertiser-buying power may vary via other advertisers who use similar platforms.

2. Publishers: Google will permit online publishers to display advertisements to generate income for both players. Though this service will be free, Google will target publishers as a strategy to dominate the internet-advertising sector. This will include publishers of large websites, as well.

3. Online businesses: Google will provide online-based company products that are extremely customizable for all large and small businesses. Google will provide business applications for governments, schools, businesses, and internet service providers

How the customer will place an order

Customers placing an order from Google stores will have to log in to their Google Store Customer account. After making an order from Google store, they will be able to make a purchase. The Google Store customer account will offer information about the orders. Additionally, the account has contact details of the stores they have placed an order in case they have nay issue or question. Customers are requested to contact the stores directly in case of any issues with their orders. Best practice suggests that this is the fastest way to resolve customer issues. If a customer has purchased from the store, and still has an issue with the store, the customer will use their Google store customer account to report the complaint to the company. Google will contact the store and assist resolve the problem. The company will contact the buyer to collect extra information regarding the issue or order. To report complaints, customers will have forty days after placing an order. The store customer account displays all available orders. The customer will click on the "view order" button to open the order details page that has information regarding that order. This page also details, contact information for the store.

How the order will be delivered

While business goals are expected to change, one goal will remain constant; maximizing sales daily. Google will erect a system of processing customer orders. There will be a department responsible for processing and delivering orders. To offer excellent customer service that will trigger repeat business, Google will maintain a consistent order processing routine. For customers who make orders online via Google store, the company will set store options to send confirmations of orders through fax, email, or both. If different people are processing orders at the same time, these confirmations will be sent to multiple customers using different email addresses. For orders made via the phone, the employee will place an order online while the customer is still on the phone or collect all the required information from the buyer and later input the details into the order processing system. For payment of orders, Google stores will use the Pay Pal account system that enables customers to make payment from their Pay Pal accounts.

Google will use an ambitious program in its technological race with rivals. The company will rely on the Project Wing, whereby a flying drone will carry goods ordered by customers and deliver them to their doorstep. This technology is the latest to emerge from the company's R&D department. Google also intends to operate self-driving cars and other innovation that Google believes will push the technological envelope. In addition, Google considers internet-connected eyewear known as Google glass and innovative contact lens, which will monitor delivery of orders.

Google's R&D department strives to improve the society via its research projects despite mounting criticism from watchdogs who claim the company will violate privacy by secretly recording videos and taking pictures of where the merchandise is delivered. On the contrary, investors have expressed their satisfaction with the amount of cash that the company intends to pour into the R&D department, as there is a guarantee it will pay off. By using drones, Google will increase the number of merchandise ordered on the day they are ordered. So far, Google maximizes on the same-day delivery service through vehicles in different areas. Aerial automobiles will pave the way for new strategies to deliver orders, like orders that are less wasteful, faster, cheaper, and environmentally sensitive than what rivals are doing currently. By introducing project wing, the drones appear to be an innovative step in the e-commerce delivery. The self-flying vehicles will provide the ease of sharing some items like a power drill, which people need periodically and move emergency items to places affected by catastrophes such as hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

How the process for complaints will be handled

To report complaints, the customer will send an email to Google about a purchase. This will provide the company with the opportunity to show its unique customer care. The company will strive to offer a customer experience that becomes a story, told by one customer to the next and experience that will keep buyers yearning for more. This section highlights the three steps Google will maintain when handling customer complaints.

Acknowledging the problem- to handle complaints in an effective manner, Google will begin by acknowledging the complaint. The company will ensure they have open ears to and tentatively listen to the complainers. This step involves looking for the core issue that causes the customer to be unhappy. The company will clarify the issue so that they can begin brainstorming about the solution, which will help resolve the problem. Being empathetic and showing genuine concern, Google will help calm the customer while remaining in control of the situation.

Offering a solution- customer need solutions, not more problems. In this process, the second step will be offering a solution. According to best practice, Google must offer a solution and confirm that the pain on the customer's side will be resolved. Moreover, the best practice recommends that the Google Company gives its employees enough room to go above and beyond when dealing with challenging customer scenarios. As such,…

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