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Social security is not perfect by any means, but as a program, it has good intentions, and that is one reason to trust our government to do what is right and proper for senior citizens. Many of them have served our country in many ways, and social security means they can be comfortable as they grow older.

Do the Right Thing - In many areas of government, historically they have chosen to do the right thing. Finally giving women the vote was the right thing to do, even if it took too long. Passing civil rights legislation was the right thing to do, even though it took too long, as well. Ending slavery was the right thing to do, well, you get the idea. It may take the government time to do the right thing, but it most cases, especially with really big issues, they end up doing the right thing, and that is an important reason to trust the government.

On the Local Level - While there can be corruption and influence at every level of government in our country, for the most part, local politicians seem to want to do what is best for their area. Many actually run for office in the desire to make real change and progress in their communities, and they want to do what is right for their constituents. While this may seem naive, it seems that many politicians start out doing well, and are corrupted the longer they hold office or the higher they raise in the government's ranks.

We Have a Democracy - While trust in government may be declining, we still have one of the most functional forms of government, a democracy. While it may not be perfect, it is certainly preferable to many of the alternatives, such as Communism. We enjoy many personal freedoms in this country because of our democracy, and we may not agree with others, but they have the right to express their opinions because we live in a democracy. The alternative is much more difficult to comprehend, and to live under.

We Can Vote Them Out - Finally, there is another reason to trust government. We, as voters, have the power to vote corrupt or unsatisfactory politicians out of office. If enough of us get involved, we do have the power to create a better government, and that relies on us voting. The founding fathers created a system that has checks and balances, and where no one area of the government has more power over another. The system works in the long run, and it is good for the people in the end. We just have to recognize that we do have the power, and exercise that power to make our…

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