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That influence would be on those people who observe my actions, my hard work, my dedication and in doing so, be influenced to accomplish much in their lives as well.

This direct and indirect influence exerted by one scholarship would, by far, have more influence than if given to another individual who may not have as high aspirations as I have.

One of the reasons why I would make a strong candidate for the College of Design Alumni Scholarship is based on the way I would spend the money the committee would award me. Being afforded a financial advantage such as the one the College of Design awards would allow me the peace of mind necessary to learn, study and garner information to complete the design program in a timely manner. Finishing the program would allow me the luxury of then pursuing a career that would most efficiently use the studies and information that I have pursued so long, and worked for so diligently. I would use the funds judiciously and in a manner that any financial advisor would be most pleased, by investing the funds in my future, a future filled with dedicatory works in design that only a prestigious school such as the College of Design would afford me.

My inspiration to attempt the challenge of entering and completing the program offered by the College of Design has been my overwhelming sense of duty towards two cultures that I cherish. The first culture is my homeland...


It is here in America, in the beautiful blossoming desert of Arizona that I have learned the differences and similarities between the two countries.
My challenge is to attain the capabilities to tie these two cultures together through design. By understanding the intricacies of each culture, coupled with the knowledge gained through my studies at the College of Design I would hope to have a positive impact on both countries.

What a unique opportunity that would be, to be able to look back on a life spent in pursuit of understanding, and helping others to understand, the many ties each country has to the other, and better yet, to be able to accomplish this by design.

My inspiration has been, and my goal and objective after graduation is simple, and that is to use my skills to build a common bond through websites to positively affect environmental problems and challenges faced by mankind, not only in the developed countries of the world, but in the countries that are currently going through the process of becoming developed. If I can have some small impact on those countries, engendering them with the information that can be readily available, if someone like myself were to make it that way. If I can in any way bring the cultures of the world together, I would feel that the school, the world, and myself would all be beneficiaries.

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