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Graduate Application Reflection the Two

Words: 838 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 163895

My academic progress has been quite successful to date, and I know that the breadth of knowledge I received as an undergraduate is extensive enough to meet the needs of the graduate school programs I have identified. In addition, my practical experience and the references I will be able to produce should work quite strongly in my favor with graduate school admissions personnel. I also believe that I interview quite well, and am able to present myself in a very affable and confident manner that enables me to express my qualifications, skills, and other "selling points" without seeming arrogant or boastful, and this will also help my chances of admission.

Although I believe I am able to present my qualifications, skills, and knowledge quite well in interviews, the most challenging aspect of the application process by far was the writing of the personal essay that both schools required. For some reason, I find it much more difficult to write about myself than I do to talk about myself, at least when I am trying to be both impressive yet honest and humble at the same time. There is so much more that can be accomplished with body language, inflection, and…… [Read More]

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Graduate Students and Networking

Words: 4007 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29294833

Networking in Student Affairs

Student Affairs Networking

Graduate students who will be moving into work in higher education and student affairs have much to consider, including professional development and networking. Ideally, that networking should start well before graduation is imminent, because it allows the student to develop contacts in the professional world before he or she moves into that world on a more permanent basis. Students who have professional contacts before they finish graduate school are more likely to see success in the working world in an earlier time frame, which can help those students make the transition from educational institution to professional working environment more easily.

While this type of networking and development does not guarantee success, it is one of the most significant things a student can do to move toward career placement and advancement in his or her chosen field. The literature that is addressed in Chapter Two will focus on the networking that is seen among graduate students in general, with as much emphasis as possible on those who are moving into careers related to higher education administration. Since the literature on that specific career path is scant, at best, an overview of networking and professional…… [Read More]

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Graduate and the New Left

Words: 3275 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54244050

Graduate and the New Left

In the United States in the 1960s, the nation was going through a change both in the psychological and sociological makeup of the population. Everything about the country was changing quickly, right down to the very moral code which makes up the identity of a culture. The American Dream and the belief that everyone could become successful if they were willing to work hard and if they lived in America was proving to be a fallacy in the wake of oppression, disenfranchisement, and racially-biased or gender-based prejudices. A group emerged who not only wished to be entirely different from their parents, but they also desired to completely upset if not outright eradicate the status quo and change what it meant to be an American citizen with an American identity. One of the components of this movement was a decidedly liberal perspective and agenda. This group would come to be known as the New Left. The ideology of this group, the inability to conform to expectations, the rejection of post-World War II ideals, and the need to create individual decisions regardless of the potential outcomes, is illustrated in the film The Graduate and the character of…… [Read More]

Bapis, Elaine M. Camera and Action: American Film as Agent of Social Change, 1965-1975.

Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2008. Print.
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School Teacher and College Professors

Words: 878 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65330802

Teaching at the university level and at the grade school level can be vastly different. Institutional differences account for the largest part of the disparities between these ostensibly similar careers, but methodological differences also exist. Teaching is considered the primary focus of the grade school teacher's career, whereas university professors are often academic scholars rather than educators and teaching for such people is far less important than academic research.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in four Americans are enrolled in educational institutions. Education is the largest industry in the country, accounting for nearly 12 million jobs. Most of these people teach at the grade school level. Teaching is considered a trade rather than a profession: teachers are usually unionized. Teaching positions constitute almost half of all educational services jobs and require at least a bachelor's degree. Most school districts give their employees incentives to pursue further education; typically a master's degree. Teachers typically attend liberal arts colleges and pursue a bachelor's degree in elementary or secondary education with a concentration in a particular subject. During their final years of study, these students will become 'student teachers' and pair up with local schools as teachers' assistants in order…… [Read More]

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School to Work Programs Initiatives

Words: 921 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89650038

School-to-Work Programs

Every school board now offers school-to-work (STW) programs, which are designed to meet the needs of a large portion of today's students - those who are work-bound as soon as they graduate high school. Many of these programs allow students to enroll as apprentices and accumulate hours and experience towards a qualifying certificate in a specific profession while earning credits towards their high school graduation diploma, as well.

While advocates of such programs argue that they give additional relevance and meaning to the educational process as a whole and give students real opportunities to make connections between theory and actual practice, opponents believe that these types of programs are pervasive and prevent students from receiving a thorough and valuable education.

This paper supports the opposing viewpoint of school-to-work programs, arguing that education that concentrates on job training results in graduates who are less adaptable and less able to change occupations without retraining. Without training in liberal arts, many high school graduates have difficulty learning new skills and adjusting to new jobs.

About School-to-Work Programs

In 1994, the School-to-Work Opportunities Act (STWO) was passed. According to supporters of the law, it "provided a national framework to broaden educational and…… [Read More]

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School Uniforms

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School uniforms for students are becoming more and more popular across the country. Research suggest that schools with a mandatory school-wide uniform policy have better attendance, better behavior, fewer discipline referrals, and more school spirit. Children seem to become more focused on academics. They are also easily identified on campus, in the community, and on field trips, making general safety another benefit of wearing uniforms.

It is hypothesized that behavior in schools which require their students to wear uniforms will be better than those schools which do not with respect to discipline and behavior.

This study will use existing empirical research. The independent variable is wearing school uniforms. There are two levels of independent variables, with school uniforms and without school uniforms. The dependent variable is student behavior. Existing empirical research will provide proof that wearing school uniforms has a positive effect on student behavior.

Mandated Uniforms in School: A Benefit for Students and Educators Alike

The scenarios are endless. A young boy was left dead in the street after his Air Jordans and Raiders jacket are stolen from his body (Jones, 2000). In another city, children playing on a school playground run for cover as a stranger shoots bullets…… [Read More]

Vanderklis, Kimberly. (1999). School Uniforms May Decrease Discipline Problems. Southeastern Louisiana University.

Washington DC: U.S. Department of Education. (ERIC Document Reproduction No. ED 367-729).

Woods, H. And Ogletree, E. (1992). Parents' opinions of the uniform student dress code. Urban Society, 28, 424-435.
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School Counselor Roles the Main Activities of

Words: 1559 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10351849

School Counselor Roles

The main activities of me being a school counselor would define the main content of this paper. The main aims and responsibilities of the school counselor is the main content of the paper.

The main responsibilities of the school counselor are to make sure that the students of K12 are guided in a proper manner. The kinds of guidance that are provided to the students include education, career, and future goals, academic as well as social competencies. Many kinds of interventions are used by the school counselors in these cases include the developmental school counseling curriculum lessons, annual planning for individual students as well as groups.

The literature has highlighted that some of the old terms that have been used for school counselor is guidance counselor or education counselor. But these days the term school counselor is more used based on the fact that the school counselor advocate for the success of the students in their social as well as academic careers. Asia, Europe, America and Africa, the term guidance teacher and school guidance counselor has been used in place of school counselor. School counseling programs and guidance counseling is very common in the schools and it…… [Read More]

Bor, R. (2002). Counseling in Schools: Endorsements for counseling in schools. SAGE.

Corey, G., Corey, M.S., and Callanan, P. (2010). Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions. Edition 8. Cengage Learning.
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School Counseling Ethics Has Been

Words: 7187 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39967424

other values

Moral character, that is, having courage, being persistent, dismissing distractions and so on in pursuit of the goal.

These are attempts to define ethics by describing actions, and fairly specific constellations of actions at that. Frederich Paulson, a 19th century philosopher of ethics, defined ethics as a science of moral duty (1899).

Almost 100 years later, Swenson also used the concept of study in defining ethics, saying that it included the systematic study of concepts such as right and wrong. Other researchers note that the idea of systematic study is common in dictionary definitions of ethics, with the American Heritage Dictionary focusing on three elements: " the study of moral philosophy, the rules of a profession (or more broadly the character of a community), and moral self-examination (Soukhanov, 1992).

Hill (2004) offers a 'definition' that is mainly practical but also incorporates some theoretical content. They believe that ethical analysis is both an art and a skill and is concerned with engaging ethically troubling situations in ways that support the welfare of the client or student, as the case may be; empower counselors to practice according to professional standards; allow counselors to practice in ways consistent with their own…… [Read More]

Beauchamp, T.L., & Childress, J.F. (2001). Principles of biomedical ethics (5th ed.). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

Butler, S.E. (1975). Sexual contact between therapists and patients. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, California School of Professional Psychology, Alameda, CA.
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School Personnel Functions

Words: 1020 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89114714

School Personnel Functions

Personnel functions and their relationship to moving an instructional agenda forward

Ultimately, a school's reputation lies in the hands of its teachers. Hiring, training, and retaining highly effective personnel to give instruction in the classroom must be the cornerstone of any effort to improve education at a school. Without good teachers to impart instruction, the best textbooks, goals, and procedures will not be meaningful. Teaching, however, is a skill as well as a gift, and the administration can strive to support teachers with specific programming efforts.

Hiring and assignments

The first step in creating a more effective educational environment is hiring new teachers that support the mission and values of the school. Given that teachers are likely to be a part of the educational environment for some time, it is essential that teachers are 'on board' with the principal's agenda. Recruiting top candidates from high-quality colleges and universities and being open to hiring certified 'second career' seekers are all part of improving the teaching pool as a whole. It has also been suggested that entry-level tenure requirements be increased (making the probationary period be of a longer duration for new teachers) and that even senior teachers are…… [Read More]

Crowther, F. (1997). Teachers as leaders - an exploratory framework. The International Journal

of Educational Management, 11(1), 6-13. Retrieved from 
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School Funding in Urban and

Words: 8456 Length: 31 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89493892

In suburban areas, on the other hand, the economic opportunities are diverse and the population is less dense. Here parents are motivated to educate their child and the child gets higher individual attention from the teachers than those in the urban areas where population density is very high (Broomhall and Johnson, 1994; and Hanson and Ginsburg, 1988). Since educational aspirations of parents, students and teachers differ by population density and location; therefore, achievement gap differs by population density and location.

It is clear to some scholars that educational aspirations of parents, students and teachers remain the most important determinant of whether and how much a student achieves (Alexander, Eckland, & Griffin, 1975; Astin & Karabel, 1975; Chapman, 1981; Conklin & Dailey, 1981; Geoffrey, 1998; Litten, 1982). For instance, Astin and Karabel (1975) have conducted a research and the regression analyses indicate that measured academic ability is a more powerful predictor of the quality of the school attended though social class has an independent impact. Chapman (1981) asserts that aptitude influences students' achievement and performance. Students tend to self-select institutions with enrolled students of similar aptitude as themselves because they do not want to be with others whose aptitude is very…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Alexander, K.L., Eckland, B.K., & Griffin, L.J. (1975). The Wisconsin model of socioeconomic achievement: A replication. American Journal of Sociology, 81, 324-342.

Astin, a.W., & Karabel, J. (1975). Social class, academic ability, and college "quality." Social Forces, 53(3), 381-398.
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School Choice and the Dropout

Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28364127

Her point is to get support for her views, and she did, because three months after she wrote this piece there was a rally at the State Capitol in Austin where 5,000 people called for school choice in front of the Capitol building. Therefore, her words helped people make up their minds and seek action from their legislators. However, she failed to convince the legislators, who did not even address school choice during the 2007 legislative session (Editors). Either this means that the legislators are not listening to the will of the people, or that her rhetoric failed to gain their support.

The media has certainly picked up this issue, and it is an issue all around the country, not just in Texas. The Milwaukee school district has had a voucher system like this for over sixteen years, and it has proven to be a money saving plan for taxpayers, and their dropout rates have decreased. However, some parents complain they have little recourse when they choose a school they are not happy with, so vouchers are not the only answer to public education, dropout rates, and other issues plaguing schools today. Jamie Story has an interesting theory, but her…… [Read More]

Editors. "School Choice Legislation." 2008. 4 May 2009.

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Graduates Job Seeking Methods Job Seeking Is

Words: 798 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95915662

Graduates Job Seeking Methods

Job seeking is tedious activity that requires a coherent and justified approach. In most cases, job seekers encounter challenges when they lack ideas of entering a given job market. Besides, competition for a qualification and experience are becoming a bottleneck for most job seekers. Many companies often request job seekers to meet a given threshold of a number of practice years in a given field. This study borrows concepts from May and May (2012)'s book "Effective Writing: A Handbook for Accountants." The analysis examines the process involved in seeking for jobs so that new job seekers will compete equally and fairly with veteran graduates.

Main ideas

Determination of Possible Employers

From this chapter, the authors have emphasized on the need to uphold professional standards, especially in relation to proper time management. For the new job seekers, it is important for them to polish their communication skills and be acquainted with the dynamics of the job market. In fact, the job seeker will always be required to express tailor-made concerns as to why they should be absorbed in the companies. The extract advises the job seeker that he or she will need substantial information regarding the company.…… [Read More]


May, C. & May S. (2012). Effective Writing: A Handbook for Accountants. New York: Pearson

Prentice Hall
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School for Scandal Title How

Words: 3054 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39731888

The lack of self-respect in particular characters in the play, like Lady Sneerwell and Joseph, sends the message that some people have higher priorities than self-respect. Lady Sneerwell's deep desire to gain Charles to marry her leads her to a chain of unrespectable acts of intrigues and backbiting, in the process, conspiring with equally dubious characters like Joseph and Snake who also follow selfish and destructive agendas of their own. Forming a derogatory School for Scandal all alone speaks against self-respect as against all of those perpetuating that School. While it seems outwardly pleasurable to prey on other people's mistakes, misfortunes and weaknesses, perpetrators of scandals and hypocrisy do not gain the superiority they want among themselves. Lady Sneerwell, Sir and Lady Backbite, Mrs. Candour and Joseph may share a common objective of destroying relationships and reputation but this destructiveness does not build them up in the real sense, but creates distrust in one another, aware of one another's insincerity.

Still another message is the overwhelming influence of society towards its members. Lady Sneerwell's School has been founded on luxury and a false sense of superiority before Sir Oliver comes into the scene to smash the illusion. For some time,…… [Read More]

Cordner, Michael, editor. The School for Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Oxford World Classics: Oxford University, 1998.

Creasey, Beverley, reviewer. Charming "School for Scandal." The Theater Mirror, 2000.
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School of Public Health Public Health Admissions

Words: 1046 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8491953

School of Public Health

Public Health Admissions Essay

The most logical next phase of my career would be the completion of a degree in Public Health Administration.

A currently hold a BS in Sociology and the diversity that this and my personal history have offered me will lend well to the challenges of a postgraduate degree program. I am goal driven and will succeed, regardless of the difficulty of the task. I have researched the program that is offered by your institution and I believe the curriculum and faculty afforded there will be exactly what I am looking for and exactly what my professional goals need to progress.

The impetuses for my professional goals are strongly rooted in my life history. I am an immigrant from Sierra Leone. The reality of meeting my education goals were at times in my life fortuitous accidents. As a child myself my parents and my eight siblings had no real understanding of the value of education. An American Peace Corps member working on a water project in my home village met my mother and myself by chance at a public market.

The buying of a few pieces of fruit sparked a conversation that changed…… [Read More]

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School Profile the Technological Advances

Words: 526 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58871792

The dedication shown by the principal, MR. Jett, and the two instructors was truly tremendous, and it is obvious that the high-risk students attending ACE Academy are well served. The cramped environment, however, provides a challenge whose effects cannot really be mitigated while the school remains in the same space.

Though ACE Academy is only in its first year of operation, one way in which it could improve its educational process would be to establish an ongoing collaborative system of course adjustment and development, especially with the other schools in the county from which ACE's students come. This enables faster, more effective, and more directly needs-based instruction and courses to be developed (Lake 2003). The expansion of the school's physical size could also allow for the hiring of more instructors (in addition to the two currently employed by ACE Academy), which would further reduce the current student-teacher ratio and allow for a more varied and thus more specialized instructional plan for each student.

Using the school's current resources, it is difficult to say at his stage what could be improved -- operating in its first year, reliable data as to the school's effect and success is not yet available. So…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Jett, G. (2010). Personal interview, February 11.

Lake, E. (2003). "Course Development Cycle Time: A Framework for Continuous Process Improvement." Innovative higher education 28(10< pp. 21-33.
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Medical Nursing Graduate Study Challenges

Words: 823 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83110191

Bieber & Worley (2006) note that when students pay closer attention to their surroundings, and when teachers engage students in a more collaborative manner, students are more likely to set daily schedules that conform with their abilities and adapt to any limitations they may experience while juggling multiple responsibilities.

Anderson (1996) suggests that many Universities need to work with student's to accommodate their unique needs, as long as students are willing to engage in collaborative relationships with their peers (Austin, 2002) and families. One way to teach graduate students how to balance their education, career and any psychological or emotional blocks they may have to success is by teaching students to adopt self-efficient tools, such as creating daily task lists that limit the amount of time they spend on activities to ensure they fulfill all of their obligations (Bandura, 1982). Universities also have an obligation to effectively screen students (Brink, 1999) to ensure that students are well-informed of how much work they will need to take on as a student, and what resources may be available to them to overcome any foreseeable obstacles they might face in the near future.


Graduate students who have family obligations, work obligations and…… [Read More]

Anderson, M.S. (1996). Collaboration, the doctoral experience, and the departmental environment. The Review of Higher Education, 19, 305-326.

Austin, a. (2002). Preparing the next generation of faculty: Graduate school as socialization to the academic career. Journal of Higher Education, 73, 95-122.
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Stability of Employment With High School Diploma vs Undergrad Degree vs Grad Degree

Words: 4136 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1687028

Stability of Employment

Education has long been associated with earnings potential. As a person completes higher levels of education, it makes sense that their level of pay also increases. One issue with this trend is that some jobs do not require the higher levels of education because the tasks required do not warrant it. There is also the class structure that it puts in place with intelligence rather than wealth being the commodity that decides at what rank a person should be. The crux of this study is to determine how much education matter for the earnings potential of a small isolated group of individuals. The researcher wondered how much an undergraduate college degree mattered, and whether achieving an advanced degree was worth the added expense. A group of 27 participants answered a survey regarding these questions. The study found that level of education mattered to a great degree and cost of education did not matter to the person attaining the degree because it afforded them a better life style. This was seen as an investment.

Table of Contents

Abstract 1

Table of Contents 2

Statement of Problem 3

Background 3

Rationale 4

Literature Review 5

Methodology 10

Results 11…… [Read More]

Appelman, K.I., Callahan, J.O., Mayer, M.H., Luetke, B.S., & Stryker, D.S. (2012). Education, employment, and independent living of young adults who are deaf and hard of hearing. American Annals of the Deaf, 157(3), 264-279.

Aughinbaugh, A. (2008). Who goes to college? Evidence from the NLSY97. Monthly Labor Review, 131(8), 1-11.
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Round School vs A Regular

Words: 10557 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76655571

Students in these kinds of schools do not attend school longer, but they do not have a summer break that is longer than any of the other breaks that they take during the school year.

Research done by McMillen (2001) indicated that there were 106 schools in the state of North Carolina that operated on the year-round school calendar for third through eighth grades during the 1997-1998 school year. McMillen (2001) then conducted an analysis of the academic achievements of these students and compared them to the academic achievements of students in the same grades that attended schools where the traditional calendar was still used.

Data for the study came from a database of statewide testing in which 95% of the public schools in the state participate. In order to determine the academic achievements of the students, McMillen (2001) looked at achievement test scores and demographic information that was collected from each one of the students. That data was then used to create variables on the student level that were used as covariates in the analysis of the achievement test scores. The focus of the study was on the differences in achievement test scores between students that attended a year-round…… [Read More]

Painesville City School District. (2008). Year Round Education. Retrieved February 20, 2008, at

Polite, V.C. (1999). Combating educational neglect in suburbia: African-American males and mathematics. In V.C. Polite & J.E. Davis (Eds.), African-American males in school and society: Practices and policies for effective education (pp. 97-107). New York: Teachers College Press.
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Learning Environment of Schools at

Words: 6745 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45973427

Gokhale, a. (1995). Collaborative Learning Enhancing Critical Thinking. Journal of Technology Education, 7, 22 -- 31.

In the article titled, Collaborative Learning Enhances Critical Thinking, the authors are seeking to understand the true effect that technology will have on what is known as collaborative learning. This is where students will work together to increase the overall amounts of comprehension of the subject matter. In this article, researchers wanted to know if learning was more effective in those environments, where there was more of an emphasis on individual learning. To determine which methods was most effective, researchers would survey 48 students using the individual method and then having the student learn collectively. The results of the study were that both methods were effective, in helping to increase the amounts of learning comprehension. However, when collaborative learning is used, students were more prepared for a variety of situations that they could face in the real world and were more flexible. This is because, these skills were often necessary in order for the student to be able to be a productive member of the group. As a result, the total amounts of learning comprehension increased when both collaborative efforts were utilized, as students…… [Read More]

Edmonton Catholic Schools. (2010). Retrieved June 20, 2010 from ECSD website:

Edmonton Catholic Schools. (2004). Retrieved June 22, 2010 from Microsoft website:
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Philosophy Required in High School

Words: 1096 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75998237

Obama endorsed an Illinois handgun ban while he was serving in the Illinois state legislature and also supports a ban on semi-automatic weapons. However, the current President professed his support for the Second Amendment, stating that he supports restrictions to keep guns out of the wrong hands, not a full prohibition. In Illinois he co-sponsored a 2000 to limit consumer purchases of firearms to one gun per month -- although he also supported 'conceal carry' laws for retired police officers ("Gun control," on the Issues, 2008).

The spike in gun sales has more to do with political posturing than reality: gun owners wish to demonstrate their opposition to Obama's system of values, as conceptualized in the red-blue divide that currently exists in the United States. In this polarized media positioning, Obama represents urban elitism and government control, despite his actual policies. The NRA and the gun industry has used this fear that individuals will not be able to 'defend themselves' against faceless threats, crime, and even the government itself to stimulate gun ownership and fear -- with potentially grave consequences for those who use their expanded stores of munitions to take the law into their own hands.

Question 3: Embryonic…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
"Gun control." On the issues. 2008. June 5, 2010. 
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1874 as Othmar Zeidler's Graduate

Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52525579

Because DDT is still widely used in much of the developing world, its effects remain extant even though the United States and other nations have prohibited the manufacturing of the chemical.

On December 31, 1972, the Environmental Protection Agency instated a ban on the substance. With DDT illegal in the United States, its use remains restricted to a number of developing nations and also to many modern nations like South Africa (Grener nd). DDT is still manufactured and used in agriculture worldwide even though the chemical is banned in the United States. In fact, DDT is manufactured in many countries including Mexico and is imported by a host of large and largely populated nations like India, the Philippines, and Venezuela (DDT). Crops that are imported to the United States from those countries may have been grown on DDT-tainted fields, and so DDT is indirectly still circulating through the blood streams of many Americans.

The overall impact of DDT has been negative. The chemical has adversely affected the business of agriculture and has increased dependence on chemical pesticides in general. Pest have become resistant to DDT, which is one of the reasons why farmers and scientists because suspicious of the substance.…… [Read More]

Davis, K.S. (nd). The DEADLY DUST: The Unhappy History of DDT. American Retrieved Sept 24, 2008 at

DDT." Originally published in Pesticides News No.40, June 1998, p18-20. Retrieved Sept 24, 2008 at 
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Effectiveness of Standards as a Vehicle for School Reform

Words: 1445 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17940591

Standards and School Reform

While standardized testing has been in use in U.S. education for decades, until recently, it was most often used for special purposes, such as college entrance: the SATs, and the GREs for graduate school and so on. IQ testing had been part of the educational landscape, also. However, it was only after 1983's government-backed report that found American children at educational risk that standards became the main tool for establishing educational goals and determining whether they had been met. Unfortunately, this thrust produced not better educated children, but rather greater insistence on more standards and more testing until, by the advent of No Child Left Behind, the standards left almost no leeway for teachers to educate children, but rather simply to prepare them to do well on lowest-common-denominator sorts of tests. Conceivably, adding a humanizing element, such as service teaching, can help mitigate some of the ill effects of testing run amok.

In the era of No Child Left Behind, a program even a cursory reading of the popular press will reveal as a misdirected, underfunded, and thoroughly detested effort by the Bush administration to improve education, it is tempting to throw out all standards in…… [Read More]

Berman, S.H. (2000) Service as systemic reform. School Administrator, 57(7): 20. Retrieved June 17, 2005 from

Eisner, E.W. (1994) Do American schools need standards? School Administrator, 51(5): 8. Retrieved June 17, 2005 from
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K-12 Leadership in Urban School Settings

Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67692756

K-12 Leadership in Urban School Settings

Define "urban education." The school's four themes: accountability, diversity, leadership, and learning.

In order to extend education and train nearly 50 million students to become useful elements of our society, Americans depend on public schools. But, several of our public schools, especially the ones located in our Great Cities experience major challenges. (Council of the Great City Schools) 'Urban Education' could thus be considered as schools operating in the urban centers of the Cities. Let us first of all understand the urban school's four themes: accountability, diversity, leadership, and learning.


The two biggest reactions to the demand for responsibilities in public education are bureaucratic and occupational responsibility. Bureaucratic responsibility pertains to the responsibility of schools to the different strata of supervision for performance of pupils; occupational responsibility pertains to the responsibility of employees of the educational institutions in meeting their academic jobs. These two types of responsibility are usually observed as opposite, but although while pooled, their impact on educational institutions is restricted. To advance these educational institutions, these twin manners of responsibility depend on the experts within the system. Conversely, public responsibility unites educational institutions and their society, widens the array of…… [Read More]

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Education Graduate Study Challenges and

Words: 1083 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92060969

A person find that grad school, where a good chunk of the course load is self-regulating work, research, or study, requires a lot more initiative and individual responsibility than ever before. This is one area where being more mature might give a person a benefit over students who have just left undergrad school. Knowing that one must stay on top of their classes, assignments, course requirements and graduation requirements is a key. It is also very important to realize that it is up to the individual to look for and seize occasions to network, have hands-on experiences, publish or otherwise go beyond what is required on the syllabus (Danesco, 2009).

Many problems can be avoided by doing some advance planning. It helps to have a good idea of what one wants to specialize in, and preferably a couple of particular research projects that they might like to work on. It is often that graduate students change their minds about research projects and even specialization fields after they start school (desJardins, 2010).

For many new graduate students, graduate school is different from anything else they've ever done. At times it's hard to know exactly what it is that one is supposed…… [Read More]

Azuma, Ronald T. (1999). Excellent advice about graduate school life. Retrieved April 2, 2010, 
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Reduction of the High School

Words: 10887 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28888388

Moseley, chair of the Coalition advisory board and president and CEO of the Academy for Educational Development. "It is not a luxury that can be addressed at some point in the future, but rather it provides people with the tools to survive and improve their lives" (Basic Education Coalition 2004). There is no one magical, quick fix solution to Bermuda's dropout problem. The problem is complex and requires a complex array of solutions. It is the intent of this paper to study the scope of this hidden crisis, the poor dropout and graduation rates of Bermuda's Public High School System, by reviewing the most recent and accurate data on graduation and dropout rates, exploring the reasons that young people drop out of school, and presenting the most promising models for helping high school students graduate with their peers.



This chapter provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly and governmental literature to develop the requisite background and overview of the current public and private educational services provided in Bermuda, a discussion of dropout prevention and graduation rates,

Background and Overview.

Today, Bermuda has the third highest per capita income in the world; in fact, the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Asche, J.A. Finish for the Future: America's Communities Respond. Alexandria, VA: National Association of Partners in Education, Inc., 1993.

Baker, J. & Sansone, J. (1990). Interventions with Students at Risk for Dropping Out of School: A High School Responds." The Journal of Educational Research 83(4), 181-186.
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Leadership in International Schools

Words: 29649 Length: 108 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20990082

Leadership Skills Impact International Education


Practical Circumstances of International schools


What is Effective Leadership for Today's Schools?

Challenges of Intercultural Communication

Challenges of Differing Cultural Values

Importance of the Team

Leadership Style


Current Leadership Research

Transformational Leadership


Contingency Theories


Wagner's "Buy-in" vs. Ownership

Understanding the Urgent Need for Change

Research confirms what teachers, students, parents and superintendents have long known: the individual school is the key unit for educational improvement, and within the school the principal has a strong influence upon the nature of the school, the conditions under which students learn, and upon what and how much they learn. Despite this agreement about the central role of the principal, there is little research concerning the characteristics of principals associated with effective leadership and with pupil accomplishment, and even less insight about how these characteristics might be developed and by what means, particularly for international school settings. This paper aims to contribute to that knowledge.


By 2025, the United Nations (UN) estimates that 8.2 billion people will be living on earth (Overseas Family School, 2004). Of the world's 100 largest…… [Read More]

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Attitudes and Values of High School Students

Words: 9798 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70089566

attitudes and values of high school students. Reforms to the high school system in the United States are also explained. Additionally, the reason why students need not be involved in the planning of reforms is elucidated.

High School Students: their Attitudes and Values

Of a crucial age, climbing a milestone, conscious to their fullest with no fear of prospects, high school students have interested researchers and policy makers for centuries. They have quite a few common traits -- they behave as individuals of their own age group in a rather full-fledged way. They are go-getting to achieve their independence, they are show-offs, impressionable persons desiring to be their best (something to be learned) and to suit the times they live in. Their self-esteem is fragile and they are pretty sensitive to criticism, attention, and dilemmas, for instance, within their families.

Students from different socioeconomic backgrounds behave differently as has been known to researchers for many decades. It is known that many (if not most) high school students love to enjoy themselves with friends. Oft times they have to congregate with groups that are engaged in smoking, consumption of alcohol, and abuse of drugs. There is high probability that peer influence…… [Read More]

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Usefulness of Graduate Degree in Humanities

Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 468602

Grad Degree

The Value Today of Pursuing a Graduate Degree in the Humanities

Even prospective college applicants to undergraduate institutions of learning are encouraged today, to market themselves on their applications as 'products' of value. They make it unabashedly clear that they are potential human dividends that will return the university's investment in their education, in the form of high ratings in U.S. News and World Report College rankings as well as in alumni contributions. The competitive nature of the job market has also caused many current college students to view the attainment of a degree as simply another bullet point on their resume, rather than a holistic learning experience. Those who do go onto graduate school increasingly chose to pursue professionally oriented or technically oriented, specialized degrees, such as an MBA, a JD, or even a MA in educational technology. In such an environment, what is the value and place of a M.A. degree in the humanities? Is it really possible that by not intentionally aiming at a particular target or job, like a Zen archer, one can actually gain more from a nonspecific M.A. degree?

There is a great deal of value that can be gained, in fact,…… [Read More]

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Conflict Resolution Between Between School Stakeholders

Words: 1544 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93202253

Academic Skills Subscales

The Brief Battery for the WJJ-NU consists 9 tests given in the entire exam with three broad academic tests that include:

Broad Written Language, Broad Math, and Broad Reading.

The Brief Battery of the tests include: Applied Problems, Letter-Word Identification, calculation, Spelling, Passage Comprehension, Writing Samples, Fluency, Reading, Writing Fluency and Math Fluency.

Describe the age range: Ages 2-90+ (K to graduate school)

State the purpose of the instrument:

The instrument is designed to administer achievement measurement as well as designing the diagnostic capabilities for clinical, educational and research purposes. The Brief Battery instrument is also to assist professionals with the tool to yield information in a lesser testing time. Moreover, the testing tool is used as screen tool, instrument for monitor, tool for revaluation the progress of students, and assessing students' academic strengths and weakness. The instrument can also be used as problem solving models.

4. Describe the examiner qualifications:

Qualifications of those qualified to administer the WJ III NU are based on the established criteria of the APA (American Psychological Association) and AERA (American Educational Research Association). The qualified examiners must have thorough knowledge of scoring procedures and exact administration. Examiners to analyze, interpret, and…… [Read More]

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Pacific Coast Banking School the Premier National

Words: 1835 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24665319

Pacific Coast Banking School

The Premier National Graduate School of Banking™

Credit Risk Management Extension Assignment Grade Sheet

Group a: Due February 23, 2012


Graded by Christine Corso for John Barrickman


CREDIT RISK Management

Extension Assignment

2011 Session Instructor:

John Barrickman

Group A: Due February 23, 2012

Biographical Summary

Add a brief biographical paragraph about your background

Certificate of Originality

"I certify that this paper represents and contains my own work. I have placed all quotations from other sources in a form to indicate that they did not originate with me and I have cited the work from which the material was taken. I have included footnotes for all information and ideas that I have taken from other sources. I have not shared and will not share my completed work with any other PCBS student nor have I read the completed work of any other student. I understand that failure to comply with this policy will result in dismissal from Pacific Coast Banking School."

s / Type your name here

PART A: Executive Summary (1 page)

Wells Fargo has accepted a substantial amount of risk throughout all of its different financial products and lines of…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Altman, E. (2008). MANAGING CREDIT RISK: THE CHALLENGE FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM. Retrieved from Stern School of Business: 

Bedell. (2009, September). TCM Guide: Holistic Risk Management. Retrieved from Global Finance:
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Graduate Admissions Accounting CPA Preparation

Words: 709 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66069842

The Whatever School of Business at Whatever University prepares its students well for the accounting profession but also encourages them to engage in critical debate about how to honor the different interests and demands of stakeholders at a corporation, and to balance the law with the needs of the client, regardless of whether the client is a 'real' individual or the fictional individual of a corporation. On a larger level, I believe that my experiences as an international student at Whatever will help me as an accountant student and eventually as a CPA. I am used to balancing a variety of different perspectives, as I have had to learn about the United States while learning about American and world economic systems in my classes.

In my classes at Whatever many of the students are interested to hear about the additional life experiences that I have had because I am several years older than most undergraduates (I am currently twenty-eight years old). I have seen how different the world is personally as well as simply read about this fact in the classroom. For example, while living in South Korea, I was required, as part of my duties as a citizen, to…… [Read More]

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Schools & At-Risk Students Continuation

Words: 4822 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7828581

The author of the article, "Achieving the Challenge: Meeting Standards in the Continuation High School" (Stits, 2001) related that "prior to 1983, many continuation high schools existed in districts where expectations were limited to keeping the students in school as much as possible," and also the ideas was to keep those continuation students "away from the traditional high school campus." The implication was clear: there was a stigma that students in continuation school were bad seeds, and the idea was to keep them away from the mainstream lest they have a negative effect on the "good students" in the regular high school.

But eventually, the image of continuations schools in California changed, as communities more and more were trying to prevent school dropouts, and the need for a high school diploma became more important, as well, Stits writes.


In an article in the journal Thrust for Educational Leadership (Necochea, et al., 1996), the authors explain that some school districts incorporate "eclecticism" into the fabric of their continuation programs. That means doing what other traditional schools can't or won't do; it also means using creative curriculum designs that offer incentives to continuation students to succeed in…… [Read More]

Arlington Public Schools. (2005). Alternative Education: Purpose, Mission, Beliefs. Retrieved Nov. 10, 2007, at .

Community College Week. (2004). R.I. Plan Would Help at-risk Students.
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School Counseling Program Education Has and Will

Words: 833 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25630521

School Counseling Program

Education has and will always be an important aspect in the development not only of the person but society as well. The building of a great nation has always been dependent on the knowledge, skills, and experiences the citizenries have that contributed to the betterment of the place they belong to. But all of these of course would never have seen fruition without the education provided to those who were responsible for society and nation building. From the primary education years all the way to the graduate and post-graduate levels, ensuring the right kind of education based on the interest and level of the student or learner is important. This is critical in enabling a person to perform at his or her peak because the right education course or career fit has been provided. A school counselor or education guidance personnel has always been instrumental in providing insights, guidance, and advise to learners or potential learners from all educational levels. It is in this regard that I am interested in the Master's Program in School Counseling at the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Counseling. I have always been interested in working with…… [Read More]

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School Couseling School Counseling Is

Words: 592 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14573853

The constant help I try to offer her represents an important emotional achievement. Despite the natural consequences such a diagnosis has on both the girl and me, I consider that her stay in a community that has offered her more than medical support is an essential element in her well being. From this perspective, I am convinced that school counseling can be a factor of real use for pupils and students alike. However, it cannot be done without a proper mental, emotional, and theoretical preparation. This is why I consider that the graduate program will help me in achieving all three states of readiness.

Aside from studies, experience is important in working with vulnerable children and young adults. However, my goal is to succeed in helping them find the answers to their questions or at least guiding them towards different reflection paths. Nonetheless, my experience as a case manager at Ionia County Community Mental Health where I work with children with mental disabilities has enabled me to see different sides of the human personality which gave me the experience to analyze and consider issues and problems with more empathy and understanding.

A strongly believe that the graduate program will broaden…… [Read More]