Greenart Inc. Leap's Frog Sculpture Term Paper


Another risk is the possible damage to sculptures by the environmental factors such as wind or rain and while this risk is a low-level risk, the control measure has been applied to designate suitable locations for minimization of impact. There is a high-level risk that artists may not hand in their sculpture therefore all artists participating will be required to enter into a contract with GreenArt Incorporated for participation in this event to ensure delivery of the art sculpture. Another identified risk is that equipment, specifically iPods might be stolen or lost. This has been identified as a mid-level risk and therefore the control measure has been applied to obtain the individual's credit card or personal identification. Sine a high-level risk exists that key individuals to the event might arrive late the control measure applied has been to schedule these individuals an hour earlier than they are actually needed on-site for the event and with ongoing communications between the launch of the event and the actual event itself. Mal-functioning equipment is a high-level risk therefore, the control measure of checks on the equipment at least two hours prior to the scheduled use of the equipment as been applied. A low-level risk exists for injury during the event therefore, the control measure of having medical crews on hand during the event has been applied. There is a medium-level risk for vandalism of the sculptures therefore security staff at RBG has been scheduled as a control measure addressing the risk of vandalism to the sculptures. 9. SWOT: The strengths of this project include the freshness of the idea and the marketing approach in seeking sponsorship that has great potential and targets individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The event's location is strategically located due to its accessibility and the project also possesses the advantages of GreenArt owning a warehouse...


GreenArt also has a children's workshop, which will serve as a means of promoting the event to schools for study tours. Likely one of the greatest strengths of this project is the 'green-consciousness' of larger companies in today's world of climate change. For a corporation to be associated with a project such as GreenArt Inc.'s 'Frog's Leap' is viewed by corporations as a method of ensuring consumer approval and commitment to their company and their company's products. An emphasis on this in seeking sponsorships and partners for this project should be focused upon by GreenArt, Inc.
As well, this event has certain weaknesses as this will be the first event held by GreenArt, Inc. Secondly, the success of this event may well depend upon the artists who participate in this event and there is no method for which to control the quality of competition entrants. There is a large budget for this event as well as large amounts required for the sponsorship packages of this event including a large expense associated with the launch party and specifically for compensating the celebrities. There is no method of a precise estimation of visitors of the target audience on a per-day basis and no calculation of a break-even point in this event. Furthermore, this event has not developed a 'Plan B'. Finally, the merchandise is priced quite high and it has been acknowledge that it will be necessary to reduce the cost in order to place the emphasis on sales volume rather than on price.


GreenArt Incorporated's "Leap's Frog" sculpture competition has been given great thought and consideration and has the potential and a great desire to be successful in achieving its aims of promoting awareness among diverse cultures and backgrounds of the potential use of recyclable and reusable materials as an art medium.

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