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group a marketing analysis a case study "cabo san viejo." I upload file. My section "marketing sales." A small section. Break 3 pages. Include graphs citations good. The question answer paper "cab implement a loyalty program" group

Marketing and sales: Cabo San Viejo

According to Michael Porter's Five Forces analysis, every company must position itself within a certain segment of the market, either taking a global strategy, or focusing on a particular demographic (Porter's five forces, 2010, Quick MBA. For Cabo San Viejo, the focus of the company's marketing and sales is clearly upon the high-end of the vacation traveler market. Rather than focusing on a narrow market segment, the company seeks to attract a wide range of high-end consumers, given the varied offerings of the resort. Marketing and advertising is currently a very small part of the company's budget, and the emphasis of the advertising has always been on ambiance, rather than conveying the tangible rewards of the product. Advertisements are showcased in online, print, and radio and television venues. Little direct marketing is used, presumably because this would not please the high-end clientele. The only exception is a glossy, magazine-style publication called the Cabo San Viejo News, sent to former customers to encourage them to return. Cabo does not purchase or use customer lists for other forms of direct marketing, perhaps feeling that general marketing through direct mail would be insufficiently targeted to the necessary income bracket.

Unfortunately, the promotional strategies that do exist for Cabo San Viejo seem more advantageous for their partners than for the resort itself, such as the complementary $150 Neiman Marcus gift-card given to guests. While this suits the high-end image of the resort, few people will come to the resort specifically to this promotion, and the greatest beneficiary is likely to be Neiman Marcus, who will benefit from sales. Consumers who receive gift certificates are often pleasantly introduced to companies they might not otherwise have patronized and spent more than the value of the certificate. As a condition of the relationship, Cabo San Viejo could have requested a mutual 'sharing' of both companies' customer lists, given the likely crossover between the demographic of the Texas-based luxury store and Cabo, but it did not.

A new strategy is demanded to attract returning customers, which makes the concept of a loyalty rewards program so attractive. A loyalty program would specifically encourage consumers to return to the Cabo resorts. It would also take the exclusive focus off of the Palm Springs location, and use a more broad and all-encompassing approach to promote the different resorts offered by the company. A consumer wishing for greater variety in travel might go to Palm Springs and then go to another company's spa in a different location. But a rewards program gives consumers the incentive to try out different Cabo-branded…

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