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Instead of verbally communicating with a live human being, people would rather press some buttons and receive the answer digitally.

Question 5

The body ritual of the Nacirema demonstrates the unusual practices of certain cultures. Within this group of people, they are obsessed with keeping their bodies clean and pure of disease. As a result of this infatuation, most of their entire lives revolve around their cleaning rituals. This group of people demonstrates the impact that culture, ritual and mythology play in human sociology.

Question 6

Social control is an ineffective means to justify tyrannical practices within government and other institutional forces. Propaganda is a tool to help implement this frame of mind from the controllers to the people being controlled. Through...


Threats are often overblown and polarized to elicit strong reactions that will reinforce future reactions to similar events. By keeping in the dark and starved of information, forces can control a culture.

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The Thomas Theorem, and its views on reality, presents the best way to relate the previously mentioned ideas and theories. This idea suggests that reality is in the eye of the beholder and therefore any and all of the previous mentioned suggestions have some degree…

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