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Hate Groups, Hate Crimes, and Racism in the U.S. today

The problem of hate groups that perpetuate the hate crimes has been a challenge in the U.S. not only in the present times, but has existed from the times of the WWI with groups like the Ku Klux Klan emerged (FBI, 2014). Since the 1980s, there have been several hate groups that have emerged which have perpetuated heinous have crimes that mostly border on the race specific targets, as is the case with skinheads and the likes. As the world changes and the technology takes over the communication and information platforms, the hate crimes have been escalated to the internet with groups having inclination towards racism using the social media and internet to carry on their hate speeches and even organize hate crimes. The ever changing nature of such groups and the adverse effects that such groups forms the basis of the choice to look at tis particular topic.

The hate crimes that are perpetuated by the hate groups in the U.S. have been noted be flexible and change as the competition for almost everything. The majority races have constantly engaged themselves in the expression of superiority among other races, and the minority races have also engaged in constant jostling for the existence and earning of respect from the society. This constant battle has most of the time resulted in the formation of clandestine groups in each of these races that have engaged in crime in the name of protecting the identity of the race.

This given topic needs to be well researched and understood since most of the time, in the recent past, there have been police shootings and even school shooting sprees that have been seen by the society to be racially motivated. The results have been huge street demonstrations that have resulted in several…

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