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¶ … safe working environment for employees and in addition to providing them with the opportunity to learn more about this respective environment, a CEO would have to concentrate on further educating his or her employees in order for them to have a complex understanding of their roles and the risks they involve. Through minimizing these respective risks, employees and the management can cooperate with the purpose of making the business as a whole a safer place.

With Vincenzo Soprano having a very good overview of safety risks in the company, one would mainly have to think about ways to open employees' eyes with regard to attitudes they need to take in order to be safer. Through constantly consulting employees concerning health and safety issues, an employer can make sure that he or she is doing everything in their power in order to prevent any accidents from happening.

Having meetings on a monthly basis or each time a new process is being implemented can help employees as they try to learn more about...


By being reminded of the hazards associated with particular activities, employees are more likely to refrain from taking on huge risks.

Many employees consider themselves to be experts in their field of work and this comes as a consequence of operating the same types of machineries for prolonged periods of time and being familiarized with all of the factors associated with these respective machineries. Things like "workers reaching into mincers to remove blockages whilst the mincer was operating; poor manual handling practices; workers not wearing their personal protective equipment; dangerous use of forklifts; equipment such as knives not being put away properly; and safety barriers on machines being removed to speed up the production process" perfectly emphasize the way that many workers at Sopranos Smallgoods have reached a point where they feel they have a particularly good understanding of the machines they work with and thus feel that they can quicken the production process as a consequence of refraining from performing tasks that the health and safety agenda requires they do.

One of the company CEO's main mistake is that he considers safety regulations to be a one-way street. He considers that by simply providing people with the rules they need to act in agreement with he is doing enough. However, the reality is that management needs to consult employees in order to learn more about their position and about things that make them feel that they should not respect safety regulations. "Consultation must be either direct or through a safety representative that is either elected by the…

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