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I want to die knowing that I did everything I could with my life to feel and be as successful as possible.

During my golden years, I will continue to exercise as much as possible. The type of exercise I do will be varied, as it will be necessary to incorporate some cardiovascular activity using a gym or personal trainer. I will do yoga and meditate also, perhaps even more often than before. Turning inward for introspection will help me to reflect regularly on my life and how I hope to spend my later years. By the time I die, I will feel ready and at peace with
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My personal eulogy will be humble and reflect the fact that I did my best. I want to be remembered as someone who was intelligent and balanced in their approach to life. Being healthy is one of the most important things that I can teach my children, which is why I hope my eulogy includes a reference to my dedication to teaching my children the good habits I have learned and cultivated throughout my life. Finally, I will be remembered as someone who is grateful and has a sense of humor about everything because life is not meant to be taken too…

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