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Healthcare Finance: What is the break-Even analysis approach and its application in health care organizations?

Unfortunately, hospital and health care budgeting of resources has become increasingly important in this cost-conscious era of health care. The last decades of cost-controlled medicine have required fiscally conscious approaches to the healthcare for many organizations, often at the expense of patient services. A financial analyst must strive to minimize this, yet still keep the organization afloat. A segment that does not make money or at least break even for the health care provider may have to be...


Also, the break-even period for primary care is different compared to tertiary care. Still, developing any break-even action plan begins with a clear understanding of any significant shortfalls against benchmark, with a special focus on provider productivity in terms of visits, relative value units (RVUs), and net patient revenue. Ideally, office or site managers can assist in the development of a break-even action plan using break-even analysis to ensure that patients are inconvienenced as little as possible.

Remember, if break-even analysis is not effective, the entire operation may be comprimised. In fact, "some…

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