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Hidden Job Market

Planning a career in human resource management takes someone who understands people and how to work with them. Even with that ability, it is not always easy to tap into the "hidden" job market of unadvertised jobs that are only given to people because of others who know them. These hidden jobs are not found online or in the newspaper, but are passed down through word of mouth and offered to people that are already part of an organization, group, culture, or "inner circle." With that being the case, the real concern for anyone is how to get into that inner circle so that he or she is able to get the kinds of jobs that are needed and/or desired. In order to be successful in the hidden job market, networking is the key - but there are several ways to use networking. The main ideas behind networking and the hidden job market are to push, pull, and maintain. In other words, to push oneself out there, pull others into the circle, and maintain the contacts that have been acquired.

Pushing means that a person is working to get his or her name out to others in an industry. There are good ways to do that, including volunteering in the industry in which a person wants a job, and getting involved in media and press releases about what the person is doing - provided it is actually newsworthy and relates to the job in some way (Job-Hunt, 2011). What is newsworthy depends on the opinion of the person reading, but there are generally ways to disseminate information. Another good way to push one's name and information out to the hidden job market is to get involved in social groups (Job-Hunt, 2011). These groups can be tight-knit, but it is possible to get into them and get involved with people who are in the same industry or an industry the person wishes to enter (Bradt & Vonnegut, 2009).

When a person pulls the hidden job market in to him or her, there are also specific ways in which that can be done. These include creating a personal brand and becoming an author (Job-Hunt, 2011). Personal branding often includes a webpage or blog, and is also related to social media profiles and a "tag line" or other catchy slogan or phrase that a person uses in order to…

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