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The Hilton Hotels Corporation, based in Beverly Hills, CA, is a hospitality corporation providing hotel lodging and the associated amenities, including dining and entertainment. It operates under a variety of names, including Doubletree, Embassy Suites, and Hampton Inn.

The Hilton annual report for 2005 includes financial information, a discussion of the extremely successful year Hilton enjoyed, International and National hotel information, and information on other operations such as timeshares. Overall, the annual report paints a positive picture of the Hilton chain and its profitability.

The job openings take up 32 pages in a searchable database, and include everything from employment in the corporate offices (Financial Analyst, Customer Support Specialist), to jobs in the "Brand" department (Clubhouse Chef de Cuisine, Assistant Superintendent, Niclaus Resort), to housekeepers, engineers, it personnel, and executive chefs. There are a wide variety of job opportunities available with the company, and with its growth, it seems to be a stable working environment.

Policies and procedures for the Hilton include corporate responsibility, community involvement, support of the arts, and a variety of public service policies that enhance the company's public persona. The company mission stresses accountability, profitability, and corporate responsibility.

The 2005 Annual Report indicates profitability at 7% from last year, with Net Income up 93%. It was one of the best years for Hilton in quite a while, and the company continues to look quite successful and profitable.

I hope to work for the Hilton Hotels Corporation because they are a respected and long-term name in the hospitality industry, they are successful, and my educational goals have been geared toward a successful hospitality purveyor such as the Hilton. I respect their brands, including the Waldorf-Astoria, feel I would be a good fit because of my hospitality experience, education, and desire to do well with the company.


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