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Leticia Herrera, president of ECI, which is a full service maintenance company based in Chicago states that the setbacks often take places as women stereotype themselves. Women should no longer be seen as 'special entities of businesses'. They are simple and plain entrepreneurs. but, many times Hispanic women are typecast into thinking that because of their gender they can not contend, give quality services, or become victorious business owners. (Women in Business: Businesswomen: Changing the Face of Business)

The Hispanic women-owned companies have to tackle a major problem like access to capital, which was in terms of either the funds required for setting up a firm or for its extension. The firms possessed by Hispanic woman are not successful in inviting venture capitalists, which assure a high profit on their investments, because these firms are profoundly grouped in service industries. In addition, the establishments possessed by Hispanic women often are deficient of a strong business plan to influence the financial institutions. The Small Business Administration - SBA has set up a Women's Pre-qualification Pilot Loan Program to deal with these problems by assisting female business owners in getting pre-approval from the SBA before approaching a bank. Research showed that small firms were not as much like the larger ones to be forced to close; 90% of women's firms paid bills on time; and small firms were less likely to undergo financial pressure. (Needed Information and assistance for women entrepreneurs: A comparison with male small business owners)

Despite these results, Hispanic women-owned establishments were more likely to undergo obstacles in getting credit. The main barriers revealed in the study were lack of security, size of the firm, and a short credit history. Hisrich and Brush and Rashid also pointed out lack of security as a major problem. Shim and Eastlick's innovative study, evaluating male and female owned Hispanic enterprises, noticed gender differences in business problems in quite a few areas. but, financial areas, inclusive of capital and debt management, sales and profit forecasting, pricing plans and short-term business forecast, were sections where Hispanic women-owned businesses experienced more challenges than their male counterparts. (Needed Information and assistance for women entrepreneurs: A comparison with male small business owners)

The adverse immigration laws, labor regulations, and in some instances a deficiency in the protective legislation establish that there is still a lot of work to be performed. While the Hispanic organizations persistently struggle for equity in education, every year more technical skills are necessitated for even the most basic jobs. (Gutierrez, 2002) Women and minorities necessitate the essential scopes which the affirmative action policies offer in order to justify their abilities. The adverse influence of 'tokenism' requires to be dealt in. Professions who occupy positions of hire or encourage the Hispanic women are required to be enlightened regarding the effects of tokenism and Hispanic women need necessary assistance in dealing with its influences. The law opposing discrimination in this regard is considered significant, since once inequality is instituted it is quite problematic for the system as a whole to rectify itself. In the course of the Civil Rights Act and its subsequent modifications, the quick movement of women into the influential male profession pointed out that the artificial impediments instead of those based on selection or aptitude drove women and minorities out of the workforce. Irrespective of the fact that a plethora of debate goes on in relation to the positive or negative influences of persuasive action in this nation it clearly contributes to assist women in their career developments. The anti-discrimination laws thus are considered as a significant mode of leveling the area of operation. (Peery; Grady, 1999)

Additional research is required to know the influences of positive action on Hispanic females particularly in consideration to the measures for eliminating the affirmative action policies. (Peery; Grady, 1999) America represents to be an astounding country in consideration to the increasing migration cases. There are tremendous opportunities available for the immigrants and more is required to be done for the women and more specifically Hispanic women - fostering them to emerge as leaders and entrepreneurs. (Gardner, 2005) Hispanic women leaders must ever more attain a voice in all areas of social, economic and political issues. (Observation focuses on women leaders)

Hispanic women leaders are required to possess the skills necessary to persistently find out new challenges and reinforce the desire to widen their horizons in the financial sphere. (the 2004 Hispanic Style 50 - Top Thirteen Companies) They should have the quality of adjusting to an organizational framework that may entail opportunities and wherein counselors would be available for support. It has been made clear that the work associated factors, professed organizational qualities and co-operation from family and peers are significant determinants of the progress of Hispanic women. Further, determined dedication to the organizations and the considerable magnitude of mental stress were considered significant variables of the Hispanic women to manage and maintain an organization. (Morrison, 1994)

The significant qualities essential for accomplishing the objectives in the present day challenging periods for Hispanic women are the necessities of practicing life time learning. It is essential to be aware that more than just their job and to visualize the means of its improvement of the situation surrounding them. They are required to improve their business insight and judgment. They are required to query the doubts and persistently learn and grow and be honest with their learning, not to be frightened of being unsuccessful, absence of which attribute to their failures. It is quite necessary that the Hispanic leaders foster their leadership skills. Irrespective of the different employment avenues such as government, military, corporate America or an academic institution every agency requires better leadership and that too at all stages. (Williams, 2004)

Besides it is also necessary to accomplish the personal clarity. It is necessary to be anxious about them and to be aware of that entails them fully alive that matters most to them, that motivates them, and restructure their life around those things. It is considered to be better for others with the increasing care they exert on themselves. (Williams, 2004) the organizational leadership of the 90s necessitated facilitative leadership that strengthens others and values varied discourse as a mode of accessing better decisions. The leadership roles presently are being restructured, renegotiated and reorganized. Texts on the Hispanic women placed in necessary authoritative positions imbibe the notion that Hispanic women leaders are required to be associated with the administrative practices as an attribute for organizational reform. With re-identification of required expertise and attributes of a successful Hispanic women leader, a pragmatic environment is required for wiping out the gender conventions and concentrating on the required attributes of the Hispanic women carry to the position. (Logan, 1998)

While the Hispanic organizations are persistently fighting for equity in education, more technical skills are felt essential for even the most elementary jobs every year. The higher education to Hispanic woman implies provision of more skills, awareness and ideology essential for success in work and the provision of the social background in which the Hispanic women are capable of learning to associate socially and personally to Anglo Americans, thereby enhancing their business and interpersonal skills. Presently the socio-economic status of the Hispanic community has a strong influence on the political action that can enhance the representation of Hispanic women at all organizational levels and promote enhanced conditions for Hispanic women which will definitely follow. It is not taken to be an easy job but as the recent studies predict that such challenges have not been capable of prohibiting Hispanic women from moving forward. (Gutierrez, 2002)

It is believed by the Hispanic women that a high level of performance in most of the areas is essential for accomplishment. They also believe that people can really be successful only through hard work; however, they are being attached to amazingly high standards and attempting to be good at everything instead of concentrating on relatively a less number of crucial qualities. The Hispanic women leaders overestimate the significance of working well with other minority communities for success in their organizations. The creativity, leadership and extended working hours are crucial elements in achieving success. (Factors that Help One Get Ahead in the Workplace) the Hispanic women discover that managing their own company entail them more economic and social control irrespective of the fact whether it is a marketing firm or any other organization. They have the liberty according to the requirement to bring the child to the workplace or to take work to their homes. Above all the Hispanic Women owned business organizations are getting larger and more considerable and making a greater contribution to the economy as revealed by Sharon Hadary, executive director of the Centre fro Women's Business Research. According to Hispanic women they are developing such businesses due…

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