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Leveraging Work Systems

Work system snapshot for DM2 petroleum specific company.

The DM2 work system allows us to create a complete accounting system or SOP for the customer that is constructed to meet the client's needs. It goes over every aspect of petroleum marketing to provide the client with a top-down, comprehensive assessment. We provide custom programming for individual marketers and retailers for regulating petroleum services.

Because all clients' needs are unique, the work system is oriented towards identifying the needs of the customer and creating a program that fits that client. This allows the customer to experience automated technology, the creative process of which he is allowed to oversee.

The SOP involved in each customer's order is truly one-of-a-kind, so to begin with the customer meets with employees who perform a question and answer session with the client to identify particular wants. This is then entered into the DM2 software, which explores possible scenarios. An individual profile is then created for the client which allows us to map and match a correct SOP for that customer.

Essentially, the work system is modeled on identifying the needs of the customer first rather than issuing a one-size-fits-all product to the customer and tailoring that to fit. With DM2, the customer's variables are used to create a new programming...


Its main technology is the software program designed to accept new data that is then incorporated in an overall ISO which is tied to the KPI. The performance indicators are geared towards providing customer satisfaction so that no loop is unclosed loose ends are tied.

Figure 2. Work systems stumbling blocks and risk factors.

Areas for Improvement in Each of the Four Domains:

1. Work Practices: Inter-departmental communication should be improved

2. Participants: Skills should be utilized more fully by bringing them in to various departments as needed

3. Information: Misinterpretations of information should be eliminated by opening up the Communication/information flow channels

4. Technology: Organizational functionality should be improved

5. Work Systems as a Whole: Management should show better leadership and more accountability in order to facilitate these improvements

Mapping the Areas for Improvement to Work Systems Principles

Work practice improvements regarding inter-department communication align with Work System Principle #4: Perform the work efficiently.

Participant improvements regarding the utilization of skills align with Work System…

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Alter, S. (2006). Work Systems Method. CA: Work System Press.

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