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communities in the United States, there are not but a few safe places where children and teenage can play sports safely. Some teenagers in today's society like to skateboard in a skate park, however, there are not many of them in rural community. Therefore, most children and teenagers skateboard on an unsafe ramp create themselves. When living in a rural community, the best solution for this problem would be to find grants to help out financially with the skate-park for the people who wish to build a proper one. And, there are some guidelines to follow to build a safe and healthy skate-park environment. For the rural community to have their own skate-park is a great idea since it is their children who are skateboarding on it. Therefore, every community skate-parks are needed should look into it so that their children would be safer.

Children should be in safe place at all times. In that case, every rural community who has this as an issue should get involved by finding the proper grants and sponsors so that they would feel good about children being in skate-park.

Building skate-park in a rural community could bring people together since it takes more than one person to make it. In the first steps in designing a skate-park for the children, a few things needs to be decided before a grant is discussed among the community. The first decision should be on the type of ramps the community wants to build (heckler). They need to sketch out the design and dimensions on paper. These hints might help them decide what they want to do In other words, the people of the rural community can feel good about their kids playing in the skate-park.

In step two in building a skate-park, people should acquire the materials required and as much wood as they can get their hands on. Some of the materials that the community may need are 3/8" X 4' X 8' sheets of plywood, 8' 2x4's, electric handheld or bench saws, handsaw, hammer, nails, and electric sander or sandpaper. Some other materials that they may need includes drafting compass, string and chalk, garden hose, sawhorses, nail punch, ink pen, wood screws, 3/8" PVC pipe, and finally a Pushpin (heckler). All of the materials will make a great skate-park where children can have fun without their parents worrying about them being safe skateboarding.

Along with having the materials, the community should find a workspace to use a garage or backyard to lie out the supplies. If the people were planning to build a fairly large structure permanently, they need to try to build it on site (heckler). This will give the community time to spend together and to make certain that their children have a safe environment to skateboard in.

In creating and having a skate-park, the safety of the ramps is extremely important to consider since that is where the children skate. To create ramps with curved transitions, the people of the rural community will need to use the string-and-compass method.

This way is to measure the length and depth of the ramps (heckler). By measuring the ramps, it will be easier conclude how safe it is for the kids so that their parents will not have to be worried.

After determining the length and depth of each ramp, the people need to cut their templates. Then, they need to the brace. The cutout version is more work, but. A stronger design which is better if kids are using the skate-park (heckler). Having the stronger design seems safety and more pleasing to parents who are worried about their children playing in the skate-park.

Soon after the framework is done, the people in the community will most likely need to prep the top pieces of the plywood which must bend to fit the transition without breaking. They need to do this by propping up the sheets that are already cut to size at a sloping angle and soak along with a hose at low pressure for an hour or so. As the wood becomes soaked, the people should apply an increasing amount of weight to the center of the boards by. using bricks or something similar until the wood attains the desired curve. After that, they need to nail the boards to the framework's 2x4's.' If their ramp is to have coping, they should make sure to leave enough space for it to fit snugly. The people of the rural community should always go with the grain of the wood while bending and apply the Ply (heckler). By working on this as a community, the skate-park should be safer than most since parents are involved in it as well as children.

In order to get a smoother transition in building the skate-park, the people must sand the bottom edge of the top sheet at an angle flush with the ground. They should also check for jagged splinters. After that is done, the people in the rural community should decide to sand or paint if desired, however, paint will make the ramp faster (heckler). Even though the paint might make it faster, some of the parents in the rural community may not approve. In a rural community, everyone should agree that the skate-park must be safe because there are children there who need to keep secure so that their parents will not worry.

During the last step in building the skate-park, the people should use duct tape, airplane or electrical tape or aluminum strips may be added to smooth the transition's bottom edge (heckler). Finishing up this finally step will give the community a nice skate-park where children and teenagers can have fun by skateboarding on the ramps. By involving people from the community in building it, parents should feel more at ease with having their children.

However, before building the skate-park, the community must have money to obtain the materials that are needed. There are a few ways that the people can get the money from to build the skate-park. Donations can be made to the rural community, however, the most effective would be to get a grant. And, there are grants that are made for skate-parks in rural places (skatepark guide). In other words, parents can feel safe by having their kids at the skate-park along since they can take part in getting the money to build it.

One of the grants that the rural community could try to obtain is from the Tony Hawk's Foundation. The Tony Hawk's Foundation promotes skate-parks in rural communities. They try to get officials involve in building them so they can have a nice area for it. They want local officials to hire designers and contractors who how to create a safe skate-park since a lot of them do not know how (Tony Hawks). By having the Tony Hawk's Foundation grant, the rural community will most likely get the best quality skate-park they could ever have. In that case, parents should feel safe by having the Tony Hawk's Foundation grant founding their developing of a skate-park since they believe in quality.

For assistance in funding for a skate-park, there are many other grants that rural community can go out for. Some of them are from Ronald MacDonald, Best Buy, along with many more (skate grants).

In other words, the rural community has more than few options to gain funding for their skate-park so that their children have a safe place to skateboard.

Also, by having so many options for funding, the people in the rural community has the opportunity to ban together to do something productive for their children. Therefore, the production of building a skate-park brings the parents to a calm state knowing that they invested time and effort in helping build it.


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