How Would A CIO Handle Security  Case Study

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Network Security

The Key Requirements of Network Infrastructure Security

Measures for Internal Network Architecture

Storage of sensitive information on Networked Systems

Network Connection Control

Administrative Services

Visitor access

Third Party Access to Internal Networks

Security of the IT network for any company is very important. Scores of sensitive business information is stored electronically in the IT systems and the company network. An unsecured or a partially secured network has the potential to cause financial losses to the company if the information falls in the wrong hands. Therefore there is need for installing and network security systems.

For any network security to become operational the company must first look into whether the system can be implemented technically and whether it can be implemented throughout the organization. Another consideration for the selection of the network security is to ensure that the system clearly define areas of responsibility for the users, administrators, and management and is flexible and adaptable to the changing environments (Andre-s, 2004).

Thesis statement: it is critical that the company assess, chooses and implements and appropriate network security system to protect data, especially the sensitive ones.

The Key Requirements of Network Infrastructure Security

A security system must ensure that the following network infrastructure security principles are met:

1) Allows secure configuration and accessed in a secure fashion of the network devices


These include issues like the direction of the connection to the network service, deciding on the sensitivity of data flowing over the connection to the network service and encrypting o sensitive data and the inbound and outbound network services should be approved and documented (Andre-s, 2004).

Storage of sensitive information on Networked Systems

It is suggested that sensitive information like financial information and non-public research data should not be stored in systems that have access to outside network systems like the internet. Such data should be kept safe and away from directly accessible from external hostile networks. The servers and the data base that would store the sensitive information should not be connected to the internet network system and limited coded access should be given to only those people who are authorized to access the information from within the organization…

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