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Alignment of HRM and Business Strategies

Strategy determines the specific direction and scope of a company. Any strategy is usually developed for the short-term or the long-term depending on what the organization seeks to achieve. Since it facilitates the realization of the set goals, the mission and the vision, the establishment of strategies must be aligned with the structural resources within a certain environment (Armstrong, & Baron, 2002). In most organizations, HR is solely identified as an administrative function. It is worth mentioning that HR has two primary roles in a company. These include administrative and strategic roles. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the HR strategies of the Ford Company. In this case, the paper evaluates the company's business and Human Resource strategies. Besides, the job positions and ways the company markets its products in relation to human capital is identified.

Aligning Strategy

The primary aim of the Ford's HR department is to offer an excellent human resource and business partnership. The HR professionals in the company partner with the operations departments to construct a skilled and a motivated group committed at facilitating automotive leadership. The HR strategies implemented by the management aim at staffing the organization as well as sustaining high level of employee performance. The management has ensured that over 5500 people in the company work together as a confident, motivated, and inspired team. Therefore, employee satisfaction is the major HR strategy used by the Ford Company.

Ideally, the business strategy employed by the company includes consumer satisfaction. In this case, the company ensures that all clients are given the first priority under all circumstances. The orders, grievances, and propositions of the customers are treated with high respect and preference. By ensuring...


The HRM at the Ford Company is aimed at facilitating diversity. The company maintains a fair as well as an equitable workplace. The job positions available at the company involve HR managers in different nationalities.

In many firms, human resources play a major role in administration of the business. It plays the administrative and the strategic role.

The responsibility of human resource in administration is looking at the history associated with the process of employing worker in the organization.

It is also has a responsibility to ensure that effectiveness in the process of training the employees.

Additionally, human resource is accountable in ensuring the performance of employees gives good returns to the business. In the process of monitoring the performance of worker, HR has a function in initiating plans to compensate the workers (Price, 2207).

It has a function to balance company's finances with employee expectation.

Besides the compensation and training, this body has a function to manage the growth and development of the organization and ensure the employees support the objectives…

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