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Human Resource Management

Workers, Jobs & Job Analysis

Case: ROWE and Flexible Work and Success at Best Buy

Explain how a ROWE-type program would fit in organizations where you have worked. Explain why it would work or would not work.

Current employee U.S. Army ROWE-type program would not work in the Army because of the following:

*Deployments require you be at work 24/7 because there is no place to go in Afghanistan or Iraq.

* When I am not deployed, the Army has a training calendar and the time you have is use to prepare for future deployments

* The Army likes micromanagers, control you 24/7 even you are off you are not off.

*The Army does try to give you time off because many locations have "Family time" and at least one three or four day weekend a month.

Chapter #5: Human Resource Planning and Retention

Case: ACCENTURE -- Retaining for itself

Question #2: Identify how some Accenture-type efforts have and have not occurred in your current and previous workplaces.

* In the previous work place, the company did not have a formalized human resource department in comparison to some larger organizations. The duties of the human resource management inclusive of rewards, staffing, talent management, payroll and retention of employee relations handled through the upper management with designated secretaries. As an Accenture, in my current work place, they have made the effort of employing professional support stuff and consultants. They...


This enabled the first-year level of turnover retention for the company (Barbazette, 2006).

Chapter #6: Recruiting and Labor Markets

Case: Recruiting at KIA

Question #3: Describe how employing a large number of new workers require strategic recruiting planning and operational efforts, and discuss what aspects might be different in smaller firms.

*The development and employment of strategic recruiting planning and operational efforts in the employment of new workers typically ensures of the compliance to involved regulations of the state, local and federal. It involves the definition of the organization's need to staff, set strategies for the location of potential candidates, identification of recruiting methods with outlines on how to track and analyze the potentiality of the applicants. Through the plans and operational efforts, the generation of reports showing applicants numbers, interviews, the hired employees, offers and retention rates is possible (Kleynhans, 2006).

*In smaller firms, they do not contract employees through outside agencies to fulfill the roles. Specialized competencies, with expertise applying certain programming languages and operation skills necessitate their temporary staffing. They apply spreadsheet for tracking and managing applicants in…

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Case: 21st Century On boarding

Question #2: The case introduces three companies of very different sizes. What differences do you see in their approaches? What similarities?

*The approaches of the companies particularly in that the Sun Microsystems orientation program consists of majorly paper work. This is with some employees waiting up to 2 weeks to access e-mail for appointments. El Paso Corporation employs a differing on boarding procedure with new recruit's orientation happening on the first week. This is with the accessibility e-mail having links to everything involved with the daily operations of the company. Zimmerman Advertising orientation enables its recruits in the understanding of the company hence accessibility of the hiring website. This is available to applicants to assist in knowing the company's clients philosophy and the leadership (Kleynhans, 2006).

*The companies are similar since they both apply the use of the internet and the modern on boarding systems to enable their employees understand everything about the companies. This aids their integration into the daily operations.

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