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Advice is given to supervisors on how to correct poor appearance and employee misconduct. In these instances, progressive guidelines and other requirements must be taken into account the completing disciplinary actions and in resolving employee grievances and appeals. Information is given to employees to encourage a better understanding of management's goals and policies. Information is also given to employees in order to assist them in improving poor performance, on or off duty misconduct, and/or to address personal issues that influence them in the workplace. Employees are told about appropriate policies, legislation, and bargaining agreements. Employees are also directed about their complaint and appeal rights and discrimination and whistleblower safeguards (Employee Relations, 2009).

Preserving a positive, productive work environment is significant for all managers. This is often accomplished by engaging in: mentoring and coaching your staff, regular feedback, including annual performance reviews, open and honest communication regarding group, unit and university business issues, change management strategies, employee engagement and empowerment and fairly, assertively and promptly addressing workplace challenges and problems. Dealing with declining performance or poor personal skills is an undesirable but necessary function. Undesirable performance and contradictory relationships can quickly impact the efficiency and workplace environment for the entire group. There are many common workplace challenges that managers and staff often encounter everyday (Employee Relations Issues, n.d.).

The goal of every organization is to attract, inspire and retain the most competent employees and match them to jobs for which they are best suited. It is human resources, education, and labor relations managers along with specialists that provide this connection. Historically, these workers carried out the administrative function of an organization, such as managing employee benefits questions or recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff in agreement with policies set up by top management. Human resource employees administer these tasks on their own and yet often confer with top executives regarding strategic development. They have gone from working behind-the-scenes to leading the company in suggesting and altering policies. In an effort to enhance morale and productivity, limit job turnover, and help organizations increase performance and improve results, these workers also help their companies effectively use employee skills, provide training and development opportunities to improve those skills, and increase employees' satisfaction with their jobs and working conditions. Even though some jobs in the human resources field necessitate only limited contact with people outside the human resources office, dealing with people is an important part of the job and something that those who work in Human Resources must be good at.

One of the most important aspects of Human Resource Management is getting the right people employed with the company doing the right job. It is very important to have a good plan in place that allows for the...


These people then need to be placed in the right jobs that are matched with their skills and knowledge. This approach allows a company to save money on training and education along with assuring that employees are happy and secure in the jobs that they perform. This saves the company in the long run the costs of retraining and/or having to rehire for a position that become vacant because the first person hired for it was not the right fit.

Fundamentally, the point of HRM is to make the most of the productivity of an organization by optimizing the efficiency of its employees. This consent is unlikely to change in any basic way, in spite of the ever growing pace of change in the business world. The basic job of human resources will always be to obtain, develop, and keep talent; bring into line the workforce with the business; and be an outstanding contributor to the business. Until recently, an organization's human resources department was often relegate to lower rungs of the corporate ladder, despite the fact that its authorization is to replenish and nourish the company's workforce, which is often cited as an organization's greatest resource.

Acquiring and maintaining a good workforce is imperative to the success of any business. In order to do this a company must have a good Human Resource Department. These people must be highly trained so that they can carry out their jobs to the best of their ability. Human Resources are often the center hub of a company. This is where so much of what goes on in a company happens. There are a variety of things that Human Resources is responsible for. These things range from hiring and training to benefits and discipline. The people who work in HRD must be able to work well with others and have great communication skills.

A person who wishes to go into Human Resources as a career must be able to deal with a large variety of job duties. Due to the fact that Human Resources are such an important function within all companies it is very important that the people working within this department are highly trained and motivated. These people are ultimately responsible for making sure that the right people are hired and retained in order to make a company successful and profitable. This department is often the place in which other people within the company go for information on a number of different issues. This is what makes this job a very important one and one in which the right person could find a very rewarding career.


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