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¶ … Human Resources. What will an individual learn from this particular topic? What are the keys to success in this field? This is a changing discipline that requires much study. One will discuss an HR article and discuss it from the author's perspective.

According to Conaty, he provided a number of ways in which to become a success in HR. One has to differentiate (Conaty). "Employees must be constantly judged, ranked, and rewarded or punished for their performance" (Conaty). This means HR has to keep a close eye on every employee in order to determine whether or not a person deserves a raise. However, Conaty believes that differentiation is crucial to a company's surivial. Managemement needs to know why these individuals are the best, and this is done preeminent through variation. Regardless, an organization is able to build their vitality through this process. Welch believed in cutting those that performed the worse, which were considered at least 10% of the employees. Every individual will expereince some level of anxiety when getting evaluated by others in management. Ultimately, a person has to become aware of those that are the weakest, and when to decide to do anything about them. In essence, one will notice that the business will do better if the individuals are confronted or replaced (Conaty).

The author mentions "constantly raising the bar" (Conaty, p. 1). One has to note that anyone that is a leader will seek ways to become better at it. They will seek out advice from others, and do everything possible to improve. What can cause someone to learn, according to Conaty, is that people stop learning. As everything around a person grows, the person chooses not to propagate because of it. General Electric (GE) values continuing education in such a way that they choose to consider it a reward that is high-profile. This makes it a big deal. Employees go to Crotonville for their training in New York. They use this location to their advantage for anyone wanting to advance themselves within the industry by becomign a better worker. Not only that, but also GE uses them as a tool in recruiting others. Through these efforts, many customers as well as business partners are recognized at this facility. This sets the company a part in all that is done for all those they serve on a regular basis (Conaty).

An issue arises when those in HR focus on what the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is wanting within the organization. When this occurs, people are less likely to appear as a solid advocate for the firm. According to Conaty, when a person gets too close to the CEO, they no longer exist. Because of an individual doing this, immediately his or her coworkers think that the person is no longer trustworthy. This is not a good sign for anyone wanting to do business professionally and to help do conflict resolution. Many will not want anything to do with that individual because of becoming too friendly with the CEO, and he or she could end up ruining themselves before fully starting their position. In fact, employees need someone to talk to, but this is less likely to occur when a person is friends with their own boss (Conaty).

A good way of handling this risk is to remain professional at all times. This means keeping a distance from the CEO. The goal is to socialize with others more so than that of the person that hired him or her. As a result, problems will not arise, and people are pleased with HR. By taking these necessary steps, one is able to feel autonomous. Through this, he or she has much freedom to make the necessary decisions without hurting credibility. If an issue should arise, then the HR person will need to confront him or her private. For example, those that do this in public make themselves out as foolish to others and incompetent, which is why it is imperative to do this sequestered. As a result, the HR individual has confidence, and is aware of when...


In essence, this takes a person to know that he or she is capable of doing another person's job at any location for a business that is in need of it. Anyone that is insecure is incapable of handling any issues that come their way by means of getting intimidated by others who are organized and are futuristic in their thinking. Thorugh this, an individual has to become aware of those who want to stifle someone from reaching their full potential (Conaty). Those that are GE leaders, each of them are "judged on the strength of their team and are rewarded for mentoring people throughout the organization" (Conaty, p. 1). Conaty, for example, take pride in the fact that anyone that succeeds him is someone that he taught within the company (Conaty).

The next area of importance is that of striving to become inclusive. A person can easily favor others or implicit favorite, which is biased in the way one thinks, feels and behaves. When this occurs, success is easily undermined. Conaty discussed Borg-Warner's business that dealt with chemicals that was established in 1988. They quickly learned that their company was not as prestigious as that of GE. In fact, a lack of energy was present in how business was conducted from those in management and their employees. Because of this, GE ended up having most of their commerce as well as their corporation (Conaty).

Since GE learned from their past, management now takes adquate steps to acquire a merger with another by assessing talent that is present within the company itself. They call it dilligence for how critical it is to take these necessary precautions. Furthermore, at least six individuals are needed for a company, and the goal is to keep them there for many years to come.

Currently, the goal is to let them know that they are financially welcome. This means superb income. Not only is that area important, but also making sure that he or she is emotinally comfortable into the company. Because of these efforts, employees are able to get the most out of their experience, and to do their job well (Conaty).

When working as a CEO, Conaty believes that it is imperative that a person not feel bogged down in their paperwork, but to make it as easy as possible for him or her everyday of the week the company is open. GE has "a management consultant who has the intensity to look at the nuances of issues and take these thins off the CEO plate. He solves things and goes forward" (Conaty, p. 1). This helps to relieve stress, and to make life easier for everyone who works for the company regularly (Conaty).

By freeing up people with their workload, they are able to work according to their terms. This gives employees job satisfaction, and the ability to do their job more effectively with GE. Through this, the tools are provided with much permission through this entire process. An individual does not have to go to their manager for everything, but is allowed independence when doing tasks that are set before him her on a daily basis. Everyone now and then GE does allow their workers to get off track with their work, but this is a rare phenomenon with the organization (Conaty).

For example, a co-worker named Sharon decided to not get promoted after getting the offer to do so in order to spend time with her children (Conaty). However, GE managed to keep her at a part-time status "until she was ready to take on new challenges" (Conaty, p. 1). Since that time, she now is an officer with the company and is considered a "top HR person in the energy business" (Conaty, p. 1). Any individual has to have limits or boundaries when balancing work and home life. However, GE is open to the idea of a person working from home on a specific day of the week, such as Friday; consequently, management has seen positive results because of this choice (Conaty).

The last area is that of keeping everything simple. This means having communication that is disciplined as well as focused when talking to an employee. A person cannot have more than 325,000 different messages and remain effective; this is not possible. The goal is to remain consistent daily when working with others by having at least five or six messages, instead of a plethora. Regardless, when everything gets tough, a person does not let it bother him or her too much (Conaty). According to Conaty, "I'd say 70% of our leaders handle adversity well, and 30% let it overwhelm them" (p. 1). If a person cannot handle this type of pressure, then he or she does…

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