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¶ … humanity is that of people who are shallow and empty. So many people out there face the idea of not fitting in and express fear about going against the grain. Here, Frankenstein was born a freak of nature, something people are instantly repulsed by. It would not matter if he were a good and kind person, because society would not view him as a person.

He is a monster. Monsters are, for lack of a better word, reviled. Society views monsters as evil, less than human, and when this was clearly shown in the quote, no one was like him, he was unique, different, and it begged to suggest that because of his differences, he would instantly become marred by what he is. Figures of old stories painted the ugly things as evil and the pretty things as good. This is no different. To the people that see Frankenstein, he is a monster, an evil thing that lurks through the night. When he came to that very realization, it made me feel a deep and profound sadness, a loss of joy at knowing society sometimes is the ugly monster, not Frankenstein.

2. Much like the first quote, the second quote confirms my suspicions at how humans treat what they view as monsters. Since Frankenstein views himself as a monster, he wants one that is as monstrous and ugly as he is as a mate. He knows just how impossible his condition can be amongst the normal people. Therefore he wants to try to be with a soul similar to him, one that would know automatically what it is like to be different, to be that reviled "blot" in the common ground with someone, it does not mean I will want to be with that person. Experiences can link a person, but it does not always have to be romantically.

In essence, a mate would and should understand you regardless of what you look like. There does not have to be common ground for a romantic connection to spark. I will admit, it would make it easier, but it is not an automatic guarantee. She does not have to accept him merely because she is a monster.

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"What became of me? I know not; I lost sensation, and chains and darkness were the only objects that pressed upon me. Sometimes, indeed, I dreamt that I wandered in flowery meadows and pleasant vales with the friends of my youth . . . (Shelley, 138)" Nature expressed through metaphor and setting in this quote shows how important Victor views it to his sanity and health compared to any other factor or agent within the story. As Frankenstein continues on, rampaging, killing Victor's friends and…

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