Hypertension: Development And Prevention Case Study

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Cardiovascular System Disorder Case Study

System Disorder Case Study

Hypertension is a primary cause of cardiovascular diseases. Causes of hypertension are largely unknown or disputable. The application of other molecular biologic tools is likely to serve through better delineation of the basic mechanisms of primary hypertension. Other secondary causes account for 10% of hypertension. The ingredients include renal disorders like renin-producing tumors, renal renovascular disease, sodium retention, and primary parenchymal disease. Endocrinologic disturbances resulting in hypertension are inclusive of exogenous hormones, carcinoid, adrenal disorders, and thyroid disease (Lilly, 2012). Other causes include aortic coarctation, pregnancy complications (pre-eclampsia), acute stress, neurologic causes, alcohol ingestion, increased intravascular volume, nicotine use, and the drug use such as tacrolimus or cyclosporine.

The lymphatic and cardiovascular systems' diseases affect various systems due to their infectious agents that are easily disseminated by lymph and blood. Although blood remains sterile, moderate numbers of microorganisms are not harmful (Vlodaver, Wilson & Garry, 2012). While microorganisms make way into bloodstreams especially around wounds or other infections such as bacteremia, brief and asymptomatic periods cause bacteria circulate in human blood without multiplying.

Immune defenses eliminate the microorganisms by default. In case the defenses of blood and lymph system fail, microorganisms undergo rapid multiplication that results in septicemia and blood poisoning. Bacteria are disseminated to other organs...


Symptoms of septicemia include shock, fever, and red streaks resulting from inflamed lymphatic vessels under the skin of an infected site. In other times, such red streaks are found within lymph nodes. The lymphocytes focus on stopping the invasion of the microorganisms. Persons suffering from the septicemia disease exhibit life-threatening septic shock symptoms. Small vessels and arteries become constricted and may result in collapse and decrease in peripheral blood circulation (Labarthe, 2011). Further, the peripheral tissues are also oxygen-starved. Persons developing rapid heartbeat and breathing may face drops in blood pressure leading to mental confusion.

Case study

Justus is 67 years old and suffers from primary hypertension. Lately, he has been complaining of headaches, altered vision, and anxiety. After making an appointment with a doctor for evaluation, it was detected that he had hypertensive retinopathy since his eyes were not very normal. The doctor also carried out some evaluation as he sought to find out if he had secondary hypertension. For effective treatment and management, the impacts of the persistent elevation of BP on organs coupled with estimates of overall risk were developed under premature CVD. It is always important to have regular physical examination if the disease is to be managed appropriately. Justus pointed out that he had been examined for the same disorder but he was told that he did not have it. This shows that undetected high…

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