Identification: The Author's Use Of Five Persuasive Thesis

¶ … Identification: The Author's Use of Five Persuasive Devices or Methods of Proof or Rhetorical/Literary Devices (10 marks)

Categorize the Essay and Provide Reasons Why (4 Marks)

Content Question (6 marks)

List below at least fifteen persuasive devices or methods of proof or rhetorical devices used by essayists to establish and/or deepen their argument

Bandwagon: believe something or do something "because everyone else does it"

Testimonial: Someone respected, credible, or famous endorses a product or idea

Emotional Appeal/Pathos: Fear tactics, for example, or call to arms based on anger.

Plain folk claim: "people like you" do this, so you can relate

Snob appeal: elite people do it, and you want to be elite so you should do it too

Anecdote: A personal story designed to get reader's attention

Paradox: Something that seems contradictory but is strangely true

Nostalgia: Appeal to the past or romanticizing...


Anaphora: The use of the same word or phrase to start a sentence over and over again, for emphasis.
11. Historical or literary allusion or allusion to popular culture

12. Satire: Making fun of something, especially for the purpose of making a political point

13. Ethos: Calling attention to the author's credentials

14. Colloquialism: Use of slang

15: Juxtaposition: Presenting two possibly conflicting items, issues or characters together so the reader can learn from their differences.

PART 2: Thinking and Inquiry/Communication

1. Supported opinion paragraph of no more than 250 words that establishes thematic connection between the sight passage and DEATH OF A SALEMAN.

Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" reveals an unlikely…

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