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However, the security awareness training plan highlights the prominence of auditing and security maintenance of the classified information, since data integrity is the key ingredient of existence for any organization.

The questions like who, what, when and where with respect to the changes made in the operating system is essential when auditing the operating system. These questions ensure that the employees are accountable to the changes they make, as a part of auditing so that data security can be maintained. Furthermore, the audits and security maintenance keeps a check and balance on the internal controls so that the risks of costly security breaches and data robbery can be curtailed.

Security maintenance and audit trail helps the organization in maintaining the record of system activity and application processes. In this manner, the audit trails and security maintenance can easily detect security violations, performance related issues, and bugs in applications by means of appropriate tools and procedure. However,...
...In this manner, ABBA Corporation would be able to ensure safe and secure data, where the information would be in the right hands.


Often times, it is observed that prevention and protection is purely attributable to awareness. Even though security awareness training is not the end, but it acts as a substantial layer to security measures. Therefore, identity management and security training awareness program has become an important necessity for any organization in today's time, as the entire network of the organizations are surrounded by destructive viruses, spam and hackers due to technological advancements. In this regard, the security awareness plan for ABBA Corporation presents with action plan that should be implemented and monitored constantly in order to keep the network, operating system, and peripheral devices safe and secure from being hacked so eventually the company can safeguard their classified data.

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