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Biblical Events Which Were Significant in the Development of the Bible

Book: Psalms

This is a collection of praise songs or poems that were meant to praise God. It was an honest communication with God as well as response to Him. The psalmist was so open with his praise to God that it has over the years been considered the best praise that there is offered to God, with many believers in the Bible referring to it constantly for praise verses or quotes that they would like to give to God. Indeed, it is one of the books that are referred to severally even in the New Testament. Two thirds of the book of Psalms is attributed to David. David was known to be a good poet, musician, founder and organizer of temple music as well as a singer who often used stringed instruments to accompany the psalms/praises when he sang them to God. The main content in the book of Psalms are laments to God, gratitude to God, wisdom...


The sole purpose of the book of Psalms was to help man to live their life skillfully and thankfully before man and God (Campbell L., 2015). David, who was the key author of the Psalms lived between 1040 to 970 BC hence this was the time of the writing of these praises. Psalms forms the largest book of the Bible and has Heman, Moses, Ethan, Solomon as well as sons of Korah as the other authors of the remaining a third of the Psalms (The Bible Study Site, 2015).

Person: Solomon

Before his death, David named his son Solomon as king who would take over from him at the age of 12 years once David died. Solomon was born in 848 BC and died in 796 BC having ruled for 40 years, which were considered the most peaceful and prosperous for Israel, devoid of war as never seen before and after his reign. Solomon was considered the wisest of all mankind. It is scripted that kings from allover the world came to seek his wisdom, not only in the Torah wisdom, but also in secular wisdom and knowledge. One of the greatest achievements associated with Solomon is the building of the temple of the Lord that his father David has dreamt of. He helped create an Israel that was ideal by all standards but…

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