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¶ … CarMax and with an Emphasis on Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are the means of business expansion on the positive side, but the company can use these methods in order to ensure their long-term survival on the negative side too. Struggling companies can also request other organizations to acquire them because they cannot operate in isolation. The poor liquidity situation and unmanageable debt are leading causes of mostly completed acquisitions (Cartwright & Schoenberg, 2006). Companies create mergers in order to reap synergistic effects, and a marked difference between merger and acquisition is present because a former approach results in the death of all the companies involved in the deal. Merger results in the birth of a new company that can collectively use resources of all the parties. Acquisition is a sophisticated name for a buyout deal that results the company to become a subpart of another organization. A merger is a source of sharing organizational resources. Small organizations share their technological knowledge with larger ones in order to generate royalties. Experts define acquisition as a means of taking support from powerful players in the industry. The information technology industry is a most volatile one where practices and products are changing rapidly. Organizations operating in the information technology industry need constant growth in order to prevail in the global market (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2013). Furthermore, the challenge of acquiring new sales channels remains significant. is the name of the greatest online retailer in the world, and therefore, it needs to expand with speed (Palmatier, Miao, & Fang, 2007). Recently, the company acquired in order to offer audio books and mp3 songs collection as well. The decision of acquisition served the company's goals well because became capable of selling online books, educational programs, and modern formats of books as well.

CarMax does not have any history of acquisitions and mergers. CarMax is a website that supports dealing of vehicles in America. S&P has registered the company as a public organization, but the management did not feel the need to expand the company's operations with the help of applying frameworks of mergers and acquisitions. In general, mergers and acquisitions benefit all of the partners because stronger ones can attain economies of scale, and smaller ones have the satisfaction of having continual operations.

Amazon's Buyout of

Amazon bought because of a deal that had a value of 300 Million. Amazon had fulfilled its objective of acquiring new sales channels by completing the above-mentioned deal. is the largest producer of online books in America. The featured deal was beneficial for both of the parties because Audible became eligible of getting technical and financial support from Amazon, and therefore, its ability of developing new products and services grew substantially. Amazon at the same time developed its competency to have a significant increment in terms of sales. With the passage of time, Amazon-Audible deal changed, and emerged as a joint venture.

Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon with separately managed setup. Don Katz, founder of the company retained control over the operations and in this way, Amazon's leadership created goodwill with their new partner. The parent company of became a leading name in the industry of e-books, and audio books. is a sophisticated retailer and seller, but it does not produce products directly those are sellable in nature. The joint operations of Amazon and Audible have been successful because both of the companies benefited from it. Amazon gave Audible a platform to sell its products against modest fees. The companies have worked together, and sales of audio books improved by 60%. The Amazon generated 90 million in sales after buying According to CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezo, the value of online media is increasing, and therefore they have entered the deal with their new partner in order to tilt the business in the light of new standards. He added that they can use any help in the process of strengthening the company's standing in the global market of online retailing. The successful deal between two online businesses revealed a deeper reality about Amazon's management and leadership style. The company delegated power to the ranks of Audible and Amazon did not interfere with the matters its partner, and offered them with its selling services....


Amazon knows the art and science of selling, and Audible has the power to produce high quality audio products. Both of the competencies submerged in order to create memorable business success in the history.

Suggesting CarMax to Form an Alliance with

CarMax is a relatively unknown commercial organization of America with a promising business idea. The semi-permanent global recession caused people to demonstrate economic rationality. The customers are becoming cost sensitive, and therefore, they want to meet their needs efficiently. Ownership of a personal vehicle is a dream of a common-man, and CarMax needs to form alliances with and in order to enhance its reach in the world. CarMax does not need to lose its identity, but it requires an appropriate platform to sell its products. CarMax along with its partners can charge their customers against usage of their services to find a dream vehicle. Amazon does not currently operate in selling used vehicles, and therefore, partnership with CarMax will allow the famous online retailer to enter in a new industry. In this fashion, Amazon will improve its ability to expand aggressively. CarMax can jointly operate with and without foregoing its managerial rights. both of the potential allies have a history of forming strategic alliances with an objective of sharing profits on sales. Amazon will form a better strategic partner because it has a commitment to follow modern leadership and management philosophies. The company does not influence operations of its subsidiaries. CarMax can sell its offerings with a better skill in association with The social theory of marriage has greatly influenced the literature of strategic alliance. Business and corporate level alliances are formed in order to serve common interests, and CarMax has an attachment to sell cars at a larger platform, and Amazon has that ability, so it is logical for CarMax's management to create a deal with the greatest e-retailer in the world.

Suggesting Corporate and Business Level Strategies to

Amazon is operating in the capacity of online retailer. The company does not have any products to sell on its own, but it works by selling products of others. The business has to expand its operations by generating deals with other companies such as CarMax. The business of Amazon is growing in all parts of the world, and the company is vending books, CDs, apperals, and movies. However, Amazon can use some help from CarMax in the process of becoming a car dealer as well. Amazon has a history of applying modern management principles, and it firmly believes in the utility, and value of collaborative management. The company needs to apply same managerial plan that it used to manage its relation with in order to assist CarMax in becoming its part. The leadership of Amazon is a fan of teamwork, and works with an objective of achieving constant growth. The goal of constant growth cannot see a light of day if Amazon does not add new partners on a constant basis. Secondly, has such a generalized model of business that they can sell anything in the world. The company is holding back with reference to the well-established plan of expansion in the recent years with no apparent reason. Amazon may feel rather reserve in making a move towards becoming a car dealer, but it should know that sources of competitive advantage can come from unconventional means. The competitors are catching up with the leader of e-retailers, and it had to do something unique in order to re-validate its edge once again. The suggested direction features a corporate and business strategy as well. This paper cannot suggest a retailer to begin producing goods and services because the recommendation of producing goods and services does not form a complimentary piece of the strategy, and therefore, Amazon needs to strike deals with a multitude of companies operating in different industry, so that the retailer can create a shield against business risks by diversifying.

Strategic Recommendations for CarMax

CarMax is fearful to enter international markets. The company is providing services to the American nation, but it is time to swim in the river of corporatism because online businesses like CarMax cannot survive without global expansion. The leaders of the company are satisfied that they are generating personal wealth. However, they have to understand that entrepreneurial spirit cannot be fulfilled without attaining growth, and therefore they have to form a strategic deal with the companies like Amazon. CarMax and Amazon need to communicate with each other, and that is a simple matter of willpower because both are American companies.

Strategic alliances are consistently growing in all parts of the world. The search for a company…

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