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Ireland Essays (Examples)

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Housing Discrimination Among Irish an
Words: 9155 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 82260101
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Differences in opinions between various study groups are expected to become apparent. These differences will help to determine the amount of bias present in opinions regarding housing discrimination among non-Irish nationals. Interpretation of these hypotheses will depend on the consistencies in opinion found between various groups.

esearch Questions

The hypotheses will help to determine if the opinions of various groups in Dublin are biased. However, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts being examined, the following research questions will also be explored, in addition to the hypotheses. These research questions will be addressed through specific sets of survey questions.

1. Are there differences in opinion regarding the quality of housing between Irish and non-Irish nationals living in Dublin?

2. Are non-Irish nationals well educated, at least as much as the Irish national population in Ireland?

3. Do non-Irish nationals deserve to become home owners, as much as…


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Conflict Between Protestants and Catholics
Words: 2636 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 97872977
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onsidering that the old order in Ireland was in place since two millennia and had always been under the control of the Gaelic chieftains, their removal from the leadership of the provinces of Ireland by the English rown was destined to arise the resistance of the majority who sought support in the atholic world and especially hoped in the papal authority. urtis points out that the resistance against the protestant faith that built up after Elisabeth took over Munster and Ulster was coming not only from inside the respective Irish provinces, but also from the dissidents in Italy, Portugal, Spain and the Low countries. On one hand they were gathering in the spirit of preserving the old faith, on the other, the Irish and the Anglo-Irish who opposed the Reformation were changing their ways supported by the Jesuits who helping the process of transforming the faithful into fanatics. On the…

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Routledge, 2002.

Irish Corporate Governance Irish Development Ngos Notes
Words: 2173 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72120810
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Irish Corporate Governance

"Irish Development NGOs," notes a 2008 associational guidebook from the Corporate Governance Association of Ireland (CGAI), "exist to create a better world. They operate on a global scale with diverse missions, but are united by a shared commitment to social justice and the eradication of poverty" (CGAI, Irish Development NGOs).

But as noble as these intentions are, they are coming up short in their missions because they do not have in place the kinds of effective and efficient types of governance expectations needed to ensure that they are being profitable in their own success. Many NGOs, just like many for-profit businesses, are struggling with extraordinary financial challenges. And they are finding out that just as they need to learn to be more effective in their operations, they have few guidelines in place for improving the services they provide and for professional conduct in general (CGAI, Irish Development…


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Alderman Liz 2010 December 11
Words: 552 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 4643700
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"The bill to taxpayers for the bailout has swelled to 84 billion euros, 56% of gross domestic product, the result of a government decision to backstop the banks' losses… [despite] the fact that the International Monetary Fund ordered another 10 billion euros pumped into banks immediately, in part to hedge against a possible rise in mortgage defaults. An additional 25 billion euros is on standby if banks' losses are bigger than expected" (Alderman 2010:1). Ireland, once so proud of its independence, is now thinking of doing the unthinkable -- selling its banks to a foreign bidder. An American investor recently made a bid "in a consortium with the Carlyle Group and Cardinal, a Dublin private equity firm" Alderman 2010:1).

While not in as dire financial straits as Greece, the recovery of Ireland is essential for the EU to remain unified and solvent. Already there are factional fights between EU nations…


Alderman, Liz. (2010, December 11). Ireland strives to rebuild trust in its banks.

The New York Times. Retrieved December 11, 2010 at

Irish Consumer Behavior Investigation of
Words: 1677 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 73522107
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Retrieved February 14, 2010 from

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Wright, Richard. Will globalization make you happy? Foreign Policy. P. 55

Contemporary Irish Literature
Words: 1094 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75816058
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Irish Literature

Ireland has a rich literary tradition with a legacy of authors who have each contributed something to the creation of a cultural identity. For centuries, the authors of Ireland have utilized the beautiful landscape as a counterpoint to the violent political history of the Emerald Isle. Quite literally, the whole history of Ireland can be traced through the literature of the country's writers, both the good and the bad. This tradition lives on in contemporary Irish authors and poets. Two such poets, Ciaran Carson and Allan Gillis, have used their chosen literary type to illustrate their own understanding of Ireland's history. Through their poetry, readers can simultaneously travel back in time and also listen to the eye witness of Ireland's current historical moment. This can be traced through Carson's "Belfast Confetti" and Gillis's "The Ulster ay" in the poetic form, the techniques that the poets utilize, and then…

Works Cited:

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Dark Ages the Author of This Report
Words: 1342 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81158187
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Dark Ages

The author of this report is asked to answer to a number of questions relating to the Dark Ages. Specifically, the author is asked to define what "Dark Ages" means. Second, the author is asked to ask how this society unwittingly paved the way for a preservation of literature and art from the classical era. In particular, the author is asked to identify how Ireland was instrumental in this re-emergence. Finally, there is to be a summation of the Arthurian legend and how modern ethics is driven in part by this literature and dynamic and a definition of chivalric code is also to be offered.

Questions Answered

In terms of history, the Dark Ages is the millennia or so that followed the end of the oman Empire. It refers to the cultural and economic downfall that ostensibly happened in Western Europe after the oman Empire was reduced to…


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Swift's a Modest Prposal Surprise Ending -
Words: 444 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85953280
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Surprise Ending - Swift

The Surprise Ending in Swift's a Modest Proposal

In his essay A Modest Proposal (1729) Jonathon Swift ironically puts forth the proposition that for the betterment of Irish society, children of the poor, particularly Catholic children, because there was an over abundance, should be slaughtered and eaten. Swift maintains that this practice would solve a number of societal problems. It would decrease the number of Papists who are the principle breeders of the nation, as well as the most dangerous enemies, it would turn a liability of the poor, another mouth to feed, into an asset or a valuable commodity, it would increase the overall wealth of the nation, it would be a boon to business, and it would encourage marriage by rewarding parents with monetary gain. The surprise ending is that swift recommends this practice only for Ireland.

At the time…


Moore, A. (2002). A modest proposal- Study guide. May 1, 2013, from 

Swift, J. (1729). A modest proposal for preventing the children of poor people from Ireland from becoming a burden on their parents or counrty and for making them benefical to the publick. The Victorian Web. Retrieved May 1, 2013, from

Company Finance Domino's UK &
Words: 2621 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 87577437
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ith Domino's UK, the company has in its annual report and in its press releases outlined its future expansion plans. There are figures readily available with respect to trends in its same store growth and with respect to its dividend policy. All of these factors should, in theory at least, be included in the current share price. The first step in valuing the company will be to ensure that this is the case.

Given that the price of the company today is expected to be the fair value of the company's future earnings, an acquiring firm would need to consider in its valuation the worth of Domino's as part of its operations. Thus, a bid would need to be done on the belief that its acquisition of Domino's would make Domino's more valuable than it already is. This is the concept of synergy, defined as "the specific increases in performance…

Works Cited:

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Retail Sales Management Executive Summery PC World
Words: 1107 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41121562
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etail Sales Management

Executive Summery: PC World is a huge UK retailer that is ever expanding into the technology marketplace. From PC's to washing machines, they offer a one-stop shop for everything technology related. With an appealing advertising system that attracts the middle class Englishman, it is no wonder that their business continues to grow.

PC World is a retailer within the Dixons etail businesses. The stores are located in the United Kingdom and it is the largest chain of computer retail stores in the UK and Ireland with a total of 163 stores. This report will review the overall retail sales management of PC World and how the store's overall strategy allowed for its wide expansion.

Background on Sector: PC World is a retail computer store that specializes in selling computers and computer-related technology. They also carry printers, ink, accessories, games, as well as entertainment technology including televisions, DVD…


Fiveash, Kelly (2007). "PC superstore unhinged by Linux."

PC World Ireland

PC World UK

Thomas, Dan (2006). "Dixons owner signs 120m outsourcing deal with Capita."

Isabella Augusta Persse Also Known
Words: 826 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5545639
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Yeats acknowledged that Synge was a true genius when regarding things from an artistic point-of-view and insisted that they develop a collaboration in bringing life to the Irish theatre environment. "For some time after his return Synge spent his time renewing his kinship with Ireland, sensing the life and belief of its peasantry" (JOHN MILLINGTON SYNGE).

Many critics believe The Playboy of the estern orld to be one of the most significant of Synge's plays. Synge's work was accompanied by strong critique from behalf of the masses in both Dublin and Philadelphia. People felt that the play was immoral and that it was thus likely to instill confusion in individuals who were vulnerable to being influenced by the playwright's corrupted thinking.

illiam Butler Yeats was one of the foremost individuals in the Irish Theatre environment and also played an important role in the English and Irish literary movement. He joined…

Works cited:

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Famines and Political Unrest in
Words: 2118 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19001484
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The deprivation of the locals was ignored, and the government kept itself involved in the corrupt practices, 'since 2000, the government has been accused of transference of most of Zimbabwe's white-owned agriculture land to black political elites with no interest in, or aptitude for, farming' (Steffen, 2005), such measures resulted in the massive downfall of the agricultural goods. This is not to be considered a natural famine, instead an artificial famine has taken place due to the reckless policies of the government without due consideration towards the interests of the locals. The 'inflation of the country has increased by 1700%, and is considered to be the highest in the world' (Steffen, 2005). Under such circumstances where the earning opportunities for the locals have been extremely limited, where the production of agricultural goods have halted, where the trade with international community has dropped, and the imports to the country are being…


Christine Kinealy. A Death-Dealing Famine: The Great Hunger in Ireland. 1997. Pluto Press.

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Pira and the Paramilitary Opposition Faced During the Troubles
Words: 12201 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 48199988
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PIA and the British Government's esponse

The war between the Provisional Irish epublican Army (PIA) and the British State from 1969 to 1998 was a complex situation in which various entities pursued similar and dissimilar aims through various channels (political as well as militaristic/terroristic). Even in the midst of the most violent clashes, secret talks were held between leaders of the PIA and the British State, with the political face of epublican beliefs (Sinn Fein) gaining popular support over the years and to some degree undermining the aims, objectives and capacity of the PIA to operate effectively (O'Brien, 1999; Tonge, 2002). The PIA's strategic effectiveness, however, was also complicated by its own inability to overcome specific problematic features of its own organization -- such as the factors of security and territoriality. Likewise, the British State had enacted a program of using informants and infiltrators to undermine the PIA from within.…


Beggan, D. (2009). Understanding Insurgency Violence: A Quantitative Analysis of the Political Violence in Northern Ireland 1969-1999. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 32: 705-725.

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for Northern Ireland in 1972. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 33: 511-532.

Crannogs by the Gaelic Elite
Words: 2556 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22247393
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Examples of the mention of the use of the 'crannog' in Lough Laoghaire is stated by Brady and O'Conor to be referenced directly in the Annals of Ulster in 1436. These annals are "contemporary Gaelic records of the high profile events that occurred in Ireland, and such mention carries with it an automatic association of status and dramatic event." (Brady and O'Conor, nd)


Aidan O'Sullivan writes in the work entitled: "The Archaeology of Lake Settlement in Ireland" (1998) that in the Late Middle Ages...the Gaelic Irish experienced a revival in military power, giving rise to what is commonly known as the 'Gaelic esurgence'" which was a time when raids increased on the English settlements which were richer and there was a "state of endemic warfare across the country." (O'Sullivan, 1998) Cultural and military renewal among the Gaelic Irish were drivers of the 'esurgence' as well as…

References in historical literature further give indications that "crannogs and islands were used as permanent settlements and as temporary fortifications by the Gaelic Irish in the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries." (O'Sullivan, 1998) the military tactics of the Gaelic Irish were such that natural defensive features were used such as those of "lakes, islands, woodlands and bogs." (O'Sullivan, 1998) O'Sullivan states that there is sound archaeological as well as historical evidence that crannogs were occupied as dwellings during the medieval and late medieval periods.

O'Sullivan, just as did Brady and O'Conor, states that historically, the use of crannogs has been ignored by research and has "tended to greatly reduce the attention paid to this later material." (O'Sullivan, 1998) Stated to be the best evidence of archeology for the occupation of crannogs during the thirteenth and sixteenth century were findings of medieval 'everted-rim war and crannog ware..." discovered on several crannogs in the north..." (O'Sullivan, 1998) This type of pottery was hand-made and used for cooking and is stated to be easily distinguished due to its "dark, unglazed appearance and heavy gritty inclusions and texture." (O'Sullivan, 1998)

O'Sullivan states that it is simply obvious that the Gaelic Irish used crannogs and that the Anglo-Normans even used the crannogs at times as defensive military settlements. Twice mentioned in history is the crannog on Lough Oughter which was occupied by the O'Reilleys and which was taken in an attack in 1247 by Milid Mac Gosdelb and also is referred to as the site "from which Toirrdelbach mac Aeda Ua Conchobari escaped in 1246..." (1998)

O'Sullivan additionally states that the work of Giraldus Cambrensis entitled: "Topographia Hiberniae" a twelfth century account of Ireland that the Irish lakes "contain islands rising to some height and very beautiful. The lords of the land usually appropriate them as places of safety and refuge, as well as of habitation. They are inaccessible except by boats." (O'Sullivan, 1998)

O'Conor writes in the work entitled: "Later Medieval Settlement in North Roscommon" that evidence presently available indicates that "despite close contacts with the Anglo-Normans since the 12th century" that it took over two centuries for "Gaelic lords to regularly build defended structures that can be classified as castles." (nd) O'Conor reiterates in this work that a great amount of "documentary, pictorial, radiocarbon, dencrochronological and excavated evidence" is in existence to indicate that the crannogs "were widely occupied and used by Gaelic lords throughout the whole later medieval period." (nd)

Edmund Spenser a View of
Words: 1039 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 28237052
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They use these cries as their lamentations at their burials. It is said that these cries include outcries which are full of despair and excessive wailings. These are seen to greatly support the Scythian barbarism. These cries, Irenius said, are used by Mr. Stanihurst in proving that the Irish people are Egyptians. The basis for Mr. Stanihurst's argument is the passage in the Scriptures which mentions that the Egyptians lamented for the death of Joseph in the same manner.

While Mr. Stanihurst used the different sorts of cries as an argument in asserting that the Irish are Egyptians, Irenius said that others think this custom of crying originated from the Spaniards. Spaniards are said to immeasurably weep for their dead as well.

However, Irenius pointed out that the manner in which the Spaniards cry didn't originate from the Spaniards. Instead, this manner of crying originated either by the Scythians or…


Spenser, Edmund. A View of the Present State of Ireland. Ed. Andrew Hadfield and Willy Maley. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1997.

History Mercy International Centre Dublin Catherine Mcauley
Words: 1959 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90960019
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history Mercy International Centre Dublin Catherine McAuley . ( http://www.mercyinternational. ) A history significance Jonathan Swift St. Patricks Cathedral Dublin ( http://www.stpatrickscathedral. ) A synopsis Kilmainham Jail, years functioning description peat bogs Ireland, (significance) The Famine Memorial Dublin ~ established built? Connemara marble churches Ireland? A explanation current political system Ireland .

The Mercy International Centre in Dublin is the hallmark of the mercy mission and its background is essential in providing people with a better understanding of the principles that help build this type of ideology. The building's architecture is not necessarily special, but it compensates through its history and through the intense feelings that numerous people coming here experienced. hile being acquainted with its history a person is very probable to look at it very different from how he or she would have been inclined to perceive it in the beginning.

The building came to function as a…

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Irish Economics Economic Systems and
Words: 392 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43071521
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The economy is market-oriented, and highly technologically advanced. Primary sectors include petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, consumer goods, aerospace, and telecommunications (CIA the World Factbook, United States).

Both Ireland and the United States have a high degree of economic freedom. The Heritage Foundation ranks Ireland as the world's 7th freest economy, with high levels of investment, financial, business, and property rights freedom. However, labor freedom is the weakest area for Ireland (Heritage Foundation, Ireland).

The Heritage Foundation ranks the United States as the world's 4th freest economy. Interestingly, the Hertiage Foundation notes "America could do slightly better in fiscal freedom and freedom from government" (Heritage Foundation, United States), while Ireland has more freedom from government (Heritage Foundation, Ireland).


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Professional VAT Value Added Tax Advice for
Words: 2393 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30667424
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professional VAT (value added tax) advice for the managing director of the Grape Limited. The Grape Limited is a U.S. multinational company and decides to incorporate new companies that provide supply management services, management company, manufacturing company and marketing companies. The management company will deliver supply management services to foreign services providers. On the other hand, the manufacturing company will focus on the electronic parts, and marketing company will deliver marketing services for the parts manufactured by the manufacturing company.

VAT egistration

The VAT (value-added tax) is a government levy on any goods or services produced in the epublic of Ireland. The first condition that must be fulfilled before Grape Limited demands for the VAT numbers is to incorporate its businesses in the epublic of Ireland. After the company registrations, the next step is to apply for the VAT number. To apply for the VAT registration number in the epublic…


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Olde Distillerie Going Global With
Words: 4780 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4950119
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The rules and regulations are designed to level the competition and to disrupt advantages of a country based on price and favored tax status. All of the countries in the union must abide by these tax and trade regulations. In January of 2004, Denmark and Sweden were forced to remove import restrictions on alcohol purchased for personal consumption (EPHA, 2007).

A recent decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) determined that the Swedes have attained a monopoly on alcohol. They are attempting to limit the general consumption and limit underage drinking in their country. Alcoholism is considered to be problematic in Sweden and lawmakers see a need to take measures to attempt to curb overall consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The effects of this decision are two-fold, when one considers the impact on expanding Olde Distillerie products to Sweden. The first affect is that this decision supports alcohol as an…


Celtic Whisky Campagne. 2003. History of Whisky and of Distillation (I).[Online]Available at: Accessed 24.

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FedEx. 2007. Czech Republic. Country Profile. [Online] Available at [Accessed 26, December 2007].

FedEx. 2007. Ireland. Country Profile. [Online] Available at [Accessed 26, December 2007].

Business Transformation Strategy
Words: 3911 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75880550
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Business Transformation Strategy

GE Capital oodchester is a leading provider of motor car, equipment, and personal finance in the country of Ireland. They offer the most flexible packages for diverse financial needs and as such, have earned the position of leading the personal and capitol acquisition financial services. GE Capital oodchester also provides specialized financing and services and they focus on niches including equipment and car leasing, hire purchase and loans to businesses and individuals across Ireland. Headquartered in Dublin, GE Capital oodchester services the financial needs of its customers through its regional sales centers and extensive dealer and partner network.

GE Capital oodchester is a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Capital. ith assets of more than U.S.$425 billion, (, online) GE Capital is a global, diversified financial services company with 28 specialized businesses worldwide. GE Capital has had an enviable record of growth over the past decade delivering value…

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Plan a Trip
Words: 1785 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8433410
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Trip to Ireland

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and create a dream trip to Ireland. Shaara. Specifically, it will include the plan for a trip, including all the necessary arrangements a trip like this would entail. I have always dreamed of visiting Ireland because my family has roots there, and because I love the history of the place, and would love to see it first hand. I want to see as many of the castles and countryside as I possibly can, and of course, take in a pub or two! I also would like to stay in bed and breakfasts as much as possible, because I would enjoy seeing the countryside as opposed to the city, and getting to know the people a little more. I will drive or take the bus as much as possible throughout the country so I can experience it first…


Avison, Brigid. Essential Ireland. London: Little, Brown and Company, 1992.

Fare Quote." AerLingus. 2003. 16. Dec. 2003.[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccceadckeiikkklcefecfigdffgdfkh.0

Home." Irish Tourist Board. 2003. 16 Dec. 2003.

Murphy, John. A Little Irish Cookbook. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1986.

Irish Poetry Is Unavoidably Shaped by Its
Words: 2759 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90708507
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Irish poetry is unavoidably shaped by its historical, social, and political context. The Troubles have infiltrated poets throughout several generations, permitting unique artistic insight into the conflict. Younger poets writing about The Troubles in Northern Ireland understandably have a different point-of-view than poets from a previous generation. Their personal experiences were different, and the historical events they witnessed or were surrounded by in the media likewise differed from their predecessors. Yet there are also shared themes that provide the inextricable cultural links between all poets of Northern Ireland. Some poets, like Seamus Heaney, rely heavily on literalism and a direct political commentary in addition to poetic tropes like symbols of colonization. Likewise, Derek Mahon does not hold back in terms of diction related to The Troubles. hen examining poets from an earlier generation, who wrote during some of the most violent occasions of The Troubles, allusions and metaphors seem to…

Works Cited

Heaney, Seamus.

Kearney, Timothy, Hewitt, John and Montague, John. "Beyond the Planter and the Gael: Interview with John Hewitt and John Montague on Northern Poetry and The Troubles." The Crane Bag. Vol. 4, No. 2 p. 85-92, 1980/1981.

Longley, Michael.

Mahon, Derek.

One European Country
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10840525
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Republic of Ireland

he history of the Republic of Ireland is said by many to have begun with the Easter Rising of 1916. And it is true that, at the start of that momentous conflict between Ireland and England, the Irish Republic was declared by the self-proclaimed Provisional government. But a single event such as that was born in the planning, and in this case, it had it true effects in the aftermath. he personalities contributing to it, too, had a major impact on the birth of that nation. So, it might well be argued that the Easter Rising of 1916 got its start in about 1913, and culminated about 1917 or so...or even, to stretch a point, in 1921 when the War of Independence (the Black and an War) was over. (imeline, 1995)

On April 24, 1916, 1,550 members of two Irish paramilitary groups, the Irish Volunteers and Irish…

The British had most of the ordinary Irish on their side. But then they made the blunder that cost them, eventually, the land that would become the Republic of Ireland. Between the third and tenth of May 1916, they executed the rebel leaders including Pearse, Casement and James Connolly, who ha been wounded and had to be tied to a chair to be shot. (Neville, 2001)

While arguably most of the rebels were Roman Catholic, as opposed to the Protestantism of the British, that was not universally true. In fact, Connolly was both an agnostic, at best, and the leader of the Marxist Labor movement in Ireland. While it is not surprising that Pearse invoked the "Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Blessed Virgin" to sanctify the rebellion, it is surprising that the "general Catholic piety" extended to Connolly. When he was sentenced to death, he "accepted unreservedly the teaching and authority of the Catholic Church, asked for its sacred rites in preparation for his execution, and died in its communion' according to the Franciscan priest who visited him on the night before his execution. (Boyd, 1995)

Another member of the Easter Rising leadership was Eamon De Valera. His religion wasn't what made him unusual; it was his citizenship, which also kept him alive. Because he had been born in New York City, he was

Medieval Castle Comparison of Roscommon
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The gatehouse at Harlech contained spacious chambers or halls, with fireplaces and latrines. There is little doubt that the guardhouse was home to the constable of the castle. Master James of St. George, the Harlech's builder, was himself appointed constable of his creation (Williams 2007, p. 7). The gatehouse was also occupied, in this period, by Sir John de Bonvillars, Deputy Justiciar of North Wales. The larger rooms on each level were fitted with tall windows. The most favored rooms faced the courtyard, the chimneys of their fireplaces making an additional architectural arrangement on the roof of the gatehouse (Williams 2007, p. 21). The view from Harlech is particularly impressive. The sea and the mountains of Snowdonia provide a majestic backdrop to the royal castle. It has even been suggested at oscommon that the castle's original location beside a lake and in the middle of an expansive field may have…


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IRA and Farc the Irish
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The RIRA on occasion attacks a British army base, or bombs a civilian site just to show it is still out there while FARC is a powerful force that the government has no choice but to negotiate with. Also, the RIRA does not recruit young children for its violent terrorist activities, while FARC recruits and kidnaps thousands of young boys and trains them in guerrilla warfare. The RIRA does not have thousands of acres of poppies (to make into cocaine) that it can within its territory -- the RIRA has no established territory -- that it can exploit (tax) in order to raise money. That said, the RIRA does do some drug smuggling, according to credible sources.

There is an interesting connection between FARC and the RIRA: Evidence shows that the RIRA has been training FARC in "new technology" (bombs/mortars) (

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How a Slave Became a Saint
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St. Patrick of Ireland: A Biography. Philip Freeman. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2005.

The book by Philip Freeman takes the reader deeper into the life and times of St. Patrick of Ireland than any previous publication has been able to do. Freeman's thesis is that there have previously been many unknowns about St. Patrick and the author was determined to solve those mysteries as thoroughly as he could. The work was written based on Freeman's passion to truly understand and share his knowledge of St. Patrick to readers around the world. Bringing St. Patrick's fascinating life into a well-thought-out narrative was a valuable historical service for Freeman. The purpose of this book review is to present a realistic portrait of St. Patrick, the saint after whom a special day is designated -- and while millions of people celebrate St. Patrick's Day, very few are likely to know anything at…

Peacemaking in the Irish Populaiton
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Conflict esolution and Peacemaking

The conflict presented in the article is focused on the tense relations between British and Irish groups that held deeply divisive beliefs about a range of differences between the two cultures. There were significant tensions in the social divisions not only with the British, but also within Ireland itself which were primarily the result of sectarian divides in the population (White, 2013). Many of the warring factions had a strong sense of identity with their cultural heritage along the lines of their religious preferences for either Catholicism or Protestantism and much of the struggle perpetuated between those who viewed themselves as the oppressed and/or colonized and their oppressors (Lane, 1998). The oyal Irish Constabulary (IC) was an armed colonial style of police force and was viewed by much of the Irish population as being the administrative thugs that were doing the bidding of the British government.…


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National Conflict the Conflict Between
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This is because they agreed with these beliefs and felt that Ireland should remain a part of England. ("Irish," 2009) (Cotrell, 2006) (Sachar, 2011)

While the Catholics, wanted a nation that was free of English rule and did not have any connections to the Crown. This was dominated by state supported religion that was following the practices established by St. Patrick. These divisions are illustrating the differences between the two sides. Over the course of time, this helped to fuel increased amounts of anger and animosity. ("Irish," 2009) (Cotrell, 2006) (Sachar, 2011)

Influence and power fermented animosity. This is because favoritism was provided to those individuals who are supportive of British policies. These people had the opportunity to own land and become more upwardly mobile. Over the course of time, this helped to improve the economic prosperity of select groups.

While the rest of society, was forced to live a…


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Maxx Company -- Strategic Marketing Plan Tk
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Maxx Company -- Strategic Marketing Plan

TK Maxx Strategic Marketing Plan

TK Maxx is expanding beyond the brick and mortar footprint that helped it rise to the top of retail operations in the United Kingdom. As with its competitors, TK Maxx has entered the mobile digital market and is implementing multiple distribution channels (McVey, 1960). The company has a clear target market that transcends the various channels over which its goods are marketed. This is the case because the market segment targeted by TK Maxx is made up of digital natives or consumers who have discovered the benefits of being technologically savvy -- particularly for shopping.

The marketing objectives for TK Maxx were identified as follows:

To increase market share for kid's shoes by 25% by September 2018.

To increase market share in home textiles by 15% by September 2018.

To increase e-commerce sales of designer bags and accessories by…


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Case study: Total Logistics takes it to the max for TK Maxx. (2001) Total Logistics. Available at

Immigration Late 1890's Toward the
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hile some eventually returned to their homelands, the vast majority settled throughout the United States, forming ethnic communities in urban areas, and homesteading farmlands in the west and mid-west rural areas. They fled their homelands due to economic depressions, and/or religious and political persecutions for the opportunity to establish a better life in the New orld, and in the process endured many hardships and often discrimination. Today, more than 43 million Americans claim German ancestry, and another 34 million claim Irish roots.

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Waterford Wedgwood Case Study Waterford
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As Sir Anthony O'eilly, Chairman of Waterford Wedgwood, noted in a recent speech that they are operating against a "backdrop of unprecedented broad-based economic uncertainty."

This economic uncertainty has had a global impact. From the high rates of business bankruptcies in the United States, to the financial collapse of one of the previously richest countries in the world -- Iceland, to the 11.2 million percent inflation rate of Zimbabwe, no corner of the globe is untouched by the massive liquidation cycle in which the global economy appears to be.

Consumer confidence has declined. Banks have lost faith in one another. Currencies around the world, such as the American dollar, weakened considerably.

And, despite Waterford Wedgwood's more than two hundred years of setting industry standards, the organization must now operate in an economic environment that appears to work directly against their primary products -- luxury lifestyle items.

Yet, despite these trying…


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Partitioning as a Resolution to
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Considering both perspectives in the light of Northern Ireland and Iraq yields some additional insight into the viability of partitioning as a means of resolving ethnic conflict. In Northern Ireland, partitioning was attempted and physically enforced to a degree, though there were always ethnic Irish living in the North and even some British/Protestants living in Ireland proper. That partitioning failed to end the ethnic conflict on this island is painfully clear with even a cursory glance at the last decades of the twentieth century (violence tapered off dramatically in the first decade of the twenty-first century due in large part to a changing geopolitical scene): bombings of civilian areas, assassinations, and open resentment and street violence were major problems in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland, with parts of Ireland proper affects as well. This situation highlights one of the key problems with partitioning as a means of addressing ethnic violence…