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Extension of the Pelz Effect

One of the biggest challenges impacting any organization is leadership. This is because their actions will have a direct impact on their ability to motivate others and encourage everyone to do more. However, a variety of theories have been introduced which are designed to connect with superiors and subordinates on different levels. The result is that confusion develops as they may not fully understand which techniques will have the greatest impact. The Pelz effect believes that the actions taken by the leadership will have an influence on the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors embraced by everyone. To fully understand what is taking place requires carefully focusing on study that was conducted and how it is showing the lasting effects. This will be accomplished by reviewing a scholarly study and the impacts. Together, these elements will illustrate the influence of the practices embraced by the leadership on the organization. (Anderson, 1990)

The article that was examined is The Extension of the Pelz Effect by Lynn Anderson. It is studying the influence of leadership on the upper and lower ends of any organization. To achieve these larger objectives, there is a focus on surveying 195 nurses and 201 clerical employees (inside a major utility). During the process, they focused on how it effects an organization and the attitudes /...


Evidence of this can be seen with Anderson (1990) saying, "Research on the Pelz Effect has been exciting and important because it demonstrates that a combination of upward and downward leader behaviors provides a crucial 'linking pin' between group members and the organization. Hence, a member's or a group's embeddness within the organization can be affected by the group leader's own influence within the organization. Pelz provided an instrumental explanation for the effects of a leader's organizational influence. He stated that a leader's supportive, helpful behavior toward group members would raise the members' satisfaction only when the leader had enough influence 'to deliver actual benefits for employees.' Influential leaders have greater access to organizational resources and stronger voices in departmental decisions made by their own superiors. Hence, group members realize that there will be strong organizational support behind their leader's offers of help and guidance, and this realization enhances members' satisfaction." (Anderson, 1990, PP. 20-22) This is used to establish a basic foundation as to how Pelz developed a theory that shows the way attitudes and behaviors will influence both sides of an organization.

Anderson's study is seeking to understand the influence of the Pelz effect on individuals from two different segments of the workforce (i.e. nurses and clerical staff). The sample was collected from a health care organization and a major utility. The basic idea is to understand the impacts by seeing how they responded to the actions taken from organizational leadership. This is accomplished by focusing on three different areas…

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Anderson, L. (1990). Extension of the Pelz Effect. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 11 (1), 19-32.

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