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Information Technology


Bharti Airtel is the world's fifth largest telecom company and it is famous for outsourcing everything except finance, marketing and sales. In the early days Bharti used to do all the business processes itself and it used to cost much more. Then they came up with the idea of outsourcing everything and just keep the departments of core competencies. And they kept marketing because in today's world every telecom company is providing the same services. The only difference between them is brand positioning that is how a product or a brand's image is in the consumer's mind. So, they made sure they pay specialized attention on that and for that they hired the famous Asian musician A.R Rehman for the special Airtel tune that attracted people and associated them with AirTel.

Airtel outsourced their IT processes to IBM, entire network operations to Ericsson and Siemens along with Alcatel Lucent recently and the transmission towers to another company

What type of activity and resource was outsourced?

Bharti Airtel outsourced their all IT (information technology) processes to IBM ( international business machines) and entire network operations to Ericsson and Siemens. They also hired companies that are doing their transmission tower tasks.

3. Why was the decision made to outsource?

Bharti Airtel decided to outsource because they were facing huge costs due to everyday changing Information Technology and that wasn't the area of their expertise. So they decided to hand it over to someone that is very good at IT and they handed it over to IBM. IBM is a world famous company in computers and technology and has helped Airtel reduce their costs to an extent but the major advantage of hiring the service of IBM was to keep up with the world's technology and that helped Airtel to gain an edge in the market.

After that they outsourced their network operations to Ericsson and has escaped from a lot hassle that includes the servers being down and maintaining proper quality by doing this they have made Ericsson answers to them and of course is a very big company and leaders in networking technology they for sure wouldn't do anything to lose the contract as it's a multimillion contract. The towering process is outsourced to many companies as it India is very vast and its impossible for one company to maintain the quality.

4. Was the outsourcing effective?

Yes, it was very effective as highlighted in the answer of question 2 it saved a lot of money and Airtel spent that money in inventing new ways to market their Service and it also helped them to focus on the areas of their core competencies and use their market grew…

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