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IT Acquisition Management for a new Video Shop

Individual Project Activities

Identification of a problem



Showtime Video Store

Business Capture Group

The problem is that there is no real information technology security measure employed in the video shop. There is very little awareness of the necessary IT security measures amongst the current management heads which is why they need an effective IT security plan and structure to implement to ensure there is no copyright infringement and stealing from their shop.

Business Activities and Processes Affected by the Problem

The problem directly affects all products and videos that are at the disposal of the customers online as well as on-site.

Actual Performance (e.g., current baseline)

The guidelines associated to the informational security strategy should incorporate contingency actions which will facilitate the video shop to endure any discrepancy or calamity and tackle it audaciously. Actions like incorporating data storage and extraction with the use of data-warehousing and data-mining techniques, preserved paraphernalia, and implementing DBMS-Database Management System are of immense significance for enabling the overall functionality to be persistent.

Target Performance

* Assemble the organizational information security strategy for the video shop:

Managerial executives of a dynamic video shop entity should endow appropriate guidance on the basis of their own experience and expertise, systematize the informational security guidelines entailing; generate efficient methodology, mechanism, augment procedural methodologies, and ascertain accurate filing of the procedural methodologies.

* Ensure employee acknowledgement:

To adhere to the strict and dedicated implementation of the video shop's information security guidelines, each and every personnel should comprehend its significance by supplying an explicit recognition of ratification of these guidelines.

* Ensure confidentiality agreements:

Explicitly illuminate and formulate surreptitious accords, which will facilitate the video shop entity in those stances where external participants and parties are engaged with the corporation in ventures which necessitate strict correspondence in conveying data pertaining classified information.

* Guarantee the security of the material used in the premises and informational equipment:

Workplace paraphernalia entailing; procedural filings, details concerned with methodological data, intranet related to the hardware and software, wiring and other vital aspects of the corporation should be addressed with utmost priority, and protecting them should be of greatest precedence.

Performance Gap

The performance gap is definitely in the lack of IT measures and their awareness at the administrative level. This leads to a deficit of IT applications to increase security.

Organizational KPIs Affected

Sales revenue, return on assets, return on investment

Principal Stakeholders

Chief Executive Officer, Video Distributors, manager of IT Department

Tentative Solution Strategy

Investigate the feasibility of the current security measures that are applicable in the video shops with similar structures. Use those strategies as measures to customize the IT security measures and then implement them with backup contingency plans that will be applicable for different risk scenarios.

Acquisition Need Confirmation

IT security measures will definitely solve this particular concern and shortcoming in the security measures of this video shop and the IT services will be necessary with the passage of time.

Template 2: Documentation of Requirements





1. Workforce Considerations and Obligations in the Security Matrix

All the personnel should have the comprehension of their obligations, which are aligned to the anticipations of the video shop. As encountered by Siemens, the corruption inquiry instigated the managerial executives to entail the ethical values and a belief from the lowest portion of the personnel to the highest most personnel, this technique was in contrast to the usual practice of teaching the top tier first then moving downwards towards the lower half of the organization hierarchy.

2. Generating E-business Evaluation Programs with regards to legal rights as well as the competition

1. Website portal

2. Use of passwords and firewalls

3. Use of back-up drives

4. Attaining rights of distribution from the suppliers

5. Attaining online business ventures

3. New Functionalities for E-business Solutions

When instigating a profit generating venture it's a prevalent practice that all the associated aspects which can be affirmative or negative should be comprehended. Although, the aspects for a video-based venture will be of diverse nature as compared to that of a conventional venture. The most effective stance for the comprehension phase of any venture is that the prime motive of the estimation should be congruous as well as focused on the presumed achievement factors.

4. Existing Business Shortcomings and Pitfalls

There is little to no personnel currently employed in the firm who can assert and implement the necessary security measures needed for the video shop.

The video shop is a new business, hence has very limited network of suppliers and contracts from distributors

5. Cost Limitations

Anticipated cost of an entire new IT security measure will cost upwards of $200,000 for the first-time investment. Upgrades of these security matrixes will also cost between $2-30,000 on a quarterly basis. Monthly maintenance will depend upon the overall software applied for the security matrix as well as its expanse.

6. Other Limitations or Constraints

All employees will need to be trained on the new requirements that IT acquisition will bring into the business

A new department will need to be built, whether its an IT department or a R&D department, that will focus on the upgrades and advancements of the IT acquisition with the passage of time

7. Security & Privacy Requirements

Establishment of a network security structure and alliances or contractual agreements with IT experts in the industry.

8. Number to be Implemented

The solution must be provided for the entire online database as well as the tangible shop site

9. Schedule

The acquisition can be completed within three to four months in order to bring about heightened and quick results as well as quick financial returns.

10. Other Requirements

Regular training sessions for the workforce

Attain contractual agreements with distributors

Template 3: Summarizing Alternative Solutions


Reduce the amount of time required to prepare graphics for proposals and to integrate graphics with the text

Name of Solution Alternative

Summary Description of Solution That Meets the Stated Requirements

Alternative Solution #1: Give Training in Ethics

A contemporary training schedule was formulated which entailed ethical obligations of the personnel, granting them appropriate and accurate representation of their individual obligations associated to their designation. Similarly, some particular attributes related to ethical values and practices were in jeopardy at HP, and personnel encountered tribulations. Hence the managerial executives should formulate such a training schedule which could tackle this impasse. These decisions are beneficial for both the video shop and its personnel, because it endorses a healthy involvement from the personnel which ultimately leads to the overall enhancement in the corporation's functioning

Alternative Solution #2: Use E-business structures

It is of utmost importance that one should assess the commodities or services which can be traded through a video shop. Services as compared to commodities are effortlessly traded through a video shop due to its attribute of being an tangible object. Therefore, when assessing the details of a video-based venture one should comprehend every minute detail. Judge every commodity or service which can be traded, assess the pricing of different entities of that particular commodity or service, and if feasible then also gather the reputation of that commodity or service in terms of reputation amongst the consumers. Always bear in mind that pricing criteria differs from venture to venture and a healthy practice is to assess the psychology behind the pricing decision rather than focusing on the absolute terms.

Alternative Solution #3: Design a web portal

It is quiet straightforward to analyze that an online video shop venture would generally entail the presence of a website. There is a universal practice of using an existing domain name which either incorporates an outlay on yearly basis or a payment of a lump sum amount if that domain is owned by someone; the former stance is much more feasible than the latter one on the basis of cost effectiveness. When one decides to purchase a domain then the aspect of renaming that website along with the venture arises. After arranging a website one requires a web hosting buttress, which will represent the website on the World Wide Web. Appointing a specialized entity which offers the solution of web hosting and assists in any prospective discrepancy is a very efficient opportunity in securing an internet-based venture. To formulate a website there are two approaches; one approach is to appoint a graphic designer if one needs to construct a website with ingenuity and novelty which could prove to be important for the image of a video shop, while the second approach is to implement software which assists in constructing a website by offering patterns and outlines.

IT Acquisition Confirmation

Each alternative solution described above requires the acquisition of IT services from an external IT service provider selected in open competition. [Note: Do not remove or change this statement.]

Template 4: Analyzing Alternative Solutions

Alternative Solution

Responsiveness to Requirements

Feasibility (Capable of Being Successful)

Enterprise Architecture

Risks and Constraints


New Opportunities


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