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, 2005.

The shifts in line with this innovation have enforced corporation give back to the environment.

Sustainable consumption

One of the major developments in consumption habits has been use of recycled material in our everyday life. Consumers have been encouraged to participate in recycling materials that would otherwise require depletion of global resources and putting strain on the environment when these products are dumped in the natural atmosphere. Consumption patterns among consumers have also been influenced through campaigns for recycling by environmental friendly activists

The conservative use of energy among consumers has been encouraged to reduce the need for production of energy that was otherwise not optimally used. The conservation of energy is also encouraged by car polling systems and use of public transport system. Basically these are innovations touching on habits of consumption. Although it is argued that consumption is not easily controlled, there have been appreciable changes. The conservation of energy has also been observed by affording consumers opportunity to understand the need for environmental conservations and directly opting to go for energy saving measures.


Sustainability in production cannot be undertaken without considerations of the ever changing consumption patterns in the world Tukker a., 2005.

The need to understand the dynamics in consummation and innovating measures to manage them is paramount for success in sustainability in production. Campaigns targeting human awareness on consumption patterns should be intensified and practical measures that will encourage sustainable consumption patterns should be exploited.

There is a need to also device strict measures of enforcing laws on sustainable production. Additional to the punitive measures a reward system for environmentally friendly productions systems will ideally add value to efforts towards sustainability. Technological advancements need also to target sustainability additional to increasing efficiency Tukker a., 2005()


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