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Similarly, too, concluded Ms. Tutu, God has crated different 'flowers' in His garden. By assessing that all look alike, the individual is only criticizing God. God deliberate created a diverse world. He recognizes that each race has its own particular contribution to afford the world just as its individual, with his own particular talents and characteristics have too. The fact that different colors, cultures, mannerism, way of life, physical features, and so forth exist does not infer that we condemn and denigrate others who are different to us. On the contrary, we should recognize and applaud their differences and seek to learn form them. Racism does exist, concluded Ms. Tutu. We have to acknowledge its existence and seek to address the problem.

Ms. Tutu's perspective corresponds to that of the essayist, but I still consider the essayist to be radically slanted in her perspective. Not all individuals do discriminate against African-Americans; Whites also face discrimination, at times, that they are not African-Americans (in fact some prominent African-Americans believe that too much privilege accorded to Blacks have stunted some Black youngsters). I think this sentiment can be applied to any disadvantaged population. Discrimination seems to be a factor of the period. Contrary to Helling's assertion, Irish (White though they may be) too have encountered it. At one time, many of the Irish living in major cities were compelled to live in cellars or shanties (called 'Irish Towns' or 'Shanty Towns') and were frequently faced with employment ads that were followed by the words: IRISH NEED NOT APPLY (Negra, 2006). The appearance of other immigrants -- primarily Jews, Slavs, and Italians -- shifted the stroke of prejudice from Irish -- Americans to others; and the Irish, due to their organizational skills and tenacity became fully recognized Americans. But racism, to some form of people or other, persists, and likely always will.

Discrimination and racism, in general, is incorrect, but I think that exaggerated attention is sometimes accorded exaggerated attention to the exclusion of other


In fact, contact groups program have been assessed by many prejudice-involved researchers as being the most effective of all prejudice-controlling programs (e.g., Cook, 1978; Paluck & Green, 2009). Here students become acquainted with the other's lifestyle as well as becoming more aware of the other's history, values, likes, dislikes, and so forth. Getting to know them as people obstructs the issue of race.

4. The fact that issues dealing with racism can cause furor is indicated by a news story (Daily Mail, 2010) where taxi drivers in England were criticized for displaying stickers in their car that read that they are 'English speaking'. Trade representatives, councillors and racism campaigners have demanded that these stickers be removed on the grounds that they are racist. Taxi drivers, however responded saying that most clients had required an English-speaking driver who could understand their instructions and take them timely and cheaply to their destination. As one director of two taxi companies explained: 'There are a few drivers out there who cannot speak English and just bluff their way along: 'It doesn't matter if they are Polish, Russian, French or Spanish, if they can't communicate with passengers then it's a problem."

However, other drivers and driectors of taxi industries are split over the matter, saying that all drivers in England have to have a rudimentary knowledge of English in order to pass the test. Advocates of the sticker, in turn, argue that a rudimentary knowledge of the language is insufficient.


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