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(Birnbaum, 1998)

This decision at the opportune time ensured that the SAT scores returned to their normal level during the current year, and the core admission processes have remained as in earlier years. However, in case the scores plummeted to more depths and minor tweaking was not sufficient to amend them, the Program Director would make endeavor to make important modifications in the admission procedures in an endeavor to ensure that the scores return to their earlier acceptable state of affairs. For instance, such a marked decline in the previous years resulted in the development of a new high school relations program giving courses to higher juniors and seniors in the span of two years, the SAT scores bounced back to the original levels. (Birnbaum, 1998)

7. What quality assurance processes are in place within the institution?

Quality assurance processes in a cybernetic system as that of Huxley is that organizations resolve conflicts among the goals, partly by paying attention to addressing different goals at different times. Organizations are likely to solve contrasting pressures to 'smooth production' and contend customers by first of all performing a particular thing and thereafter doing another one. The consequential transition of time that it offers allows the organization to resolve a particular problem at a time as also attending to one objective at a time. This is the manner in which the College manages to react to goals that might innately in conflict like access and excellence. At Huxley, scanty attention is accorded to either goal as an issue of continuous planning, but everything must be brought to the knowledge as an outcome of some particular sequence of events. At the time when access is endangered or drops below a stage considered by the institution or the social system to be acceptable, modifications are implemented in order to address the same. (Birnbaum, 1998)

Minimal notice is given at the time of the process to the objective of excellence or to the impact of programs of access on the attainment of excellence or to the influence of programs of access in the attainment of excellence. While the objective of access is accomplished in a large measure i.e. while the difference between the desired and the actual access levels become acceptable, problems may be attended in academic attainment during which time, the goal of access is forgotten. The setting up of specialized establishments in order to tackle with either of these objectives raises the odds that the organization...


In case of no other factors compared to that the unit will make products which will cater as attention signals for others. Nevertheless the sequential attention to objectives implies that there are no chances that they will be regarded concurrently, and hence no palpable differences between them can be overlooked. (Birnbaum, 1998)

8. What regional and professional accreditation agencies prevail at this University?

The various regional and professional accreditations that are present are the public trust of public and private universities that is normally established and safeguarded by appointed or elected boards of trustees composed by individuals from outside the academic organization. In practice, these trustees symbolize just a part of the general public. Rather naturally they determine policies and govern in manner that show the existing values and perspectives of these leading perspectives of these trustees, and the constituents they represent, normally do not cover the pursuit to include racial justice as a higher priority. The clout that the president and vice-presidents have been exercisizing in several forms sometimes is implemented in the most effective manner and most factually through a sequence of budgetary as also financial policies. Even though these polices can have a significant influence on subunit program and priorities, they are also mired in their own limits particularly in their most prestigious universities. The fragile balance of centralized as well as decentralized power renders it very hard for centrally mandated programs of change in order to be effective or for changes across the institution to be implemented. Concurrently, in reality, it invests substantial space for ingenuity in local units. (Calas; Smircich, 1992)

9. Who are some of the major external stakeholders who relate to this institution? And through what means do they recognize and acknowledge both the quality and integrity of the institution?

Major external stakeholders relating to the institutions on the generic levels constitute social relationships which are both patterned formally as well as informally. Moreover these social patterns impact the processes of racial interaction, communication as well as influence. Patterns of social relationships sometimes exclude faculty of color from unofficial social networks or behave with them in an improper manner when they are included. When social networks go, it also takes with it the professional network hence these practices of exclusion and ineptness have important impact in the lives of professional and impact scopes for higher promotion, career advancement and attainment. (Calas; Smircich, 1992)


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