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International Law

Part of the process for determining which behaviors or actions are identified as internationally criminal pertains to the magnitude of the crime in question. The sort of crimes that are typically prosecuted as internationally criminal are those that involve crimes against humanity. For instance, mass murders and political killings often fit into this category. Additional crimes that are frequently identified as internationally criminal include crimes associated with wars. Another part of the process for determining the actions that are identified as internationally criminal includes the perpetrators of those crimes. Oftentimes, these people hold high social and political ranking in the countries in which these crimes occur. As such, they are not likely to get prosecuted in their own country unless the political climate changes or as a means of helping them to avoid an international trial.

There are some instances in which the behaviors of individuals tried within the International Criminal Court are illegal in the country in which the crime occurred or in which a perpetrator is a citizen. However, in these instances, the International Criminal Court is oftentimes not required, unless the trial...


However, for the most part the behaviors are not illegal, which is why it is necessary to try someone in the International Criminal Court. Typically those who are tried by this court are those who are in charge or who were at one time in charge of a particular country. Due to their eminent standing, these people are oftentimes beyond reproach from the law of their local countries simply because they frequently represent that law. Thus, their behaviors are oftentimes not deemed illegal in the countries in which they are citizens or in which the crimes have occurred.

The authority and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court were established largely via trial and error. There have been a number of travesties and holocausts that occurred in which there were crimes that occurred against humanity. After several of these took place throughout the course of time. The court was established so that such crimes can discontinue or, in the event that they do persist, those who commit such crimes will have to answer to some sort of justice. However, the specific authority of this court is based on the Rome Statute, which was ratified and agreed to by several different countries around the world. Perhaps not so surprisingly, the United States is not one of these countries. Yet this statute and the Assembly of State Parties exists so that different countries can come to a consensus about the court,…

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