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Differences in international orientation include ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric, and regiocentric. Each of these has varying levels of recognition of how diverse one culture is relative to another with the ethnocentric mindset being the most biased towards ones' own culture being the best. The one that sees a more accurate view of globalization is polycentric which sees the unique values of each culture on its own merits. Globalization has also seen the growth of geocentric and regoicentric mindsets as companies expand faster than people can assimilate to new cultures.

b. Give an example of a truly global/transnational company. Explain why this company fits in that category.

Coca-Cola is an ideal example of a company that is global and transnational given its presence in over 160 nations and the use of regional and in-country bottlers. Coca-Cola also has a significant supply chain across each of the countries it operates in globally as well.

c. What do you know about the level of internationalization of a business and its effectiveness?

The optimal performance is when internationalization reaches between 60-80%. This is the peak of a curvilinear relationship.

6. Many international and global institutions exist to facilitate the coordination and effective functioning of the global economy. Very briefly, describe the purpose of the following organizations: World Economic Forum, APEC, OPEC, WTO, G7 (8), G20, and OECD.

7. When conducting a CBRA to determine the attractiveness of a particular country, companies must also consider issues related to CSR and


In addressing the following questions, make sure to consider the Nike and Pharma cases.

a. What is CSR? How is business ethics different from CSR? Why do business ethics and CSR become an even bigger issue when companies operate internationally?

CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility and refers to the initiatives and programs companies put in place to ensure their business is taking an active, positive role in a given nation. Ethics are broader and more strategic to any business in that they define the applicable laws and cultural norms in the countries a company chooses to participate in. Ethics also vary across cultures. Managers and executives need to be able to understand these cultural differences to do well. The issue of ethics and CSR have become big issues when companies operate globally because many of them have ignored them to this point, as is the case with Nike and pharma companies. CSR programs often surpass the ethical requirements of a business as many companies use these programs to further show good faith of expanding into global markets.

b. What is a stakeholder map and what is it used for? Give an example.

A stakeholder map shows all the parties that have influence on, or influenced by, a business or organization. It's used to get a clear picture of the relationships, coalitions, interests, powers, and responsibilities. It helps in developing specific strategies and tactics, and in monitoring shifting coalitions. Nike example would include employees, customers, shareholders, media, trade and customs enforcements, NGOs.

c. What guidelines for ethical behavior can we use in business? Describe how you would ensure that

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