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Internet Advertising

Advertising forms a critical part for the operation of any business. The business owners rely on advertising in order to get in touch with their customers. This brings the need for an efficient way of reaching the potential customers with information about the products. Consequently, many of the business owners have turned to the internet as media for advertising with the main aim of reaching their potential customers faster than before. The adoption of online advertising (internet use) has triggered a hot debate on whether the internet has changed the image of advertising in the market. Some people argue that the internet has benefited advertising while others have their own views about the internet limiting advertisement. Some of the services offered by the internet include e-mail advertising, display advertising, affiliate advertising, behavioral marketing and semantic advertising. This article supports the view that the internet has benefited users in terms of advertising. Internet has various benefits to the users. The benefits include wider coverage, targeted audiences, affordable, speed and informative. Every user would like to associate to this benefit in order to ensure their operations are productive. The thesis of the article is internet advertising has benefited the user owners through increasing their productivity in the market.

The use of internet in advertising allows the user owners to reach a larger number of people within a short time. The higher the number of potential customers that a user relates to is the higher probability of the business being productive in its productive. The main aim of any user is to reach many customers to make them aware of their products in the market (Mojgan p. 218). The growth of technology has triggered an increase in the number of people accessing the internet consequently there are high probabilities that the user will get many customers. The people accessing the internet represent the potential customers to the products in the market. This makes online advertisement to be better than offline advertisement whereby the latter does not present many audiences to advertisement. Further, the internet advertising proves to be faster in terms of how it reaches the audience. It presents the users with the chance to start sending out their ads to a wider audience, the moment they start advertising their campaigns (O'Guinn et al., 535). Time is always of importance to the users since it is also a factor in the production process. The offline advertisement is always slower than online advertisement making it (offline advertisement) is less productive.

Apart from the wider coverage, use of internet in advertising also allows users to reach the targeted audiences. Thomas et al. asserts, "…the web offers advertisers a new and precise way to target the market segments…" (O'Guinn et al., 535). Reaching the targeted audience is significant for the users since it helps in making the advertisement profitable. The online advertisement allows the business to identify with the targeted audience thereby saving the cost that could occur on the non-targeted audience. Through the offline advertisement, it is difficult for users to identify the targeted audience implying that they would have go play with chances. However, the online advertisement helps the business to get a direct contact to the audiences helping to verify on whether they (audiences) are potential customers to the product. The identification of the targeted audience also helps the business to attain relevant leads towards modifying the product to meet the needs of the targeted audience. This implies that the business would be exclusively working on the product towards satisfying the targeted audiences. The satisfaction of the audience has a direction relation to the Return on Investment (ROI) of the user. The internet advertising mainly targets performance based advertisement hence the ROI would be much better as compared to the offline advertisement (Kelley p. 143). The identification of the target audience contributes to the higher ROI because of the saving of production.

Further, the internet advertisement also proves to be affordable to the users. The users would have to spend little, if any, on the internet advertisement indifferent to offline advertisement that is expensive. With offline advertisement, the business would have to spend money on seeking for the advertising agencies, which in essence may not cover a wider area. Most of the offline advertising agencies always limit their operation within a certain locality or country. This makes the internet advertising to be advantageous since it allows for low cost while reaching a wider geographical area. Internet does not always limit the area to which the advertisement can reach hence this presents its affordability and efficiency (Rachel et al. p. 305). Any user aspiring to be successful in its operation would need to lower the cost of production. Advertising forms part of the production cost; hence, the ability of the user to cut down on this cost would help in reducing their production cost. Consequently, the affordability of internet advertising is beneficial to the users as it helps in increasing the productivity while increasing the profitability.

The internet advertising is also beneficial to the users since it presents the chance of being informative. The users would need to offer their potential customers with elaborate details of their products in order to increase the need of buying products. The information about the product act as the outer image that drives the customers into preferring the products thereby the absence will make many deviate from purchasing the products. Indifferent to the offline advertisement, the online advertisement allows users to persuade a potential customer through its informative nature. The advertisers have the ability to presents more details about their products, in the advertisement and at a cheap cost. The online advertising campaign contains a link that enables the potential customers to read information about the product mentioned in the ads. Further, internet advertising also allows users to present information about the use of the product. The provision of information about the use of a product acts as a strategy of attracting the potential customers into buying the products.

Further, internet advertising allows users to attract more audiences since it presents a situation where there is efficiency in engagement with the audience. The main of aim of the advertisers is always providing information about the product and then receive feedback from customers. Feedback is crucial since it helps the users to identify the niche of the product in the market and the best ways in which they can improve the quality of the products. However, the absence of feedback implies that the advertisement is unproductive and the users cannot obtain the view of the customers about the product (Kelley p. 142). This implies that the advertisers have to look for the advertising strategy that assures of easy audience engagement. Internet advertising proves advantageous in audience engagement as compared to offline advertisement since the latter always presents a distant relationship between the users and the potential customers. The presence of feedback allows users to enhance their advertisement strategy of reaching the customers. The offline advertisement does not allow users to enhance the advertising strategy because of the little audience engagement.

Even though every advertisement type helps in improving the brand of a product, the degree to which a strategy does this always differs. The online advertisement stands a higher chance of improving the brand of any product because of the easy engagement to the customers. Rachel et al. asserts message can also be designed to appeal to specific needs and wants of the target audience (Rachel et al. p. 305). The users have to choose on the advertisement strategy that helps in achieving a higher degree of brand improvement than others achieve. Through internet advertising, the users can convince the customers on the benefits of the product while also demonstrating on the use of the product. This acts in improving the brand of the product since the consumers have the required knowledge. The only advantage that makes internet advertising have more magnitude of brand improvement, is its ability to reach a wider area and at low costs. Further, the users can also have closer touch to the users.

Internet advertising also presents the user with the advantage of flexible payment as compared to offline advertisement. Offline advertisement requires users to pay all the advertising costs in full amount. The users pay the entire amount without considering the results, whether negative or positive. This implies that offline advertisement restricts the benefits to its users since any negative occurrence will make the users suffer in expense of the agencies (Gwyn). However, the emergence of internet advertising has made things easy since the users will have weighed the choices about the qualified leads. This implies that users have the chance of choosing the qualified leads, which can yield positive results. The users are flexible of paying the leads that they trust by studying at the impressions. Consequently, the user owners can trust on internet advertising since it acts as a substitute of offline advertising concerning flexibility of payment.

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