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Are You Spending Too Much on Ads

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Advertising Q’s
What does it mean to say that “money is invested in advertising?” Is all advertising an investment? Illustrate.
When one says that “money is invested in advertising” it quite literally means that money is invested in producing ads. For example, as Olson (2001) points out, the cost of producing a 30-second TV spot is roughly half a million dollars. That’s a lot of money for one commercial—but major corporations will typically spend millions, if not billions on advertising every year. Today, advertising has moved into the digital sphere as well, with billions more being invested in online marketing (Edelman, Ostrovsky & Schwarz, 2007). Companies competing in the marketplace have to do something to stand out, to differentiate themselves (Trout & Rivkin, 2006).
One can invest in advertising in more ways than one, however—i.e., it’s not all about how much money is put up. To advertise effective, a company…… [Read More]


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Effects of advertisement type and mode of presentation on ability to recall

Words: 1825 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 467760

The advertising and marketing sectors have seen the use of novel tools like cell phones, computer network, internet and computerized games in the modern eras. The effects of such novel tools as well as the explosion of broadcasting stations has led to stiff rivalry within the current advertising sector. Moreover, diverse broadcasting networks have to contend with redundancy in the conventional methods of advertising they used previously due to the disintegration of the consumers, market overload as well as reduced consumer focus. This has forced the broadcasting fraternity and stakeholders to devise methods geared towards product familiarization through various presentation mediums that encourage product cognizance as well as advertising memory recall techniques to facilitate ingenuity in product delivery. Without a doubt, the marketing sector has forever endeavored to reduce the lack of focus from consumers (Arrazola, de Hevia and Reinares, 2016). 

As such, it is pertinent for the advertising experts…… [Read More]


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Applying the Promotion Blend to Real World Products and Services

Words: 2231 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25052962

Selected Marketing Questions and Answers
Although views differ about optimal strategies, there is a near universal consensus that effective marketing practices are the lifeblood of any commercial operation (Rasul, 2018). The purpose of this paper is to provide timely and informed answers to a series of guiding questions concerning marketing and promotion methods. The paper begins by briefly explaining the nature of the three basic promotion methods and continues with a discussion concerning the three basic objectives to the four jobs (AIDA) of promotion and a salient example. Finally, an explanation concerning how an understanding of the adoption process would help develop a promotion blend is followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning the foregoing issues in the conclusion.
Briefly explain the nature of the three basic promotion methods available to a marketing manager. What are the main strengths and limitations of each?
Personal selling. This…… [Read More]


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Motivating a Buyer to Take the Leap

Words: 725 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95752193

In this day and age, you cannot live without a smartphone. Sure, it is possible to live day to day without one. However, when you realize everything that you could or should be doing with a smartphone in your life, you will forever wonder why you ever resisted getting and keeping one. Now or in the future, smartphones will be used to spend money, unlock doors, start your car, keep tabs on your home’s security, turn your lights on or off, present your flight boarding pass, present entertainment venue or sports event tickets, find you vehicles in a big parking lot, get instant weather alerts about an impending storm, schedule your DVR to record a show you can’t miss, see your new grandchild live even if they are miles and miles away, connect with other people around the world or any number of other things. Life can be satisfying and…… [Read More]