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Internet Technology, Marketing, And Security

Reasons why social media marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes

Business marketing is one of the most lucrative activities that enable a business to reach out to its consumers in the market. The inherent values within business marketing are creation of awareness and traction of customer preferences and tastes towards the qualities therein in the product. Social media marketing is a recent activity or strategy used by businesses in their marketing endeavours. In most cases, the aspects of creation of awareness need to be felt globally or nationally in relevance to the size and commanding power of a business (Tuten & Solomon, 2013).

Social media marketing involves marketing that involves the use of the present day technology. For instance, marketing through online technologies and human daily activities is a common happening in the global and local businesses. These are spacious and small businesses. The social media are a modern code of transport and communication. With urgency to be part of the looming and performing avenues in the society, many businesses engage in social media marketing. Social media marketing is cheap, faster, effective, efficient, and up-to-date. In most cases, the social media has provided a cheap and readily available avenue to reaching the entire world through a product or service offered by an organization (Evans & McKee, 2010).

Many businesses engage in social media marketing because it covers almost all the potential customers. Businesses have realized that with the use of the social media, a product or new brand gets to the people who are labelled to be potential buyers of the product. The social media have transcended every avenue of communication in the world today. Therefore, marketing through the social media is a cheaper avenue of reaching potential customers without having to involve many steps. The social media is also a common avenue that is cheaper and accessible to all corners of the world. The potentials affixed in the social media enables it to operate within a diverse environment without interference from the internal and external forces. The urgency to exemplify productivity and maximize production makes many of these businesses engage social media while caring out marketing activities.

Advantages of social media marketing for business entrepreneurs

There are many advantages and use of social media marketing by business entrepreneurs. Business entrepreneurs explore new avenues and strategies of marketing in the market. They comprise of new brands, new products, and new methodologies of production. With the use of the social media, these businesses are able to let their new brands get to the public and the world as a whole. Entrepreneurs are controlled by small-scale production and marketing. Nonetheless, social media marketing enables them to have a quicker and cheaper avenue of reaching many potential customers within a short period (Anderson, 2010).

The social media are relevant in marketing since it extends to deeper markets that are appreciated locally. With the use of the social media channels, entrepreneurs are able to sell their ideas and brands over which they will be able to attract financiers and consumer of the products and services generated. It is cheaper to involve the social media since all the products and services will be marketed to the potential customers in the market. Moreover, entrepreneurs are given an advantage of exploring and finding markets with the use of the social media. Creation of awareness is made effective and efficient to the business. New brands and ideas will access the global market within a short time (Evans & McKee, 2010).

Many people in the world have engaged in the social media in almost every activity they do. For instance, education and training is offered through the social media. Communication with friends and family members...


Leisure activities and sporting events are conducted through the social media (Anderson, 2010). In the end, it is as if everything is happening via the social media. The social media is cheap and accessible to many people in the world. With consideration of these challenges and advantages, many businesses have resorted into using the social media as their main tool of carrying out marketing.

Many businesses in the market are following the successes of other businesses that have involved the social media and succeeded. For instance, every new business is engaging in social media marketing since it has proved to be successful and a cheaper way of creating instant awareness over a product or service in the market. With examples of businesses like Nike and Samsung being generous successes in the market, many small and large businesses have embraced the social media with a bid to attain such successes in the market.


One of the disadvantages of businesses entrepreneurs to involve in social media marketing is with regard to expenses that are supposed to be made. The social media are expensive for many small businesses like entrepreneurs. Moreover, entrepreneurs cannot live with the high expectations of using the social media since productivity within such businesses is still exceptionally low and cannot manage to supply to all the potential buyers will be reached by the social media. Moreover, the social media face intensive competition over which business entrepreneurs are not able to strike a balance with reference to their productivity (Funk, 2012).

Social media marketing involves large applications and extensive coverage of the potentially accessible markets in the world. Many businesses entrepreneurs have no established materials and avenues to involve in the social media channels of transport and communication. For instance, entry into the global avenues within the social media like sponsoring an internal event is out of reach by small businesses and entrepreneurs. Without equitable structures and established avenues of marketing, entrepreneurs cannot manage to be part of the existing global businesses. Moreover, the existence of a competitive scale in the world has forced many businesses to assume avenues of productivity that are within their reach other than involving in other avenues like marketing through the social media. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs have to incorporate the social media in order to foster productivity in the market.

How social media marketing is helping Pepsi gain customer insight than it would have otherwise

Pepsi is one of the companies that have involved the social media in marketing of its products and services. The company started as a small corporation. However, it has taken the centre stage in global marketing because of its involvement in the social media. Through the social media, Pepsi has reached all potential buyers in the global market. Pepsi is used globally. Through the social media, the company has managed to finance a number of events and activities that assist its productivity and like for its products in the new markets. With the use of social media marketing, it is possible to state that Pepsi has made several branches and marketing stalls that will never fail to perform in the market.

The social media have been the main pillar in the creation in and marketing of Pepsi products in the world. The company has manufactured several brands of the product because of the high demands created through the social media. For instance, the company has risen in its revenue productivity over the last five years because of using the social media in marketing. With the use of the social media, the company has established long-term markets from where it has been a constant supplier of its products and services to the people (Funk, 2012).

Two businesses that have used social media marketing to their advantage

Nike: How they utilize social media marketing

Nike is another company that has involved the use of the social media marketing in the world. Nike Company bears the largest manufacture of sportswear and other products related to sport in the world. The company has involved the social media for many years. Through the social media, the company has established regular customers in the market. The company sponsors many activities and events in the globe. For instance, Nike has been associated with a number of international events like the world cup, basketball, and athletics. Through these social events, they have established a constant productivity and expanse in the global market. Moreover, the company has established website links and other social media channels through which it markets its products and services in the global and local markets. Moreover, the company has attached its marketing options to international and global legendaries like Bolt and other people who are involvement in the social media. Through its several sponsorships, the company has managed to establish a robust market within the global realm (Anderson, 2010).

Through the social media, Nike has made lucrative sales and productivity in the market. The Company sponsors basketball games in a number of countries like in the United States of America. Moreover, the company bears brands that are found within the social media. With equitable control of the social media, the company has manufactured and sold numerous products and services in the global market.

Samsung: How…

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