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Career Assessment Plan for Jeremy

Career planning and development is an important process in personal and professional development that requires comprehensive self-assessment. The need to conduct a self-assessment is attributed to the fact that career planning and development begins at school and determines the transition from a learning institution into adult life. This implies that career planning and development requires making the best choices and decisions based on sound information. The process of choosing a career also requires guidance and encouragement from supportive and caring individuals in order to ensure best decisions and choices are made. A career assessment plan is crucial towards identifying the knowledge, interests, skills, ability, and values that contribute towards successful career choices. Generally, a formal career assessment examines an individual's history and identifies personal issues associated with career development and planning.

Jeremy's Career Counseling

This career assessment plan focuses on Jeremy, who is experiencing several issues related to his career development process. The issues identified in this assessment plan are based on results of a questionnaire completed by the individual and Strong Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report. Moreover, the identification of issues have also been based on an analysis of the client's history and use of career counseling theory that are suitable in working with Jeremy. This multifaceted and holistic approach plays a crucial role in identifying issues related to Jeremy's experiences in the career development and planning process and providing valuable insights that would help in improved career choices. Actually, this assessment plan is part of career counseling initiative that utilizes various practical techniques for dealing with career issues.

Jeremy's History

Jeremy Careaga is a 20-year-old single male who lives at 13417 Tenino Dr. W Bremerton, WA 98312. He is a full time employee at Martha and Mary Health and Rehab while also a full time student at Olympic College. In addition to living with his father and step mother, Jeremy is the oldest of 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls. Given this family background, Jeremy only lives with three siblings with the rest either living on their own or with other parent. Even though he does not socialize with his biological mother, Jeremy has developed close relationships with his siblings, particularly with his brothers. Moreover, he tends to socialize with a small group of friends and culturally identifies himself as American. However, Jeremy also regards himself Mexican largely because of his family business. Actually, Jeremy's family migrated from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Philippines around the 50's.

Jeremy's troubled relationship with his biological mother is attributed to some issues that occurred in the past. He lived with his mother until 10 years though she had a problem of substance abuse. As a result of his mother's substance abuse problem, Jeremy's father took custody of him when he was 10 years. Since then, he had on and off relationship with his mother until he was 16 years and hasn't socialized much after that. He is currently single though has had various relationships in the past but does not show any signs to want another relationship at this time. Jeremy has had no substance abuse problems and has a history of sports induced asthma even though he hasn't had any challenges with the condition for several years. His struggles with asthma are hereditary since his family has had a history of the condition in addition to diabetes, bad knees, and high cholesterol. Despite being of Spanish origin, Jeremy does not speak the language fluently but speaks English fluently while his grandparents are fluent in both languages as well as Tagalog.

Issues Related to Jeremy's Career Development Process

Jeremy Careaga has come to counseling for career advice, which will examine whether his career choice is right for him and coincides with his test results. While he is seeking for career advice, he has no presenting problems and has demonstrated good self-knowledge. Jeremy seems curious and eager about career counseling and tends to be more of a loner who enjoys his privacy. During his days off work and school, Jeremy tends to spend time alone and enjoys his peace and quiet. When he is quite engaged in work or school activities, he suffers from knee pains. Jeremy has undertaken an NAC course to obtain his credentials as a nursing assistant but is still working to pass his state exam. Actually, he works at the same


His main academic or educational goal is graduating with bachelors in science and nursing as well as becoming an ER nurse, and moving out of his parent's home. He also works towards saving money to take his grandmother to Puerto Rico to visit the family.

The major problems for Jeremy in his pursuit to achieve his goals include time management and financial stability issues. The financial stability problems are attributed to tuition expenses and working while going to school. In general, financial stability problems seem to the major hindrance or obstacle to Jeremy's career development process. While he is constantly striving towards achieving his main goals i.e. obtaining a bachelor's degree in nursing and moving out of his parents home, his progress towards sub-goals is very slow because of financial problems.

The time management problem he is experiencing in relation to his career development process is brought by the need to constantly balance between work and school. This delicate balance has had a considerable impact on his time availability, particularly when he works evening and graveyard shifts. It seems that Jeremy is constantly faced with overwhelming demands from work and school. He experiences these time management problems despite having some days off work and school, which he tends to spend alone enjoying his peace and quiet. It can be concluded that Jeremy's tendency to be alone during his leisure time is brought by the overwhelming work and school demands.

Jeremy's time management and financial stability problems are interrelated and contribute to major issues in his career development process. The financial challenges result to time management problems since he is forced to look for ways to generate income that would cater for his personal needs as well as academic goals. These financial problems are the reasons Jeremy has to work full time rather than part time while study simultaneously. Therefore, if Jeremy did not have financial problems, he would not work as much as he does and would progress rapidly towards his career development process.

Case Conceptualization of Career Assessment Results

One of the most important components of the counseling process is case conceptualization through which professionals examine several factors like gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity or race, family background, sexuality, and history of development. Case conceptualization can primarily be described as the means through which a counselor processes information regarding a particular scenario in order to develop a mental picture on what is taking place in the client's life and help in developing suitable therapeutic intervention. In light of this definition, case conceptualization is an important element in the counseling process since it helps in understanding the various dynamics related to the client's issue or particular case under evaluation. According to Arbona (2013), case conceptualization is a procedure through which counselors make sense of a client's concerns from the context of a theoretical framework. The conceptualization of a case involves the use of career development theory to understand the issues of a client and develop appropriate intervention to help the client. The process allows the counselor to use theory in the counseling process and interventions in order to ensure a sound rationale is established for the tasks and objectives of the counseling process (Ladany & Bradley, 2011, p.267).

Even though Jeremy is seeking for career advice and has good knowledge of self, he has no presenting problems. However, Jeremy's issues related to his career development process are linked to his family background and history, race, and socioeconomic status. As evident in the assessment results, Jeremy's family background and history have had considerable impacts on his socioeconomic status and current time management problems. The problematic relationship between his parents due to his mother's substance abuse problem had considerable impacts on his growth and development. He seems to be distanced from his family and friends because of the lack of parental love from the mother. Moreover, Jeremy's financial problems are attributed to the fact that his father and step mother have several children they need to take care of. Since he is the oldest, Jeremy does not receive much attention from the parents as compared to his younger siblings. His cultural identification as American seems to conflict his ancestral origin, which demonstrates some self-esteem issues.

Jeremy's issues related to his career development process can be further understood through identifying a career counseling theory or theories that would be most effective in working with him. Career counseling theories are based on various approaches including psychodynamic approaches, humanistic approaches, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Psychodynamic approaches assume that a client's issues…

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