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HRM/300 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Job Description and Recruiting Strategies Worksheet

Conduct an interview with someone who has a career or job position that is different from your own. Identify the duties associated with his or her position, as well as any skills and abilities necessary for the position. Use the information gathered in the interview, to complete the following worksheet. Answer each question in paragraph format.


What are the duties and job responsibilities associated with the position held by the individual you interviewed?

As an executive chef in a cruise line, the interviewee has a managerial role, overseeing food preparation in the kitchen area, and directing the ten cooks under his supervision. One of his core duties is communicating the company's vision to team members and setting a positive example for them to follow. As the manager of the kitchen team, he is tasked with ensuring that his team members are satisfied with their jobs. To this end, he is responsible for recruiting new cooks and conducting training, coaching and performance management initiatives on existing ones to ensure that food is prepared in line with the set quality and hygiene standards as well as within the allocated budget. He acts as the link between kitchen employees and the company's management, and is tasked with creating a supportive work climate in the kitchen and ensuring that positive relations are maintained by relaying employee grievances to management. Recipe creation is a fundamental duty; in fact, he mentions that he strives to come up with a new recipe every day. However, he is called upon from time to either assist in cooking or execute menu tastings for clients. He carries out basic book keeping activities, generates kitchen budgets, and makes projections for future needs and costs. He is expected to display high levels of integrity and ethics at all times, and always lead by example.

2. What are the types of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to successfully accomplish the job responsibilities?

To successfully execute the duties appertaining to this position, one ought to have a culinary arts education and should have worked in a busy kitchen environment for a significant period. They ought to possess financial, time, as well as human resource management skills, exemplary communication skills, and strong leadership and problem-solving skills. Besides being able to multitask, one ought to be flexible, have strong business acumen and be able to handle pressure effectively.

3. Does the position require any physical tasks? If so, describe the physical tasks and state their frequency. Is there any additional information about the job that would be beneficial to include in the job description?

The position requires the employee to consult with peers, juniors, and seniors regularly. It requires one to stand for long periods of time and occasionally crouch, kneel, stoop, reach for things with their arms and hands, or use their hands to finger and feel. One is, from time to time, required to move, or lift loads weighing up to 60 pounds. Distance vision and close vision are crucial vision abilities, given that one is required to spend time in the kitchen and still ensure that the customer at the farthest end is attended to.


JOB Description

Job Title:

Executive Chef


Food and Beverage

Functional Job family:


Primary job family:

Front line leader

FLSA status:


Reports to:

Food and Beverage Director

Job Summary

Responsible for managing all catering functions, supervising kitchen staff, and personally performing tasks. The individual is expected to exhibit culinary talent by developing recipes, food purchase specifications and menus, planning for catering events, and consistently delivering high-quality and appetizing presentations. They must continually seek to improve employee and client satisfaction within budget confines and maintain the highest standards of sanitation and professionalism at all times


Education and Experience

Bachelor's Degree...


He shall devise means to empower kitchen employees to offer excellent client service, assist them to understand client needs, and demonstrate professionalism at all times.

Setting culinary targets/goals and formulating facilitative strategies

The incumbent will be responsible for setting realistic team, budget, and performance goals, and formulating strategies and plans for accomplishing them. He shall ensure congruence between these goals and those of the organization, and demonstrate support for waste control and food & beverage portion procedures.

Managing Human Resources

The individual will be responsible for identifying team members' developmental and educational needs and conducting training, formal education, mentoring, and coaching initiatives to improve their knowledge and skill levels. He shall participate in the recruitment of new employees and ensure that kitchen employees are knowledgeable about menu items at all times. The incumbent will take part in employee discipline procedures and will be responsible for ensuring that such procedures and the relevant documentation support the peer review process, and are in line with the local and standard operating procedures.


Basic competencies

The individual should posses basic computer skills and demonstrate exemplary reading comprehension, oral comprehension, writing, and mathematical reasoning skills.


The individual should be able to demonstrate professional demeanor and excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills. He should be a team player - capable of striving for results, while maintaining positive customer and coworker relationships. He must be attentive to detail and possess a global mindset, and exemplary talent management skills.

Professional Expertise

The individual should demonstrate business and technical acumen in basic cookery, food production and presentation, purchasing and material management, supply storage, kitchen cleaning, equipment maintenance, food handing, food and beverage sanitation, food storage and rotation, and cooking.

Additional Requirements

Physical Ability

This position requires one to stand for long periods and make use of their fingers and arms to feel, or reach for things. People with no physical disabilities would be best-suited, but candidates with disabilities will be considered if they can demonstrate how they would go about the job nevertheless.

Recruiting Strategies

1. What are three recruiting strategies that could be used to recruit for this job position?

a. Personal recommendations and internal bulletins

b. Job advertisements

c. Recruitment agencies

2. In 350- to 500-words, compare and contrast the recruiting strategies you have chosen. Which recruiting strategy would you use to recruit for this position? Why?

Job advertisements are a common recruitment method. In this method, jobs are advertised in local and national online and print publications (Davis, 2014). The choice of media varies depending on the nature of the position being advertised and the nature of the advertising company (Davis, 2014). Such job advertisements often include details on the compensation package, job description, job title, location, and application procedure (Davis, 2014). One of the fundamental advantages of this recruitment strategy is that the job advert reaches a wider audience, and is thus likely to attract a greater number of potential candidates (Hor, Keats & Holmes, 2008; Brown,…

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