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Kai Hung Fung Artwork

Instrument of Expression and Communication

Kai Hung Fung and his Artwork

Kai Hung Fung is a radiologist known for his 3D creative work on human body. He gained attention in 2003 when he started using computed tomography (CT) to visualize human body parts. His creative work is based on a complete background research for example he researched about color usage in 3D image of computed tomography. He is also considered to be a pioneer of developing Rainbow Technique. Through this technique contour line can be rendered into the rainbow colors to confine the 3D space.

By using Rainbow Technique, Mr. Fung won first position in 5th International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. His artwork won the award of Best Science Photo 2007. He had won gold, silver and bronze awards for his creative work in various categories in the year of 2007. Again in 2008 he won gold and grand awards in the ICT awards of Hong Kong. By using CT scans he not only developed 3D but also developed 4D stereoscopic color artworks. His artwork is known all over the globe.

In 2009 he was writing in the radiology journal RadioGraphics under the section of Illuminations. He also has online gallery in different websites like Radiology Museum, NewScientist and many more (Griggs 2009).

Kai Hung Fung's Art

Kai Hung Fung is known especially for his creative insight for the human body and his technique of creating special and novel images of the human body. He is the Hong Kong radiologist who has given the world a new beautifying insight to the human body in sight of the world. Fung uses CT scans of his patients in order to develop exclusive medical art that is one of its kind. After Fung is done with the scans, the pictures offer the most vivid and creative outlook to the body parts of a human being which is otherwise seen as dull and colorless by doctors and laymen as well (Gajitz 2011).

Role of CT Scans in Fung's Art

Typically CT scan is a medical procedure that is followed by health care practitioners in order to find the cause of the diseases the patients suffer from. However Fung has developed an avid interest in CT scans not for the typical purpose but rather a unique one; to create 3D images of the human body. The scans of the patients that Fung attends to are used by him in such a way that the essence of the scan remains at its core and with the slight additions and intensities the unique art are created.

In addition to other body parts, Fung has used lungs, arteries, vocal chords and ear canals to create the special images that he is now known for (Stephanie 2010). Fung has generated quite a number of stunning artistic images of human body by manipulating the common and boring images from CT scans.

Technique Used in Fung's Art

Essentially Fung's art is applied to visual arts by radiology technique. Kai Hung Fung has made extensive application of his experience of 3D Computerized Tomography that he uses for medical diagnosis.

The technique which he has developed to form the artistic images is termed as 'the rainbow technique' (Fung 2006, 189). This is a new method of representing art defining the 3D spaces by using contour lines such that each contour line appears to form a colorful rainbow. Fung's new concept of representing colors is similar to that of pointillism in which the artwork is transformed into a stunning one that sparkles with colors. The technique is highly complex and is possible only with the modern computer technology.

In the 3D color rendering, Fung applied different color spectra to the CT values in place of the grey scale while employing an algorithm that is excessively useful to bias the rendering of the color towards the CT range in a specified area (Fung 2006, 191). After that the window width and the window level is adjusted by using an algorithm of narrow band width such that the 3D structure's surface starts breaking up into contour lines. At this point the application of the rainbow spectrum produces the 'rainbow technique'.

Core Subject of Artwork

The core subject analyzed, manipulated and contemplated in Kai Hung Fung's artwork is the 'Human Body'. The radiology and CT scans are practically viable for human body scans only (Lester 2007, 1861). However Fung went innovative on the typical use of the CT scan machine and the images that it created. Fung studied the graceful shapes and curves within a body. These shapes and curves of human body evoked creativity in the Hong Kong Radiologist who elevated these scans into masterpieces after being photographed and colored by him.

Although the subject matter of the scans is basically a depiction of diseases and dying tissues, Fung's treatment divulges the beauty of the images even when the image portrays the end of a life. Fung's aim in his artwork is to conserve the relationship between the artwork and the data to remain as direct as it is in the beginning of the process.

Graphic Designing and Fung's Artwork

Graphic designing is essentially a creative process which refers to a number of disciplines both artistic and professional which focus on presentation visual communication. Various methods and procedures have been known to create representation of ideas and messages visually. Graphic designers generally use a conjugation of visual arts, typography and page layout techniques in order to produce a final creative graphic.

The technique used by Fung depicts a closer outlook on Graphic designing. Fung's technique is basically the same as practiced by graphic designers, only more complex, vivid and closer to reality. The visualization techniques are closer to each other in the rainbow technique and graphic designing (Lester 2007, 1863).

Fung's artwork is a visualization of his ideas and insight to the human body which he manipulates by using visual arts concept and applies it on the CT scan images of the body. He uses rainbow technique to create an image of vitality by visually representing his own insight to the subject matter.

The basic idea of Fung's art can be observed in the visual arts concept of graphic design which elaborates the notion of a design before it is generated. Like Visual arts, Fung's art also includes subject matter which is mainly visual in nature and involves the use of computer generated pictures and photographs. Similar to the Visual arts concept, the artwork of Fung applies the visual arts skills to his images before he proceeds to take up his computer imaging technique that aids him in creating the dazzling and amazing medical art (Fung 2006, 101).

Benefits of Choosing Human Body over Alternative Mediums

For visual communications in advertisement and graphic designing, different types of visual aids are used. For example objects, graphs, maps, drawings, photographs and models. Human body is considered to be the best instrument to interact and communicate with people because they can relate to the ads having human body as an interactive instrument.

Graphic designing is used for expressing and astounding values, interest of humans, their life styles and cultures. The best way to serve them ideas is to deliver it through the ones like them. Like using or depicting the image of ordinary people as models in their ads. Human body as a talking instrument can be or are used for accurate and near to real expressions (Fung 2006, 102). Graphic designing is the core concept of Fung's art in which he has expressed his ideas by using the medium which is associated with visual arts and imaging techniques.

Fung has used human body to accentuate the theme of his artwork. Using a real object like human body is considered to be more effective as compared to other alternative mediums. While Fung's art is an extraordinary exhibit of stunning colors, the subject is not manipulated in any way such that the core concept is visible to admirers. People can relate to the ads in which models are used because these models depict aspects of humans' lives. Models are the effective substitutes of things happening in real world.

It is easy to depict the social life, relationships of people and culture by using models. Other than social life; human body as in models can also be used for ideas related to science, technology, politics, education and religion. When it comes to the ideas related to science and technology; Fung's use of human body is an extremely creative outlook of the simple and typical use of CT scans (Beck 1987).

The identity of human gender used in ads helps the advertising companies to interact with its audience and customers. The human body as in male or female is used for different kind of products, desires, emotions, trends and passions in the ads. It was analyzed that human body of both gender helps the advertising agencies to communicate with its target audience and also helps them to…

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