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For that reason, going mad is the perfect punishment. He led his mind into falsehoods through anger, and his mind essentially rebelled. In this light, it is somewhat ironic when Cordelia -- whose banishment was the source for Lear's madness, in this reading -- exclaims "he was met even now / As mad as the vexed sea" (IV, iv, 1-2). His madness brings her compassion, and ultimately his salvation.

Just so, Gloucester would...


These tricks of the eye made him blind, and he actually wishes he were mad: "Better I were distract. / So should my thoughts be severed from my griefs, / And woes by wrong imaginations lose / The knowledge of themselves." (IV, iv, 303-6). Madness would not be the punishment for Gloucester that it is for Lear, but instead his blindness is both felt as a heavier affliction and yet allows his son to fool him and…

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